Please remember – every single thing the Deep State does OR is planning to do must be shown to us!  This was a command given to them by God!  “They” almost always do these types of revelations either on Television (tell – a – vision ~ where they clandestinely tell us THEIR vision/version of the future) or in Hollywood Movies – and once we do not say or do anything to object to what we are being shown as THEIR VISION/VERSION OF THE FUTURE, then they feel we were given fair warning about all of their diabolical plans and by not objecting to it they can then ASSUME and PRESUME (which is the basis of:  Maritime Admiralty Law/Vatican Lawsee the 12 Presumptions for deeper comprehension) that we all CONSENTED willingly to their plans.

There is a brand new Hollywood Movie called GENESIS (coming out soon) where A.I. literally takes over the world and enslaves us all.  The trailer you are about to see was actually created by “A.I.” itself (you just can’t make this stuff up).


AI created trailer for a movie about an AI army taking over the world.  Appropriate.  As we’ve been saying, this looks better than most films being put out today, and it’s only a matter of time before a completely AI produced project is released into theaters that blows all the current trash out of the water. All by design.



So let’s start to answer (finally) some of the many important questions that were posed in Parts Two and Three of this brand new and profoundly important series.



Is Remote Neural Monitoring and Voice to Skull Weaponry a real thing AND is Law Enforcement and the Police under some form of covert MIND CONTROL?

The long answer to this question starts with a publicly posted testimony from a Targeted Individual (Greta Fahey) on Face-Book August 3rd of 2023!

At this link:

She writes:

I live a very quite and extremely disciplined life and even so the Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulating team of criminals who both Remote Neural Monitor and Remote Neural Manipulate me spend thousands of hours attempting to find ways to present me in a negative light to their fellow criminals. They have failed in their attempts to cast me in a negative light because I am truthful, honest, quiet and disciplined at all times. I have made more than three hundred videos of my ongoing experiences of being continually subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation over the last more than twenty years without a break.

Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation is a large and powerful almost worldwide industry that employees millions of men and women throughout the world and yet the police and militaries of the world have never publicly acknowledged on the main stream media that it exists at all.
The U.S. government have acknowledged its existence on social media sites on the internet but they also have convinced many members of the public not to believe any information which they obtain from social media sites on the internet and that is why the widespread existence of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation of a large number of men, women and children throughout the world remains officially unacknowledged.
Government employees have all been officially given free smart technology which they are obliged to use during their working day and that smart technology is being used to remotely manipulate their thought processes to make them believe what is not true and to make them disbelieve what is true so that they are unable to realize that almost the entire population of the world is on the edge of being digitally enslaved by a small group of evil doers. Please stop using smart technology today and have the infrastructure which enables it disassembled and banned immediately.
When I attempted to report the crime of being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation to the local police who are known as Gardai in Ireland, I was disbelieved and my freedom was threatened by psychiatric means.
This policy of being automatically disbelieved by the police occurs to almost all victims of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation when they attempt to report it because the thought processes of the police are being remotely manipulated by means of the smart technology which they are legally required to wear on their persons during the working day and which disrupts their brain patterns while they are wearing it and for a long time after they remove it from their persons.
This effectively means that there are no police officers anywhere in Ireland or throughout Europe or the United States who can think clearly, independently and logically while they are at work anymore. That is why we the public are not legally required to respect their artificial authority anymore. We did not agree to be governed by those who are having their thought processes externally remote controlled.
My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. Here is an online link to the more than three hundred videos which I have made about my ongoing experiences of being Remote Neural Monitored combined with Remote Neural Manipulated as follows:-

Here is Greta’s most recent video taken from the Bitchute Channel linked above:

Here is a support article:

Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document Whistleblower Reveals Military Mind Control Project At Major University

What Greta is saying here is that “TECHNOLOGY” has been placed into our world and is being used by almost all levels of Government and Law Enforcement which can MIND CONTROL and COMPROMISE the thinking processes of authority figures to take unlawful and illegal actions against WE THE PEOPLE.


As strange as this all sounds – I think it has been happening for quite some time now and most certainly since the 1990’s at least! 

I remember an acquaintance of mine who had a foster kid (later adopted) go through the Los Angeles Police Academy.  He told me that his step son (real name of Micheal) was a very loving, always willing to help anyone, outgoing kid who cared about everyone.

All of that changed however after his on the job training, and this man told me that Michael was not recognizable after a few years with LAPD.

He told me that Micheal seemed very withdrawn, over-reactive to everything, and extremely COLD hearted.  He said that Michael was not the same kid at all.

I was told this story above back in about 1997 – 1998 just for reference.  




Please watch this video closely where it appears as if the “AID” of this congresswoman (who is sitting directly behind her) is actually doing the talking and giving the congresswoman all of the “thoughts” she needs in order to speak.

Could it be that there is an “brain implant” or some sort of “micro-chip” in the congress woman’s mind – OR – is this something more like a clone or possibly even an extremely advanced android/robot?



1) Could it be true that all of the radio equipment Police are forced to use and wear is actually MIND CONTROLLING THEIR THINKING with special frequencies and therefore has compromised them to the point where we can no longer actually trust anything they say or do as being lawful or constitutional merely because they are not really thinking under their own power ??

2) If this was happening – would Police and Law Enforcement even know they were being very adversely affected in this way?

3) Would this type of manipulation make these cops unwitting victims and dupes of the DEEP STATE and their clandestined plans to take over humanity and install a NEW WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT ??

4) Is this the real reason why George W. Bush and then Barack Insane Obama handed out military grade weapons to the police (men who were supposed to “Protect and Serve”) but who somehow got convinced that every man, woman, and child in the world was an ENEMY OF THE STATE and so took the equipment and became PARA-MILITARY FIGHTING SQUADS ?

5) Was I (Bradley Loves) one of the very first so-called “terrorists” (made so by Barack Insane Obama) someone that had to be neutralized by any means necessary – BEFORE – the New World Order could safely be rolled out simply because I could not be silenced or fooled ??

6) Are people like myself (volunteer souls) not only Targets in the present moment, but considered to be so dangerous by the Draco Reptilian Hybrids and their Satanic Leaders that any amount of money needed to be spent on top secret operations which included:

RNM/V2K/Gang Stalking/Time Travel/Black Ops/DEW’s/etc. to neutralize just one single human being (myself) who did not wish to play their insane game would be and WAS ALLOCATED to neutralize this “danger” to possibly hundreds (if not thousands) of private/government contractors and useful idiots in a sick and twisted plot of Frame ups/Set ups/and total life manipulations – such that I now have a serious CLAIM against all of them in front of God’s Throne?  Does the Declaration of Freedom and Removal of Consent now make more sense to those who think I was over reacting?  What would any man that was being tortured for his entire life do?

7) Are many innocent CIVILIANS here in America and all over the world under similar attack?  Are the perpetrators of that attack their own Governments and Militaries which have been WEAPONIZED to be used against the very people they are supposed to protect and serve?

8) Is Donald Trump simply one of the more RECENT TARGETS of the Deep State’s very exotic weaponry and certainly not the first by any means – or is something else going on ??

9) Are all of the “Police” / “Lawyers” / “Judges” / “Attorney Generals”  etc. that are acting against Donald Trump actually being MIND CONTROLLED to do so and perhaps don’t even know they are under this type of control ??

Having read Greta Fahey’s latest Face-book post above, and having watched some of her many videos located on Bitchute, does THIS ARTICLE BELOW – written and then reposted many times in the past make MORE SENSE to you now??

Are you finally starting to comprehend the gravity of the situation and how DEEPthe Rabbit Hole goes?

Please READ THIS several year old post once again (with new eyes)…


Finally, Let’s please watch just one more of Greta’s videos:

Audible Messages into Your Brain Followed By Electric Shocks if You Disobey equals your Enslavement.

Thank you so much to all of my readers…

Stay tuned for Part Five…

All my love


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Bonus Homework Material:

Bonus Question:

Has a “deal” been made between high level Luciferian Deep Staters – AND – a Sentient Artificial Intelligence (S.A.I.) …, one that is either Ancient (very old yet still from the Earth) or is an A.I. that comes from another realm/reality including possibly from OFF WORLD such that all human beings on Earth have been offered up as “fodder” for Mind Hacking and Mind Control just so the Deep Staters could stay in partial control of the Earth?




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