By: Bradley Loves

The work of being spiritual (yes…, it is work) is why we came here!

The fake idea that all we have to do is to think good thoughts…, and that each one of us will individually ASCEND is a very recent channeled idea.

Naturally we want to “think” good and positive thoughts!  This goes without saying.  However…, certain “entities” have turned this idea into a ONE STOP shopping center where one idea solves ALL PROBLEMS!

This just can’t work the way in which it is being presented!

Not only do “we” need to think good thoughts…, but we must then CARRY OUT those thoughts by actual ACTIONS and then bring them into manifestation!

Having loving thoughts is “great” for the Mental Realms…, but does NOTHING for the gross physical realms that our bodies live in.

Certainly those who follow spiritual teachings have learned by now that there are several levels or dimensions which we exist in at the same time.

To have positive and loving thoughts is to clean up our lives on the Mental Level!


Now what?

Nothing positive has actually come into manifestation on the gross physical level because in order to do that…, we need to USE our physical bodies and then DO something positive on the physical level!

How hard is this to understand?

I don’t know how many people argue with me and say that BECAUSE they meditate for hours a day (or channel)…, then they ARE DOING positive things on the physical level.


They are doing positive things on a Mental and Higher Spiritual Level…, which cleans up THOSE LEVELS OF EXISTENCE!

The Earth…, and everything around us that is physical, STILL REMAINS A MESS!

I look at it this way…

If there is a pile of dirt on the floor in front of me…, I will get a broom…, and a dust pan…, and then sweep it up, and place it in the trash!

This is taking a very loving energy (the thought of cleanliness) and then using my body to put that IDEA INTO ACTION IN THE PHYSICAL.

The immediate result is a clean floor.  Something that can be measured and seen almost instantly.

If I see a pile of dirt on the floor in front of me…, and then I sit down to meditate and lose myself in the higher energies for hours…, the benefit of that effort to my own mind may be quite pleasant…, BUT THAT DID NOTHING FOR THE MESS ON THE FLOOR.

I did nothing to USE that pleasant energy to bring the “idea” of cleanliness into the physical realm, and thus there is still a huge pile of dirt existing in the physical realm, since I did not clean it up!

Now…, I ask everyone reading this post to please extrapolate this idea to the huge mess all over the planet!

Can you now see that just keeping “positive thoughts” all day long…, does nothing for the physical until WE USE those positive thoughts and put them into ACTION?

I am pointing out the “flaws” in the New Age teachings which seem to say that there is NOTHING WE NEED TO DO.

Yes…, there is a lot we need to do!

It is the Divine Action in the physical realm that makes a difference in the world.

Now you may ask…, well Bradley…, what then can I do?


The first thing you need to do is to STOP supporting the system!  Stop supporting the Satanic System!

If your “job” in any way supports the current system… then please quit that job, and get other work which does not support the system!

Tell your friends who are working at jobs who are supporting the system to quit their jobs and begin to use their positive thoughts to create a better way forward for their lives as well.

ACTION is the only way we can do this.

Many people might say…, well Bradley…, I’m AFRAID of the authorities!  If I don’t do what they say…, they might “get me”.

That thought is FEAR BASED and certainly far from positive and exactly what these spiritual people are claiming they NEVER DO anyway.

So if they are thinking this way in secret…, then how real are their claims?

Only if we are willing to “walk” our talk, will the “mess” on the planet get cleaned up most effectively.

Each of us really needs to grab a broom…, and start sweeping up in our little corner of this physical reality!

Every tiny little thing we do in the physical is up for inspection and examination.


If the honest answer is that an action your are doing is feeding or helping the system that is enslaving the world…, THEN STOP THAT ACTION!

I lovingly ask you to think on these things.










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