In the Middle of some “Research” which has been going on for many hours.

By: Bradley Loves

Okay…, so here’s the thing!  I’m in the process of getting to the bottom of this Alex Collier Video, and whether it is true or not true.

I’ve spoken with Jaypee (the man who made the video with Alex Collier) and he says the video is 3 years old.  Someone is putting it up again on Youtube as if it is new.

He says that the audio portion of Jim McCanney was sent to Alex who assumed it was legitimate back then.

I have not talked with Jim McCanney yet…, but Michelle ( a reader) says that Jim McCanney has said that he did not make that Audio tape.

If this is true…, then it must have come from some “Agency” who has the ability to copy and edit tapes of Jim McCanney to make it say the message that it said.

I’ve personally listened to 2 recent radio programs of Jim’s, (found on his website) and then compared the audio portion of the Video with Alex Collier that I posted…, and it is definitely Jim McCanney’s voice in that audio.  This means that someone with really good audio editing skills made that audio.

After a conversation with Jaypee…, he has assured me that Alex Collier is on the level…, and that this particular video was made 3 years ago when the “mini solar system” was at the Kuiper Belt area, and perhaps a certain “agency” wanted to get the word out and used Jim’s voice as a way to get the word out?  (who really knows).

However…, it does not change the information Alex has been getting from other sources on this subject.  Since that time…, (according to Alex) the entire mini solar system has simply “stopped” dead in space and is now sort of “parked” if you will, and not going anywhere.

A radio interview was done yesterday…, between Alex and Jaypeee… where he talks about these and other recent happenings.

Jaypee will have a link to that recording on Monday…, and I will post it.

At this point…, all I can say is that I am still “investigating” and trying to get to the bottom of it.

With all of the undercover “agents” who are “playing” to minds of the NEW AGE crowd…, Jaypee said it might be like trying to take the ink out of the ocean, when trying to get to the bottom of what is really true.

However…, I will give it a good try!  Stay tuned!




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  1. Michelle

    Bradley, this is your blog and I respect that. I do understand all the work you put into it. I appreciate that. I have read all your posts and listened to all your videos that you have posted.
    When I heard the first part of Alex’s info that did the audio of James McCanney, I was blown
    away. I could not even listen to half of what Alex said. I began searching all of James’s radio
    shows that I had missed and the few people that he does interviews with. I have followed James
    for years and I knew this was not from him. You would have to have been a followers of his to know this. He is one man I would put 100% trust in what he says. The audio was not anything
    that he would have said. I’m sorry I did not say exactly that, I was very upset. I should have just
    kept quiet about this but others listen to what you put out. It was the reputation of James McCanney that I was standing up for. I dont know Alex or have I listened to him or Jaypee…..
    I do believe that I will in the future keep my comments to myself. I have listened to several
    people online that say to do your own research, I do!!! It may be in the middle of the night that
    I get to bed because of my research but it is important to me that I not be deceived any more
    than I can. Thank you for what you do.

    • Michelle,

      I can see by your latest comment that you are in fact the wonderful person that I thought you were! What happened was simply just a miscommunication! Please feel free to comment ANY TIME you feel it is necessary! And I do not mind corrections at ALL! Far from it…, I want to tell the TRUTH…, as that is the name of my blog! However…, “WE” have to help each other! Everything you said in your latest comment easily could have been said the first time around!
      It would have helped so much more!

      Instead…, as you’ve stated…, you reacted “defensively” for the benefit of Jim McCanney…, not considering that fact that there was NO INTENTIONAL harm meant to be done to his reputation or his point of view from my end!

      We are all in this battle together…, and if I did not have readers like you…, or the many others who read here…, then WHY would I write anything at all? I enjoy input…, but that input needs to be very well thought out…, and constructive so that I can take it and do something with it that will benefit the rest of the readers…, and all of humanity in general.

      It is WE who have to walk hand in hand down this road…, and WE who have to help each other awaken! The fate of the entire world is in our hands!
      So leaving EGO’s at the door…, and working together is mandatory!

      My “bedside manner” is not one that many people find pleasing. I am a straight forward…, “a spade is a spade”…, kind of guy…, with no sugar coating or “chocolate” around the edges to make people feel good
      My “delivery” may seem abrasive to some…, but it is necessary at times because I sincerely believe that many of the very “cozy” channeled messages they read on a weekly basis are in fact Ridiculous LIES…, being broadcast through VOICE TO SKULL technology in the hands of the Illuminati, the Military, or other off worlders!

      Easy…, is not what we need to help wake people up…, because most people have been told and “sold” through Channeled Messages that there is NOTHING they need to do except sit back and be happy…, and enjoy the ride!
      Many of them believe sincerely that none of us have any role to play here…, and that it will all be done FOR US!

      This is an attitude that I feel is flawed in many ways. I think that each and every one of us have a major role to play in how this turns out! That is part of my philosophy of COLLECTIVE CREATION OF OUR REALITY.

      No harm done in placing comments on any article…, simply know that ALL COMMENTS need to be well thought out…, constructive…, and helpful to the whole.

      Don’t laugh…, but sometimes it take me 3 hours or more to write one single article for this blog. And those are short ones. In the days when I was writing for Jeans’s blog…, the super long articles would TAKE ALL DAY…, somewhere between 9 to 14 hours to write! So this is a tough job! And I appreciate all of the help I can get!

      All my love….

  2. Michelle

    Bradley, wow!!! I never said that James McCanney said that he did not make it….you are putting words in my text that was never there. I told you to contact him yourself and do the research. Now you tell us the video is 3 years old…..are you kidding me? What kind of research do you do when you post these videos on your site? Seems to me, you are getting lost in pushing fear on people. Take a break if you need to but stop posting stuff you have not checked out.

    • Michelle,

      You seem like a very nice person. However…, don’t do this! You very clearly made a blanket “statement” as a comment on the Alex Collier Video saying that is NOT TRUE. Since you did not point to ANY particular part of the video or audio…, and did not get into ANY specifics about what you meant…, AND when I questioned you in a comment of my own…, simply told me to “DO MY OWN RESEARCH” (something that I do all day long by the way) then I took it to mean that NOTHING in the video or Audio was true…, and started there. I spent two full days of my very valuable time…, (time that I could have been using to write articles) to help other people.
      Do you suppose that it might have not been MORE helpful to simply “tell me” what you had found out…, or where you got your information from…, other than simply posting an “e-mail address” for Jim McCanney…, and then publicly telling me to “….go ask him?” As if I had NOTHING ELSE TO DO?
      And NOW…, in your latest comment…, you are blowing way out of proportion the IDEA THAT I AM PUSHING OFF BAD VIDEOS ON MY READERS…

      You are dangerously close my dear…, to my questioning just WHO YOU REALLY ARE!
      I can see…, when someone is trying to both “steer me”…, and then “screw with me on the back side”…, and even if it is not evident to you…, all of the things that you did…, seem to point to that! It may not have been that way…, but it does seem like that!
      For now…, I will let it go. But from this moment forth…, when YOU make a comment…, please be specific…, helpful…, AND explain yourself completely so that I understand what you mean…, because I have a lot of work to do!

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