I finally had some extra time, and watched this video posted as a comment by Deborah!  (Thanks by the way.)

I find it to be well worth watching.

I shows that there really ARE people out there who are now TAKING ACTION.

As I’ve always said for the last 3 years, this is KEY.

You can NOT just sit silently (on your hands) and “NOT JUDGING” anyone or anything because in THEIR RULES OF COMMERCE, that is consent and agreement.

It’s called: TACIT CONSENT, or consent through non action.

This how the SATANISTS have taken over the entire planet.

It is also why, I’ve taken a very DEEP hard look at what the New Age Channeling Community is saying in their messages, and found that if their (false) teachings are followed to the letter, then it actually CLEARS THE WAY for the full Satanic Takeover of the planet.

Their solution (don’t judge) is the exact opposite of what you need to do, and I suspect, those “channeled entities” know this because this is what they actually want. (They are CON artists.)

Here is the video:


It is worth an hour of your time.

All my love….







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