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Reader: Response to Steve Beckow’s Editorial Note

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

Steve Beckow — Editorial Note: On News of Cabal Takedown

What a 360 degree turnaround in a week. Last week, Steve Beckow was defending Pope Francis via an off world source, touting the popes squeaky clean character, despite some pretty disgusting charges and ample evidence that its real.

This week, its a tougher, reality based “accountability” stance. End of mind control and emotional hostage brainwashing.

One week it was anything to get paid and known… Play the cabal game. The next week it’s sober up and realize the jig is up.

Someone got the memo.
Someone got on board real fast.
#Hashtag Accountability.
#Hashtag Awakening!!!!

We see you.

We are one.

And hopefully, you will tire of your newest big word real soon.

“JINGOISM”. I call it calling the kettle black. Or, doing the same thing you accuse others of.



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