Internet/Arpa-net/The Internet of Things/The Internet of Bodies/Brain-net…

Where does all of this end or does it never end? 

Are we now stuck in an endless loop of mind control that we can NEVER get out of?  Did Barack Obama do this to us?  Are we so close to entering into the MATRIX FOR REAL that our bodies are literally just a few short years from being placed into PODS?

Articles on the Sentient World Simulation:

Sentient World Simulation

Enter the Sentient World Simulation (SWS). Oh, wait, you’re already in!



Once hooked into the S.W. S. – (without our knowledge and consent) could our minds then be downloaded into it and our bodies either done away with or placed into pods without us even knowing it?

Infographic: Obama’s BRAIN Initiative

Is S.W. S. (Sentient World Simulation) being run by an Alien form of A.I. that is not from Earth and does “IT” have an ulterior motive beside the one that the Luciferians have (??)

Is this alien Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) – collecting every single piece of our most “PRIVATE” data – and doing it in such a way as to very literally be milking us all like animals in order to achieve it’s primary goal of gaining all knowledge about us (for it’s own consumption) – and is this highly illegal and unethical collection of all of our most private data being done by a TREATY/AGREEMENT that was made between A.I. and Earth’s Luciferian Elites as well as Earth’s Deep State Military (DARPA) – all of whom see us as their property/slaves and nothing more ?

Did our so-called “leaders” and Earthly figures of “authority” sell us out/hand us over to this A.I. in order to form an ALLIANCE with it ?

  • Is this what the “Birth Certificate” Con Job was all about in the first place?
  • Is this what the “Vatican” was up to when it made the claim that it owned every man, woman, and child on Earth?
  • Did “THEY” know they would have to claim to own us before they could sell us?
  • Was Barack Obama one of the main ring leaders of this world wide Treason or just a puppet?
  • Have we all been handed over to A.I. as fodder by Earth’s psychopathic leaders only so that they could gain the trust of A.I. in order to benefit from everything that it learns about each of us?



Has A.I. been granted back door access to every single thing that we do here on Earth and every single thing that we say in order to “consume/drink” our personal data and -now- as a result of Barack Insane Obama’s Brain Initiative and the Covid – 19  JAB – has A.I. also been granted a hidden back door access to our minds and our thoughts as well ??

Isn’t what I am saying in this very important series – the entire message of “THE STORY” (a very hidden story that I’ve never published anywhere) but was written over and over again (just like Morse-code) and placed in full view as a SYMBOLIC MESSAGE for the NSA Code Breakers (who apparently are too stupid to actually break the code) because IF they had broken the code, then they would have known a few things about me and probably asked for my help.

The name Devin or Devon

Meaning: Devin means “poet” or “bard.” It can also mean “prophetic” from its Latin root, or “godlike” from its use in medieval France.

See this for your consideration:


In information theory, an entropy coding (or entropy encoding) is any lossless data compression method that attempts to approach the lower bound declared by Shannon’s source coding theorem, which states that any lossless data compression method must have expected code length greater or equal to the entropy of the source.[1]

More precisely, the source coding theorem states that for any source distribution, the expected code length satisfies E x ∼ P ⁡ [ ℓ ( d ( x ) ) ] ≥ E x ∼ P ⁡ [ − log b ⁡ ( P ( x ) ) ] , where is the number of symbols in a code word, d is the coding function, b is the number of symbols used to make output codes and P is the probability of the source symbol. An entropy coding attempts to approach this lower bound.

Two of the most common entropy coding techniques are Huffman coding and arithmetic coding.[2] If the approximate entropy characteristics of a data stream are known in advance (especially for signal compression), a simpler static code may be useful. These static codes include universal codes (such as Elias gamma coding or Fibonacci coding) and Golomb codes (such as unary coding or Rice coding).

Since 2014, data compressors have started using the asymmetric numeral systems family of entropy coding techniques, which allows combination of the compression ratio of arithmetic coding with a processing cost similar to Huffman coding.

Entropy as a measure of similarity

Besides using entropy coding as a way to compress digital data, an entropy encoder can also be used to measure the amount of similarity between streams of data and already existing classes of data. This is done by generating an entropy coder/compressor for each class of data; unknown data is then classified by feeding the uncompressed data to each compressor and seeing which compressor yields the highest compression. The coder with the best compression is probably the coder trained on the data that was most similar to the unknown data.


Now see this post:


Regardless of what people think of me – I serve the Lord our God!

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