This is another Podcast is about TARGET INDIVIDUALS.

It concerns the innocent people worldwide that are being targeted by frequency weapons that have been developed by the worlds military’s and other hidden agencies. 

The two main methods of targeting consist of something called V2K – which is Voice to Skull technology – otherwise known as SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY. 

And something else called RNM – which is Remote Neural Monitoring, and is far more evil than V2K, and is the attempt to take over the targets central nervous system by “hacking” into it just like a computer hacker would “hack” into someone else’s computer. 

The goal of RNM is to up-link an individual’s central nervous system and brain to their advanced computer equipment so that the hacker or operator can see through the targets eyes, can hear through their ears, and can even know what they are thinking!

In addition to this, they can place new thoughts and new ideas or instructions into the Targets Mind that were not there before!

RNM also provides a way for the computer operators (those who use this technology) to PUNISH the target for any noncompliance through a whole series of methods of interference with their own body and its daily functions.

It can be anything from extreme upset stomachs and nausea to migraine headaches which will not go away, to extreme sexual desires, to extreme depression and tiredness or many other kinds of immediate and long-lasting pain or discomfort.

This type of technology has reduced innocent human beings down to the level of animals that can be controlled on a “leash” by their owners, or in this case – the Computer Operators.

I’m very sad to say that there are 10’s of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people living on this Earth who are willingly working with this technology and are using it against others for a PAYCHECK. 

They come from every walk of life, and can be: 

  • Military/Former Military 
  • Cops/Former Cops 
  • Sheriffs/Former Sheriffs 
  • Private Contractors/Private Detectives 
  • 3 letter Agency Employees/Former 3 letter Agency Employees 
  • Agency Spies and Assets/ Former Agency Spies and Assets 
  • Government Officials/Former Government Officials 
  • And more…. 

In other words, treating another human being like a dog or an animal on a leash does not bother them in the least.

They are all psychopaths!

Most of these people come from and/or participate in the “sexual bondage community” that are totally protected by the LGBTQP’s and are hidden Satanists or Luciferians hiding among them – who then get jobs inside of the 3 letter agencies all over the world. 

The reason I say this is due to the fact that “treating another human being like an animal” is an addiction or a “taste” that needs to be constantly fulfilled and experienced!  So after using this technology on innocent people in society with computer tech, they will want to do it in a real physical form on a human slave!

You can see some of these psychopath’s at “Gay Pride” parades holding the leash of another human being who is crawling on the ground just like a dog or some other kind of animal!

These people believe that kind of thing is acceptable and DEMAND that you don’t judge them, and if you do, you are a “hater” that needs to be censored!

They “get off” on treating other human beings just like animals, and these are the very same types of people who use RNM and V2K on people in society.

Sadly, most of the worlds governments and countless other positions of high authority are now filled with people just like this, and this includes people who are in the WEF – World Economic Forum – like Klaus Schwaub and Yuval Noah Harari – and is very typical of this type of “human slave” thinking!

These people are on record telling you that human beings are now “hackable animals” and that there is nothing wrong with this – and that it is okay to do this.

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