By: Bradley Loves


This post concerns the last two posts!  Go back and READ THEM first before you read this!

Now that you know a little bit about what is really going on out there…, I will let you in on a little secret!

GOD OUR LOVING FATHER/PRIME CREATOR has decreed that any man, woman or child that uses this kind of INVASIVE TECHNOLOGY has no right to their own privacy from ANGELIC SURVEILLANCE!

This means that those who take “paychecks” while watching others in the privacy of their own homes and other places that should be private…, WILL BE surveilled every second of every day 24/7/365 by higher beings watching every single thing that they do!

In legal terms…, if you don’t want the opposing side to “Question” a witness on a particular subject…, DON’T GO THERE YOURSELF.

Once you do…., then the opposing side gets the SAME TOOLS as you’ve got…, only theirs might be BETTER!


Most of these “idiot souls” who are using this technology have no idea that every single thing they do is NOW ACTIVELY BEING RECORDED BY ANGELIC BEINGS who will use every single thought, word, and deed against them on the higher levels, especially if they are into things like Satanism and Child Sacrifice!

Their own use of such INVASIVE TECHNOLOGY has opened them up for the same kind of scrutiny by those who work directly for GOD.

And if it is found that “they” are FAR MORE EVIL than the people they were spying on…, WOE BE UNTO THEM…, is all that I can say!

They will wish that they had NEVER BEEN BORN!

Any living human being who has been “damaged”, “harmed”, “infringed upon”, “had opportunies taken from them”, “lost good jobs”, “lost money or property”, “lost life, liberty, or happiness”…, as a result of the use of this technology on them…, then THOSE people who used the technology will be held fully ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALL DAMAGES ON THE HIGHER LEVELS.

Consequences and penalties WILL BE ISSUED and they WILL BE PAID!

I was only “following orders”… is absolutely MEANINGLESS TO GOD…, because HE expects every single human being to use their OWN conscience and morality about what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

I was only doing what I was told…, does not cut it with PRIME CREATOR!

…..If everyone is jumping off a cliff…, does that mean you will jump off a cliff as well….?????


Now.., you are starting to get an idea as to how things are REALLY GOING DOWN…, as opposed to how you “think” things are going down.

Pay attention!  Get up to speed!  Stop listening to Channeled Messages and one day a week Christians!

All my love…..

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