By: Bradley Loves


There were many titles that I was considering for this piece!

One was:    Alice in Wonderland…Please wake up!

Another was:  Toto…, please show us what is really behind the Curtain!

So from these titles you can sort of “get” the type of article that this will be.  But how do I even start?  How, and better yet WHERE, does a person begin, when the entire subject matter of the post is to tell the reader that EVERYTHING they have ever been taught to believe is a LIE!

How does it even get done?!

I told you  yesterday in THIS article that I would be using the Mark Passio and Jay Parker “conversation” linked to in that post as background…, so I hope you did your homework…, because I am going to keep my promise.

My Intuition tells me to start here.


Here goes…, keep your arms and legs inside of the article at all times…, and don’t move until it comes to a complete stop…, because you are in for a BUMPY ride!

The SUN is “not” what “they” told us it was.  It is not a huge ball of burning gas.  It is not a Helium 3…, “atomic reaction.”

Instead…, (according to NASA whistle blowers)…, it is in fact an ELECTRICAL GENERATOR.

The reaction that you are seeing is ELECTRICAL…, not combustion!  Not only that…, but NASA, the GOVERNMENT…, and all of the usual suspects already know this, and have known for quite some time.

“You” have been lied to!

The “ramifications” of this lie are SO HUGE…, (honestly) that once I am done writing this article…, you will finally “get” the true nature of the cunning and elaborate DECEPTION we’ve been under for quite some time.

What does this really mean when you break it down to real physics and other scientific ideas?

It means that “TESLA” was right…, and Einstein was WRONG!

It means that “Keshe” is RIGHT…, and all of the Universities across the entire world are WRONG!

(Throw away your university degree NOW please…, it’s not even worth using as toilet paper).


There is no “space” out in space!

In other words, space is “not” an empty vacuum!  In fact…, space is FULL!  It is full of a very important material that “they” don’t want to tell you about…, because it changes EVERYTHING.

What you see as outer-space is in fact PLASMA!  Space is full of plasma…, and therefore…, it is not empty at all.

Plasma (as I’ve told you before) is an exceptional “electrical conductor”.

Why is this important?

Well…, since our SUN, is an ELECTRICAL GENERATOR…, then it is important for there to be a conduit (a means of electrical transference from the SUN to the EARTH)

The electricity that the SUN generates, flows through the plasma of space INSTANTLY and then “charges” our Earth’s magnetosphere…, generating the electricity our Earth needs as a LIVING BEING to run.

Let’s look at some of the LIES they have told us…, and then realize what the actual TRUTH is.

The SUN, because it is not a huge ball of burning gas…, does NOT create heat!  Therefore…, there is no such thing as “burning up” if you get too close to it.

The sun is “cold”…, and the ONLY REASON we “feel” the “energy” of the sun as heat…, is because our planet’s magnetosphere takes in the suns electrical energy and then “transforms” that electricity into HEAT for us.

The NASA “whistle blowers” have gone even further in their revelations!  They have said that once  you get out into space…, you can’t “see” any stars!

It is only while you are standing on EARTH that you can see the stars…, because the STARS (being “SUNS” are only sending out electrical information, but “NOT LIGHT” that we can see)

Again…, it is our Earth’s magnetosphere which is capturing that “electrical information” those stars are sending out, and then re-interpreting it for us AS LIGHT!

We see the stars in sky at night ONLY because that is what the Earth’s “intelligent” canopy of magnetic transductance is showing us.  Earth (our planet) is in real time symbiotically “assessing” the electrical information coming through the plasma of space, and then once it gets here…,  re-broadcasting it to us AS INFORMATION so that WE can see it.
Just like a virtual “television screen” the canopy of “magnetism” over our Earth is broadcasting an IMAGE of what’s out there!

Our Earth “mother” is therefore an Intelligent system that is CONCERNED with sharing all information it gets in a SYMBIOTIC WAY with humans!

(I will get much more deeply into this later…, and will further blow your mind about how things actually work, and how much MORE we have been lied to)



Flying “SHIPS” through outer space as we’ve been shown on Star Trek…, etc…, IS A LIE!

What are some other ramifications of this HUGE revelation?

There is NO SUCH THING as the speed of light!  At least not in space…, since there is NO LIGHT in space…, but only plasma. (Light does not travel through space)

Therefore…, EINSTEIN was a either a liar or a quack! 

And…, didn’t KAY GRIGGS…, just tell us in her 11 hour video interview (for those of you that did your homework) that Albert Einstein was part of George Grigg’s (A Marine Colonel Assassin’s) sexual “boy club”…, and having sex with young Saudi boys in 1952, 53, 54 and 55 while working for the Military?

LIES, LIES, LIES!     Please, everyone just throw your University Degree away NOW!

You see “light” does not travel through space…, ONLY electrical information does.  Therefore…, it is instantaneous…, and there is NO SUCH THING as LAG TIME or delay.

Not only that…, what does this do for all of the “theories”  of space travel?

Phil Corso Jr. told us that ALL (this means all) forms of space travel are in fact TIME TRAVEL or, put another way “dimensional travel” because traveling through space as we’ve been taught can’t happen…, it’s not possible!

Haven’t we always been told (taught) that ET’s can not travel here…, since the nearest stars (SUNS) are 50 million light years away, or some other ABSURD number?

It’s all a LIE!  Because the speed of light does not exist!  Light does not travel through space.

Space travel is done totally differently than we have been taught…, and because it is DONE DIFFERENTLY…, travel from very distant galaxies and stars could be done in days…, NOT MILLIONS of years.

Again…, knowledge was hidden from you…, and everything you were taught was A LIE!

How much “money” have our children spent in PUKE-A-VERSITIES…, oh…, I mean “universities” in order to learn NOTHING but lies?

Don’t you WANT THAT MONEY BACK??   You should!  Demand it!

So for the moment…, just know that “space” is full…, not empty!

It is full of plasma…, and that the reason it looks dark or black to our eyes…, is that YOU NEED the Earth’s magnetosphere to “interpret” the electrical signal of the SUN to tell you that it is giving off light!

Once in space…, you can’t even see the SUN!

What other RUMORS and DECEPTIONS does this information debunk?

Well for starters…, it debunks the idea that planets that are farther “away” from the SUN can not support life!

The whole entire  “idea” of a “sweet zone” or a “Goldilocks Zone” where a planet must be in order to sustain life…, is also an absurd idea, and a lie!

Oh…, and by the way…, if you’ve been watching  “tell – a – vision”  where the Media Whores tell you a vision of what they want you to believe…, then…, the NEWEST HUGE LIE…, that is being vomited all over the human public as we speak…, is that “new planets” are suddenly being found in the “sweet zone”.

And they are telling us this because they are NOW telling us the TRUTH!

However…, it’s just another deception!  Now here’s the REAL TRUTH!  It does not matter HOW FAR away from the SUN a planet is…, because the SUN is NOT giving off any HEAT!    It only sends out electricity!   PERIOD!

The SUN…, or any SUN for that matter, is doing nothing but sending out electrical information…, and it is up to the individual planets themselves to capture that information and then TRANSDUCE it into heat!

Therefore…, “Neptune” or “Uranus” could be equally as WARM as it is here on Earth…, because they are getting the very same electricity that we are…, and their own magnetospheres will create the necessary heat FOR LIFE to exist there…, just as it exists here on Earth!

Look at it this way…, you can plug in a hair dryer right into an electrical socket by your sink and it will create HEAT!  Or…, you can get a 100 foot extension cord…, go outside your house into the back yard and turn on the hair dryer and it will still give off heat…, (as long as electricity is available).

Getting stupid about this…, you could take a 5 mile long extension cord and drive over to your neighbors home…, have your own hair dryer still plugged into the socket near your sink at your house…, turn it on…, and your hair dryer will still give off HEAT!

DISTANCE FROM THE ELECTRICAL SOURCE does not matter…, only the length of the extension cord!

OUTER SPACE is made of PLASMA…, which is the best electrical conductor there is…, so therefore ALL OF OUTER SPACE is one huge extension cord. (PERIOD).

Pluto (no longer a planet) could be just as warm as EARTH is, since distance from the SUN does not matter.

Hows that for a HUGE DECEPTION perpetrated on the unsuspecting public on the part of our Universities AND our Governments!

They knew…, they knew…, they knew…., ALL OF THIS (long ago).

Get your money back for your FAKE college education…, you’ve been HAD!

(You paid good money to be lied to, nothing more).

So Albert Einstein…, is nothing more than a made for public consumption COMIC BOOK HERO…, like Spider Man or Bat Man…, and was never real!

He was “in on” the CON!

TESLA…, who wanted to tell us the TRUTH…, was written out of history…, and made to look like a nobody…, by those very men who are still trying to run things here…, and who, by and large, the completely bamboozled public still support!


The “SUN”…, is not just sending out electrical information.  It is sending us far MORE.

The SUN is sending Earth vital “data and information” as information packets that are being sent along with the electrical signals through the PLASMA of space.

So “we” here on Earth (as a result of our planet’s “decoding” abilities) are also getting HUGE amounts of real time information and not just power from the SUN!

Far from just being an “electrical power source”…, the SUN is transmitting vital data, on a real time basis, which is then being caught and interpreted by our Earth’s magnetosphere so that we can all have ACCESS to it.


I’ve told you that I was going to blown your mind…, and I’ve only just begun!  Keep holding on to your seat…, because the LIES only get bigger from here!

Here is where you NEEDED to watch (or listen to) the Jay Parker and Mark Passio video. (I never post links without a purpose).

Jay Parker tells us in that video that his own mother (an Illuminati) and Generational Satan Worshiper…, told him that she was a “witch”, from a family that went all the way back to the Ancient Amalichites.  She told him that the Illuminati uses “magic” or “occulted knowledge”, to KEEP all of the people of the Earth held down in what is basically a hypnotic TRANCE STATE where the REALITY they perceive is NOT what is really out there!

Jay further tells us that a man named: LIPTON wrote a book about the human mind, and more specifically about the “sub-conscious mind.”   In that book it was revealed that the conscious human mind “processes” about 40 bits, or units of information PER SECOND.

However…, the sub-conscious mind processes about 40 MILLION bits, or units of information per second!  That’s a huge difference.

Jay commented that there was a million to one ration between what was happening in the sub-conscious mind of humans, versus the conscious mind of humans.

Jay’s mother (witch/satan worshiper) told him that the Illuminati was ONLY really concerned with the sub-conscious mind of human beings for this very reason!

Their ability to TOTALLY CONTROL a human being could far more easily take place on the sub-conscious level as opposed to a conscious one.

This is why they have used TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL tactics on all of their own children.  It was discovered that a child’s ENTIRE sub-conscious mind is formed within the first 6 years of life.

Therefore, it was important to “develop” the synaptic pathways within the mind’s of their children to create:   fear, abandonment, abuse, horror, and despair, all before they reached the age of SEVEN!

This “PROGRAMMING” which stays with the child for LIFE…, is then running within their sub-conscious mind at all times, and is what is being USED by the (magicians/satan worshipers) to CONTROL THEM.

Now…, the “rest” of humanity has not escaped this horrid abuse either…, it is only of a softer form!

Regular children have been forced to go to church by their parents!  Tremendous FEAR has been programmed into these parents over the years, and as a result of organized religion (a powerful form of MIND CONTROL) a type of programming has been crafted that translates very nicely into the “parent” doing all of the dirty work of the Illuminati Satanists by programming THEIR OWN CHILDREN with all of these fears, horrors, and despairs they got throughout their lives.

It was the CHURCH that “taught” parents to brutally “spank”, hit, and physically punish their children!

This was especially seen in church schools where brutal nuns would physically punish and abuse children for disobedience!

This is incredibly important…, because Jay’s mother (witch/satanist) told him that what they were concerned with was the MORPHOGENIC FIELD (Mopho-genetic) of the planet…, because REALITY…, (what we see on a daily basis) is created by human beings themselves!

You see…, our planets “MAGNETOSHPERE” is really the ENGINE of the morphogenic field!


Space is not the only thing filled with plasma!  The human body is also FILLED with plasma!  Your blood…, and your cells are filled with the stuff!  It is every where in your OWN BODY!

Remember that Plasma is an excellent “electrical conductor”!  Therefore…, your body is NOT what you have been taught that it is.  Or, at the very least it does NOT WORK like you’ve been told it works!


Why do “medics” use a defibrillator to give a man or woman who has just had a heart attack a huge “jolt” of electricity?


Because “electricity” is what the HEART runs on!

Your body is an “electrical circuit”.

How does what we are “learning today” (for free by the way) with how the human body actually  “interacts” with the Earth, square off with all the lies we’ve been told previously?

Our human bodies are really in a symbiotic “relationship” with our planet’s morphogenic field…, (electrical/magnetics) and are therefore CO-DEPENDENT on each other!

The “electricity” that is being “collected” from the SUN (by Earth) is being “transmitted” via the plasma in our atmosphere…, directly into our own bodies…, and then via the plasma in our bodies…, directly into our cells via blood plasma!

It is NOT only electricity however…, but remember…, INFORMATION is also being transferred as well!

This knowledge alone should give you (at least it gives me) the TRUTH of the idea that we are very closely and symbiotically connected to the EARTH’s magnetics, and the greater morphogenic field.

This is exactly where the SATANISTS and the MAGICIANS are working hardest against us…, and doing ALL OF their DAMAGE!

They are using Ancient Occult Knowledge of the how the “cosmos works”, how the Earth works…, and how the MIND works…, to actually HIJACK REALITY…, and to get Earth Humans to be the unwitting participants in the creation of a totally FAKE…, and totally illusionary reality…, that is very much like a “bad dream”.


The entire message of the WIZARD OF OZ was to show us that Dorothy was actually having a bad DREAM!

Nothing about her dream was real…, and that what she really wanted…, was to “wake up” from her dream!

Dorothy represents SLEEPING HUMANITY!

The LAND OF OZ…, is the world that we are currently seeing and viewing with our eyes!  IT IS NOT REAL!

We are the ones that are having “Dorothy’s Dream” and we are the ones who need to wake up from that dream!  This is what the movie was meant to tell us.

Those old Illuminati boys…, they sure know how to “taunt us” don’t they.

They put the truth of what they are doing to us right inside a movie and then played it every year on “tell a vision” right around Halloween.

(they did this for years when I was growing up)


The HUMAN MIND is partly responsible for the creation of the current reality that we are seeing!  BUT…, it is doing this on the sub-conscious level!

And what did Jay Parker’s mother (witch/satanist) tell us they were interested in?

The sub-conscious only.


Because we are living inside of an ELECTRICAL UNIVERSE…, (not a chemical one) like they are trying to convince us…, reality just does not really happen or take place in the way we’ve been taught.

Eisenstein Physics…, is a joke!

The way that things get created here (THE BIG SECRET) is far different from your understanding.

This was ALWAYS going to be “kept” from you…, because this VERY KNOWLEDGE is your own personal power from SOURCE!

These Satanists…, wanted CONTROL of this planet (and every living thing on it) for the rest of eternity!

They wanted to live like KINGS and QUEENS…, on YOUR backs!  They wanted to be served and wined and dined like ROYALTY…, while everyone else did the work like SLAVES!

All because it was “they” who had this knowledge!  All because it was they who had gotten there hands on the Ancient Esoteric Truths and  knew the full story!

Aren’t you as the reader even just a “little” disturbed at all of this?  I know I am!

As I’ve said many times before (but didn’t explain it as well as I could have)…, REALITY is being collectively created by all of us…, but AT THE SUB-CONSCIOUS LEVEL

It is being created at the 40 million bit per second level…, NOT at the 40 bit per second level!

That is why NOTHING the New Ager’s tell us to do is helping!

It is because things like conscious POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS are only operating at the 40 bit per second level…, but not at the 40 million bit per second level…, where they need to operate at to AFFECT REALITY.

That’s why Satanists use MAGIC…, but more importantly SYMBOLISM…, which works on the sub-conscious mind.

They have put their SYMBOLS/SIGILS in everything they do!  It is everywhere in Movies, and TV, in Magazines…, on Billboards…, in Schools…, it’s in everything…, and going right into YOUR…, (yes YOUR) sub-conscious…, and by interpreting that data…, YOUR MIND is helping to create your own PRISON.

The ONLY thing that can have a counter affect on THAT LEVEL is to completely know and to understand HOW reality works, so that by our ACTIONS we can being to undo it all.

It is not “BELIEF” that creates reality…, but KNOWLEDGE…, which is based on the TRUTH.

All of the world’s greatest teachers have told their students this!

Don’t “believe” you can do it…., KNOW you can do it!

“Knowing” moves past BELIEF (which only operates on the level of the conscious mind) whereas KNOWING works and operates on the level of the SUB CONSCIOUS…, or rather the SUPER CONSCIOUS MIND, which are one and the same thing!

Religion was created for ONE THING ALONE…, and that was to “give you fake beliefs” that would block your own ability to access the Sub-conscious or the Super-conscious part of  your MIND…, which is your connection to the EARTH and it’s totally fantastic electrical morphogenic field and ALL THE RAW POWER it holds for us.

However…, Religion is filled to over-flowing with symbolism and sigils which are placed there for your sub-conscious mind to see (on the 40 million bit per second level) so that by participating in their “MASS”…, you will actually be helping them to create the false reality.

The SATANISTS have fed us LIES for so long…, that the current version of reality we are seeing (and thus creating) is a totally BASTARDIZED dream like, hell like version, which is NOT what reality is supposed to look like at all!

This is what I mean when I say we are living inside of an ILLUSION (of sorts).

The reality that we are experiencing is not the true or real reality…, but it is most certainly happening…, and THAT is why we must be very concerned about it!

This is why the NEW AGER’S (once again) are fantastically incorrect in saying that nothing here is real…, so don’t worry about it!

IT IS HAPPENING TO US…, and therefore…, to a certain extent…, it is real…, but it is not what SHOULD BE…, and therefore is not PERFECTLY TRUE (in that sense).

The SOLUTION is to change the reality we are seeing…, and in order to do that…, WE HAVE TO TAKE ACTION!

The actions we need to take are based upon what is TRUE…, and by doing this…, the reality that we are seeing will “bend” and “morph” into what SHOULD BE…, as opposed to what currently “seems to be”.

Now…, once this DARK REALITY was/is established…, they were ALWAYS going to kill off 90 percent of us.  Only 10 percent were going to be kept as SLAVES!

Once the dark reality gets established…, they don’t need us any longer…, they can use very advanced technology to keep the Earth’s frequency where it’s at!



REALITY CREATION 101 (For the beginner)


You are an integral part of what happens here on planet Earth.  You as an “electrical circuit” of raw power are working in symbiosis with the Earth to create reality.

You SHARE both “knowledge” and “information” with the PLANET through  your direct connection to her.

Just as the our Earth mother “downloads” information gathered through the captured electrical transmissions from the SUN…, and then shares that with us (her children)…, we take that raw power and information and then through OUR BEHAVIOUR we upload vital information back into the morphogenic field so that the EARTH can then “use that” information to establish a base reality for her children to exist in for their best advantage and growth.

The Occultists (Magicians and Satanists) know this!

They always knew this!

They wanted to form a very dark, disturbing, and FALSE REALITY here on the Earth!

The only way they could do this…, was to first HI-JACK ALL OF OUR MINDS!


Because it is WE COLLECTIVELY that have the power…, along with the Earth itself…, to bend, morph and change the reality.

They could NEVER have done it alone or without our help!


And without “knowing” the truth of the way things work…, “we” unwittingly helped them (through our sub-conscious, or Super-conscious minds rather) to SHIFT the reality of Earth into one of the darkest, and horror filled realities ever seen!

Once again…, why is every Government building, Church, Military Base, etc built right on top of a major Earth Ley Line?

How exactly are these SATANIST and MAGICIANS using Ancient Knowledge against us?

What do they KNOW…, that we don’t know?

I’ve already told you in THIS article called:  EVERYTHING GOES INTO THE GRIDS…, which is located on:, and written in February of 2015…

For those who really “get” magnetics – you already know that magnetics is not possible without electricity!

There is also a second set of “lines” or another “grid” of “ley lines” that is duplicated about 60 miles above the surface of the Earth and is a mirror or a reciprocal of the ley lines that are located on the surface. As the old saying goes – as below – so above –

Or, rather, as above – so below.

These two complete grid sets, which are highly magnetic and electrically charged, I have named or called: THE TANDEM GRIDS! Tandem here meaning two or double!

Together these grids form a “planetary MIND or a planetary sub-consciousness or super-consciousness!”

It is a collective planetary “memory” as it were, of ALL of our collective experiences, our thoughts, our ideas and again, our memory!  These tandem grids represent us as a species!

UPDATE: It is not ONLY our memory…, but the very “interactive” mechanism through which we are able to create and change reality here on the planet.  It is our very connection to the EARTH and her POWER! – Bradley (April 11, 2016)

In that same article…, I also wrote:

WE – as in all of us here – are intimately connected to the Tandem grids – and if we were not – we could not survive!
Think of our bodies as AVATARS – on a board game!  In order to play the game, you need a place holder, or an unique playing piece that “signifies” where you are in the game!  This is VERY OVER SIMPLIFIED – but essentially true.

The planet needs to be able to “keep track of us so to speak, and needs to know where we are on the board.”   Therefore our bodies are also highly magnetic and electrical “units” – if that is an acceptable word.

The interaction between our individual “units” and the tandem grids is what allows the Earth to keep track of us – know who we are – know where we are, etc, AT ALL TIMES!

Teleportation is ONLY POSSIBLE because each of us have a very specific “electronic” signature which allows the Earth to know where we are in relation to its own magnetic field at all times.

I further wrote in that article…

If an “interstitial” window is opened up between two polar legs, or posts – and as result – a worm hole effect is created between them – then when you pass the event horizon of the open window – your electronic signature of where you are standing gets nullified – and you are NO LONGER registering on the Earth game board!

Therefore you seem to vanish! When you pass through the created worm hole and once again re-emerge from the event horizon of that worm hole or  “window” that exists outside of time and space  – your “electronic” signature once again is on the game board and the Earth now registers your AVATAR (your body) as being in an entirely new location – so you reappear there!

None of this is possible without the inter-action of the dual or Tandem Grids because they are in fact – THE MIND AND THE MEMORY OF THE PLANET!

As I said earlier – these grids also make telepathy possible because in order to send your own thoughts to another player or recipient on the game board – you would have to have a MAGNETIC AND ELECTRICAL SYSTEM in place to do that.
Okay – if everyone is with me on this so far – then let’s move on.

The next thing that I wrote in that article is THIS IMPORTANT IDEA…


I have said many times that those who are working against humanity are in fact DARK MAGICIANS! I have also said that the word MAGIC is simply a code word to hide the real meaning of where the power truly is,  and that power is MAGNETICS!

If a person wanted to willingly HI-JACK a system such as the Earth’s MIND – then that person would have to know Magnetics – because ONLY magnetics would allow for the hi-jacking of a magnetic system!

Now for clarity – I just called the grids the Earth’s MIND but it could also be called Earth’s MEMORY – or Earth’s CONSCIOUSNESS.

If anyone is having trouble with understanding this – think of it this way – when human beings “die” – the body – or the carcass is STILL THERE!

It was the purely electrical and magnetic part of the human that was animating the now dead body!  This part is called the SPIRIT! The spirit is both electrical and magnetic!

Well, the Earth has a “SPIRIT” as well.  The SPIRIT or SOUL of the Earth is the TANDEM GRIDS.
We as “players” on the game board are integrally and intimately connected to the larger grid or more simply put the larger MIND. In other words – we can not SEPARATE OURSELVES from the COMMON MIND (Super-Conscious Mind) while we are here, that would be impossible!  We need that system in tact in order to LIVE AND PLAY ON EARTH.
With fully connected DNA – we literally have access to – and share in – THE TOTAL POWER OF OUR EARTH MOTHER.

Skipping down a bit…, I wrote:



They are using their HYBRID HUMANS to get it!    Who are these HYBRID HUMANS?
Those we call the CABAL! The so called ILLUMINATI. Do you want me to go so far as to name names for you? You’ve all seen them! You’ve even voted for some of them.
Kings, Queens, Oligarchs, Prime-Ministers and Presidents, International Bankers and Vatican Alumni. They are NOT LIKE US – AND THEY DO NOT BELONG HERE!
It is okay to want to get rid of them – because they are not supposed to be here!
In his Video Interview that I posted recently – Jay Parker said that his own parents – who were practicing SATANISTS – told him that they knew for a fact that they were working for the REPTILES.

They laughed about it – and said they didn’t care because they were on the “winning” team – the team of the Bankers. The Bankers by the way are most notably associated with the ZIONISTS and with the ROTHCHILDS as David Icke so commonly tells us.

Jay Parker’s parents told him way back in the 1960’s – that in 50 years time it would get really, really bad here on EARTH – they already knew that – but they did not care – because they would not be here!


As the title of this piece says so directly – is the basis for their take-over bid!

EVERYTHING goes into the GRID.

Because we are all integral parts or “units” of the much larger COMMON MIND of the planet – then anything that happens to any one of us – GETS UPLOADED INTO THE COMMON MIND!

Or put another way – it all goes into the grids!

Now…, after reading all of this…, do you FINALLY understand…, do you finally “get” why Jay Parker’s Satanic mother told him years ago that they were ONLY interested in trapping and using the SUB-CONSCIOUS mind of humanity?

And through this means…, they were achieving their Satanic Goals?

Perhaps you should listen to the conversation again between Jay Parker and Mark Passio!

Further more…, if you read THIS article…, it seems that PUTIN just told a room FULL of people that the ENTIRE WORLD is actually being run by Human Reptilian Hybrids…, and that he is not one of them.

Did Putin Just Out The World’s Ruling Class As Reptilians?

You just can’t make this stuff up!

Finally…, I want to make it clear…, (very clear) the the NEW AGE…, (which includes most channeled messages) are a continuation of LIES AND PROGRAMMING…, and are being run by the ILLUMINATI who do not have our best interest at heart!

The CHURCH was only used to “program” the sub-consious mind.

Now…, since that no longer works…, it is CHANNELED MESSAGES which are being propagated and used to PROGRAM OUR COMMON MIND.

At this late date…, the purpose of channeled messages (as told by both Jay Parker and Mark Passio) is to get all good men and women to STAND DOWN.  Do do NOTHING…, to take NO ACTION.

The reason for this is because the SATANISTS know that “action” is information that gets uploaded into the morphogenic field and will CHANGE AND HINDER their takeover bid!

They don’t want this…, and so this is why you will see messages like THIS ONE, which although seemingly well intentioned…, send a message to the public that it is ALREADY DONE…, and there is NOTHING MORE TO DO!

This article is some truth mixed with a bunch of LIES…, and since it is “channeled”…, there is NO WAY to know who the source really is!

My advice is to REFUSE to listen to any message that tells you that ALL IS DONE…, and THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO DO!  These channeled messages are simply and matter of factly MORE PROGRAMMING for your sub-conscious MIND!

Lastly…, if you are willing…, please help by getting this message out…, so that many others may finally see how the dots are connecting.

For now…, I will end with this loving request…

Please THINK on these things!

All my love to you who LOVE






































































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