By: Bradley Loves

Here is a comment from the last article which I am posting so I can write a public response!

Question about channeling for you Bradley.

I first found you when Jean posted your articles. I think she used to post about Veronica & Montague Keen but I’m not positive. Due to your writing I no longer believe in channeling (thank you btw) and now see the truth (fakeness) in them – very deviously written. I also ran across Marshall Vian Summers which is an extensive amount of material. You still check them out obviously (to know the enemy). I glance at the ones listed above now & then knowing in advance without allowing a connection. What are your thoughts on these 2 and are there any others you think are genuine? You write about these topics often and I just wanted inquire more about your thoughts.

Thanks in advance


Here is what I “believe” about CHANNELING.  This will be a comprehensive point of view, and take into account many things most people may not have thought of…

You may want to put your “thinking caps” on for this…, as it may get quite involved.



It is far more like a “radio broadcast” than a conversation.

Think deeply about this…, and then let that sit for a few moments!


In a “normal” conversation…, you get to “SEE” the being that you are talking to!

The conversation is direct…, goes back and forth very quickly, and beyond the words being conveyed…, there are gestures, facial expressions, feelings…, which aid us in the communication process.

If we don’t understand what was said.., we can ask.

Although many “channelers” like to make it SEEM as if the “message” they are conveying is a real time conversation with the ENTITY in question…, this is not true at all!!

The ONLY time you are talking directly to the “entity”…, is if the Channeler is what is called a FULL TRANCE CHANNEL.

This means that the consious mind of the channeler leaves…, and they go into a “trance”…, and allow FULL use of the body by the entity.

Only at this point will you be talking directly to the entity in a “conversation” like mode.

Almost NO CHANNELERS do this anymore…, and instead…, what they do…, is to “tune in”…, to a sort of “radio broadcast” that is coming directly into their heads (the brain in this case is like a radio reciever)…, and then try to repeat what they THINK they are hearing!

Now…, the reason I say “repeat what they THINK they are hearing” is due to the fact that these “radio broadcasts” may be coming through tremendous DISTORTIONS and INTERFERENCE…, much like you’d get if you try to tune in an old “rabbit ear” television in the middle of a lightning storm!

(The picture on the screen would be FUZZY at best…, with tons of scratchy interference…)

The problem for the public…, when reading things like this is that they think the Channeling process is cut and dried and easy to do….,


Good Channelers know this!

In fact…, there are very few who can really do it right.., and stay out of the way!


99 percent of these so called CHANNELERS around the planet have HUGE problems with needing “attention” from others.

They feel insecure as to who they are in the own “regular lives”…, and get HUGE “ego boosts” if they can convince others that they are “communicating regularly with the beyond”…

It’s a “drug of sorts”…, because it brings lots and lots of attention!

It’s very much like what a “music artist” feels when they are on a stage in front of thousands of clapping and chanting fans!

That “appreciation energy”…, is highly sought after…, and the more they get.., the MORE THEY WANT!

This is where the slippery slope starts.., becuase it takes tremendous energy and discipline…, as well as a very solid background in spiritual matters to CHANNEL PROPERLY!


Almost all Channeled Messages are coming from the ASTRAL REALMS!

The Astral Realm is one level up from where we are in frequency…, AND.., it is full of “both” good and bad entities!

There are countless “pranksters” moving around on the Astral Level who think it would be TOO COOL and tons of fun.., to fool around with the dumb humans…, and send a message and get it in print!

This happens in much that same way that an “older brother” will tell his younger sibling (a five year old) that if he “eats a certain vegetable”…, he might grow warts on his face!


Even we as human beings (as in example above)…, will tell and say things to very young children which are NOT TRUE, only because there is a certain PLEASURE TO BE GOTTEN from fooling someone!

Everyone knows the one where old men will tell little kids to pull on their finger…, and when the kid does…, they fart!

It’s all a joke…, it’s a prank!

The beings on the ASTRAL LEVEL see most of the human beings living on Earth the way we look at FIVE YEAR OLDS!

They see us as “ignorant”…, “innocent”…, and willing to believe ALMOST ANYTHING!

It gives them a thrill to tell us things that are NOT TRUE!

Now…, the channelers who are any good at all…, and are really trying to tune into a certain entity…, are VERY COGNISANT of the fact that they are tuning into something like a “radio broadcast”.., and that there are millions of other “broadcasts” happening at the same time.

This is very much like trying to find a certan really good radio station in the midst of many others on the radio dial.  Sometimes you just can’t tune into the one you want due to INTERFERENCE!

It takes extreme discilpline.., patience…, AND a very good background in spiritual knowledge already (from years of study) to DISCERN the message one is getting in order to keep it pure.., and make certain the message is not being “intercepted” and changed by the “pranksters”.

They way this could happen is this:

Once again…, pretend that a loving mother is trying to have an HONEST conversation to her young child about a very important subject…, and there is an unruly brother sitting nearby who can hear every word.

And as the mother tries to explain a very difficult concept…, the unruly brother…, wanting to have some fun and get a rise out of his little brother.., keeps “interjecting” fake ideas into what his mother is saying!

Let’s create an example:

A six year old is going to school for the first time and he is sort of fearful about the whole thing.  The boy’s mother is trying to calm the boy down and tell him how good it will be for him, but the boy’s obnoxious old brother is sitting nearby.     Let’s listen in.

Mother:  You know Johnny…, you don’t have to worry about going to school…, you’ll make lots of friends there!

Older brother sitting nearby and listening in:  Yea…, lots of friends…, just watch out for the vampires!

Mother (ignoring her older boy who is giggling): The teachers will take good care of you johnny…, and you’ll learn alot.

Older brother (unable to help himself): Unless you’re bad…, and then they put you in a cage at the front of the class for an hour and the other kids through tomatoes at you.

Do you see how the older brother…, even though he was “family” to the younger one…, could not resist trying to con his younger brother and tell him thing that are UNTRUE??


This is the “mind-set” of many of the beings on the Astral level!

Now…, these ASTRAL PRANKSTERS quite clever…, and also know that if they out and out LIED from the start…, they would soon be “discovered”…, and so…, what they do at first is to tell the channeler many things which at first seem like they are true…, and only AFTER gaining the channelers TRUST over many months…, do they start sending out “whoppers” in the message steam, to see if the stupid “human” will believe it.

If they do…, THEN…, just like the older brother above.., the entity gets a real LAUGH at the expense of the younger brother!


(And anyone who tries to say that it is…, is a rank amature and is being wholly dishonest others…)

REAL CHANNELERS have sat down to channel…, tried to tune in…, and then got up and told those with them that there is too much interference…, and that they could not get a real connection!

This could happen for days and days!

Real Channelers have “tuned in”, made the connection they were looking for…, and after 10 minutes had to stop, saying that other entities were trying to interfere with the message!

On the other hand, the amateurs.., will sit down…, breath in and out a few times…, and somehow ALWAYS (like magic) make the connection they want…, and can seem to channel…, anywhere, anytime, at the drop of a hat, even over the phone.


They are not channeling properly!

They are either “tuning into” another part of themselves…, which means that most of the information they will be giving comes from their own opinions and prejudices…, or, is information they’ve already read and gotten from somewhere else, and are just repeating.


They have a lower astral entity which is “feeding off of them” like a parasite…, and hangs around them all the time just waiting for this person to “tune in”.., because as the rank amateur channeler opens up, and tunes in…, the PARASITE ENTITY starts to feed on their energy.., and gives them “apparant” spiritual information…, only to keep the channel open longer so they can continue to feed!

Many of these people always end up feeling drained afterward and need a nap after they channel.

The information they got is most likely worthless…, and should be discarded in much the same way that you’d discard the bad information of a prankish older brother!

The biggest fakes (and it’s easy to see who they are) are the ones who can CHANNEL anywhere…, anytime.., and tune in at the drop of a hat…, and claim to get a long, perfect and valid message every time!

These men or women have HUGE EGO’s…, love the attention (or MONEY) they get from doing this…, and have a vested interest in keeping other people BELIEVING that they are wonderful and accurate channels!

This is 99 percent of them!

The “proof” of this is that most (if not all) of the information being channeled rarely ever comes true or comes to pass!

So the channelers who have gotten “burned” in this way…, by giving out “dates” , have changed their tactics and now say they refuse to give out dates…, and thus it is harder for them to be PROVEN WRONG publicly.

Still…, instead of dropping the practice of channeling (even after huge bogus messages have been discovered)…, they LOVE THE ATTENTION they are getting so much, that they continue…, but only do it more carefully.

They channel privately, and then “EDIT” the message to make it “SOUND” as spiritual as it can be by removing “questionable parts”.., especially if there were any strange elements to the message.

This is simply being hypocritical…, and an attempt to cover up an obvious problem.

The “messages” are not being proven correct!  But truthfully are being proven to be false!

Therefore…, one should STOP DOING IT!

In the end…, “Channeling” is a real phenomenon…, BUT……,  one can NEVER really know for certain WHO the sender of the “broadcast” is.

There is no face to face confirmation going on…, and therefore…, most of these channelers who claim to be channeling Angels, and Masters are simply being duped and conned!

There are a few…, in the past…, who have done good work in channeling.., but my suggestion is to sincerely “study” spiritual MORALS AND ETHICS first…, and really learn what it means to be “spiritual”…, before you start looking outside of yourself for someone else’s opinion!!


Therefore…, when an entity from the beyond…, (like an older brother) tells you obvious lies…, like:

  • there is no such thing as TRUTH…,
  • or that everything that ever happens to you…, you  “contracted for”   (A banking term)….,
  • That all the wars in the middle east are fulfilling Karma and that those people are getting what they wanted…
  • OR…, that babies somehow knew they were going to be eaten, or Ritually Sacrificed, and “contracted for that experience”…

Then you will KNOW they are lying to you…, and you can tell that entity to piss off.., because you KNOW that real spirituality would NEVER condone the idea that every single thing that happens is chosen or contracted for…, and therefore…, the best thing to do is simly to ALLOW IT ALL!

These are very nice “sounding”…, but totally FAKE TEACHINGS…, very much like the:

If you eat too many radishes…, you’ll probably get warts…, CON, that an older brother would tell a five year old who does not know better



All my love….



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  1. Dear “Save the World”

    I AM…, (thank you) focusing on the REAL PROBLEM.

    If you’d been paying attention (sadly you are missing it) you’d see that everything I write is saying that LYING and DECEPTION are the REAL PROBLEMS!

    Secrecy…, lying, and deception.

    Get this!!

    Whether Donald Trump…, the Media.., or any other “chimpanzee” out there…, the REAL PROBLEM is telling LIES!

    Honesty is our only salvation…, AND…, by every word that I write…, I try to convince everyone who reads here that it is the world’s “collective” attitude and permissiveness for LYING that is the very root of every problem we face!

    Our world could NEVER have gotten this bad otherwise!

    Now…, whether I pay attention to “current events” or not…,


    Here it is:

    Hey…, everyone out there…, stop supporting, apologizing, and yes…, “forgiving” people who LIE, CON, CHEAT, and DECIEVE!!

    This is how the world will get better!

    We must hold ourselves to a very high standard because “honesty” and the “truth” are what is needed!

    The reason I keep concentrating on the “spiritual people”…, (and this is very important)…, IS THEY ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!!!!!!


    How in the world can you call yourself “spriitual” if you support, apologize, and condone…, lying, deception and secrecy???


    And here is another little tid bit…,

    How can we expect the criminals and the evil doers on Earth to give up lying…, if we can’t convince the so called SPIRITUAL ones AMONG US…, that TRUTH IS VITALLY IMPORTANT

    If those who are “channelers” don’t care if they lie and decieve…, then there is NO HOPE for the rest of humanity that is totally asleep!!

    If you have a way to convince “SPIRITUAL PEOPLE” to stop engagin in a huge CON against humanity….

    I’m all ears…

    If you have an honest, logical, and well thought out answer…, you go ahead and post it!

    Your comment has not changed my mind one bit…,

    Im focusing my attention EXACTLY where it needs to be at the moment….

    All my love….

    • Secrecy….
      Revealing secrets of destruction to greedy people will only lead to more destruction.
      There is only death that comes out of that outcome, and if, through observation and awareness, somehow wisdom finds place as a result of that, then maybe the cycle of destruction will stop and they may be worthy of learning those secrets… but there is a chance they will have to pay for all the destruction created
      And regards to Truth…
      As for the other side of secrecy, which is exposing Truth, as to make people do action and justice, that may be good, but only people with true awareness of their own greed are actually just enough to do just actions. People who attempt to do ‘justice’ on the ‘unjust’ will have trouble to do that, because with greed, their justice is corrupt, and it never really solves things, only keeps them in a chain of corruption.
      However, exposing Truth about the bad and evil actions of the unjust men (individuals of iniquity), can make people more prudent, thus wiser. There are those who will indulge in sin, as a result of those revelations, but those will suffer the same fate as those sinners.

      As for the subject of ‘channelers’, it seems they are taking instructions from what was one time termed ‘fallen angels’.
      There is a high probability that this is exactly where their source comes from. And all those fallen angels, for doing and continuing their abhorrent behavior, will receive a very bad fate.

      The Truth regarding what is to come, is well explained in the Book of Enoch.
      Myself had a journey through my whole lifetime in which I learned everything I thought was necessary in every field. And through my experience, I can say that the scenarios or narratives in The Book of Enoch will happen.

      The sinners will be punished. There is Justice. What is written about the sinners in the books will happen. From the conclusions done on the blog savetheworld1001 and also the article “Justice and the Universe”, What is written in “The Book of Enoch” is very likely to happen, be it in our lifetime or in future lifetimes.

      I read the book today(The Book of Enoch), and what is written in it simply confirms almost every article written on the blog savetheworld1001.

      The only people who can really call themselves ‘spiritual’ are those who are righteous, well described in ‘The Book of Enoch’. Any lack of righteousness, is lack of spirituality.
      And, regards to spiritual people, well, people who are full of sin are not spiritual at all. Spirit comes from righteousness. There is no ‘spiritual people’ if they are not righteous people.

      Thus, a lot of ‘spirituality’ is fake, filled with lies and total lack of judgement. And this is why, your blog, lovetruthsite, has done a great work and a good service to all those who read it.

      In regard of ‘hope’, there is True Hope, that is only for those aware that there is Justice and Judgement, and all the sinners will pay for their sins with their destruction, and they have to continue to be righteous in their lives. The false hope is that which, makes the individual cultivate iniquity and sin. Hope becomes True only if people remain just and righteous, in front of it.

      The best gift I can give to you right now, is The Book of Enoch:

    • For the ‘channelers’ and other stubborn ‘spiritual people’….
      Just tell to all the so called ‘spiritual people’ if they are not righteous, then they are not spiritual at all. If they want to know spirituality, just tell them to read ‘The Book of Enoch’, and if they continue with their lies and their sins, they will be destroyed permanently. For all their lies, quote this:

      98.15 Woe to you who write lying words, and the words of the impious, for
      they write their lies so that men may hear and continue their folly. And
      they will not have peace but will die a sudden death.

      As for what will happen to all the sinners:
      53.2 And their hands commit evil, and everything at which the righteous
      toil the sinners evilly devour; and so the sinners will be destroyed from in
      front of the Lord of Spirits, and will be banished from the face of His Earth,
      unceasingly for ever and ever.
      69.11 For men were created no differently from the Angels, so that they
      might remain righteous and pure, and death, which destroys everything,
      would not have touched them; but through this knowledge of theirs they are
      being destroyed and through this power death consumes them.
      69.27 And he sat on the Throne of His Glory and the whole judgment was
      given to the Son of Man and he will cause the sinners to pass away and be
      destroyed from the face of the Earth.
      92.5 And sin will be destroyed in darkness, forever, and from that day will
      never again be seen.

      Also see this for more passages:

  2. You’re focusing on channeling while other real problems are going on. It’s good to expose it again, but I think it was covered in your previous articles. It would be a great idea if you’d cover current situation though:

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