The Leftist Cult Vs. The Trump Cult: Similarities And Differences

Authored by Brandon Smith via,


I recommend this article because it makes a few good points.  Sadly, even after the good points, it does not look very DEEP!

It gets under the surface about 3 feet and leaves everything down at the 150 foot level below the surface – totally untouched.

In other words, the guy who wrote this – while thinking deeply – poses just enough questions to cast “doubt” on everyone in the equation while trying to sound more intelligent than both sides of the equation.

If he had looked really deeply, he would have seen the extreme danger of the political left, and would have cut far more slack to the political right.

He describes Donald Trump followers as a “cult” for various reasons – but does not conclude that without an organized push back against Globalism and the New World Order – dark magic and Satanism would soon rule the day.

Sodom and Gomorrah is only a step away from “DOING NOTHING”.

It is short sighted to think that both sides are equally mis-led.

The “cult” of fanatical leftists who have no faith and no belief in any GOD – will always march the collective toward complete destruction and despotism.

It is not “CULTISH” to want to run interference against those who are so blind that they are literally taking the entire world over the edge of the proverbial cliff!

The author of the above article – while a thinker – does not have CLEAR VISION!

He can not see fully formed results from “what if” scenarios, and thus lumps the “cult” of Angels right in with the “cult” of Demons.

They are NOT the same thing!  One cult leads to total destruction – the other leads to the survival of our species and the betterment of mankind.



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