By: Bradley Loves

Okay…, so here’s the thing!  I’m in the process of getting to the bottom of this Alex Collier Video, and whether it is true or not true.

I’ve spoken with Jaypee (the man who made the video with Alex Collier) and he says the video is 3 years old.  Someone is putting it up again on Youtube as if it is new.

He says that the audio portion of Jim McCanney was sent to Alex who assumed it was legitimate back then.

I have not talked with Jim McCanney yet…, but Michelle ( a reader) says that Jim McCanney has said that he did not make that Audio tape.

If this is true…, then it must have come from some “Agency” who has the ability to copy and edit tapes of Jim McCanney to make it say the message that it said.

I’ve personally listened to 2 recent radio programs of Jim’s, (found on his website) and then compared the audio portion of the Video with Alex Collier that I posted…, and it is definitely Jim McCanney’s voice in that audio.  This means that someone with really good audio editing skills made that audio.

After a conversation with Jaypee…, he has assured me that Alex Collier is on the level…, and that this particular video was made 3 years ago when the “mini solar system” was at the Kuiper Belt area, and perhaps a certain “agency” wanted to get the word out and used Jim’s voice as a way to get the word out?  (who really knows).

However…, it does not change the information Alex has been getting from other sources on this subject.  Since that time…, (according to Alex) the entire mini solar system has simply “stopped” dead in space and is now sort of “parked” if you will, and not going anywhere.

A radio interview was done yesterday…, between Alex and Jaypeee… where he talks about these and other recent happenings.

Jaypee will have a link to that recording on Monday…, and I will post it.

At this point…, all I can say is that I am still “investigating” and trying to get to the bottom of it.

With all of the undercover “agents” who are “playing” to minds of the NEW AGE crowd…, Jaypee said it might be like trying to take the ink out of the ocean, when trying to get to the bottom of what is really true.

However…, I will give it a good try!  Stay tuned!




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