By: Bradley Loves



Gullible, gullible, gullible!

That is what I see when I look out over the NEW AGE and CHRISTIAN populations!

Just too willing to overlook serious, serious conditions and pretend that nothing is happening.

Because your mind is closed to the TRUTH…, then you don’t see what can happen in a very short period of time if NOTHING GETS DONE TO STOP IT.



Here is an honest “review” of this NETFLIX TV SERIES written by a concerned father!   READ IT!

Show is basically a lesson in Satanism for kids

Before I begin… I would like to mention that I am not a Christian.. nor am I particularly religious… so please don’t discount my review on this basis.
I am a father… even though my boys are young men now… I am deeply concerned about the effect this show would have on young people. This is why I’m taking the time to write this review. On the surface the show is good. Likeable cast… great production values… edgy design style… yet lurking throughout every part of this show is blatant and unadulterated Satanism…. It’s not only in the dialogue where people say “Thank Satan” instead of “thank goodness” or “thank God”…. it’s not only in the incredibly graphic depictions and descriptions of child sacrifice and cannibalism… it’s also in the themes.
In one scene we have the head master of the witch school explaining the “Do what thou wilt” philosophy… promoted by pedophile Satanist Alestair Crowley to his students…. in a dream scene we have one of the aunts Telling the Satanic version of the Adam and Eve story then choosing a chubby kid to be cooked alive to be fed to Satan who is coming for dinner (They actually show the kid in the oven)…. in another episode one of Sabrina’s friends is campaigning to be able to read the book “Bluest Eyes” a story about an African American girl who is raped, beaten and impregnated by her alcoholic father only to loose the baby as a still birth… The book Lolita is also referenced in this episode (the story of a middle aged man who has a sexual relationship with an underage girl)… at the end of the episode a teacher who is secretly a demon starts a secret club where the kids can get into this stuff and its hailed as freedom.
Throughout the whole show the viewer is being educated into the Satanic mindset… step by step. This show is designed to educate… to make it fun and cool… especially to young people.
Many people have no idea how strongly this message is being pushed in the media… through music… movies… tv shows…. This is because until now it has been presented subtly…. between the lines.
Sabrina is part of a new generation of programs that are just putting it right out there… right in your face…. It’s not masking a thing…. much like what Ive seen from the latest series of American Horror Story (though ive not watched this yet) Besides this…. the show has an intense amount of violence and brutality… not only gore… but deep psychological trauma… the kind of stuff that in the past wouldve been reserved for 18 rated horror movies…. My girlfriend and i tend to watch horror… fantasy… sci fi shows but this one takes it all to a whole new level… some deeply disturbing scenes as many other reviewers have pointed out… this show is definitely not for young people… really im not sure it should be seen by anyone lol.
There is also quite a bit of sexual content… especially considering that Sabrina is supposed to be under age… its not so much nudity… even though Sabrina stands up naked in the first episode and you can see her exposed breast (from the side)… there is a lot of sexual suggestion… many times in the glares… or tone of voice that I found a little off putting…. there is definitely a strong presence of pedophilia in this show… lurking under the surface… and this is another core element of Satanism that comes through.
The show works to mask these elements by introducing social justice and empowerment issues…. which come across really well… and help people justify the rest of the content…. from parent to parent… i would recommend trying to keep your kids away from this show… its deeply subversive… and while masquerading as a show with strong values…. it is indoctrinating the viewer into a very dark mindset.
Young people probably wont pick up on most of the things that Ive mentioned here… but seeing things like this will have a subliminal influence and will begin to affect their outlook… it will desensitise them to sex… violence…. and in less stable people could encourage destructive behavior.
I watch shows not only to enjoy them but also to see what messages are being promoted… i watch with both eyes open…. while i am enjoying the show on one level…. i am deeply disturbed by it on another…. what kind of world would we live in if young people started bringing these influences into their lives… this is my concern. Thank you for taking the time to read my review…. I hope you found it helpful 🙂


Listen up campers.   Our children.., those who are going to be “tasked” with taking CARE OF THE OLDER GENERATION in 20 years are being programmed with a SATANIC MINDSET!

If this does not scare the crap out of you…, then you are beyond hope and I should just quit writing!

What these kids are being exposed to today…, is going to radically alter their minds and the way they SEE THINGS!

In 20 to 30 years when they are being called on to CARE FOR THE OLDER GENERATION…, their SATANIC MINDSET will kick in…, and instead of using kindness and love…, they will hang old people up by their ankles upside down and beat them JUST FOR FUN!

Get your heads out of the SAND!


If you allow this…, then it is YOU…, (YES YOU) who will pay the cost for it in your old age!   May GOD have mercy on your SOUL at that time!


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