This video demonstrates a HUGE problem that is being “handed” to many western cultures which are already “VERY” over burdened with countless other problems stemming from governmental corruption and neglect!

If you add millions of “migrants” into an already over burdened society…, migrants who are getting FREE STUFF (paid for by people who are already having countless financial problems of their own) it gets TOXIC for the culture!

By the way…, NONE of the richest or most wealthy people living in these western cultures are paying a single dollar to take care of the Migrants…, (they don’t CARE about them) only the common people living in the host countries are paying the costs (by way of taxes).


This is the plan!

All of this is meant to weaken entire western cultures, in order to make it far easier to FORCE THEM INTO A NEW WORLD ORDER/ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT SYSTEM!

See this video:





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