“IS-BE’s” – OR – “BE-CAUSE-BE’s”

BECAUSE = to “be” the “cause” of some act or some intention of motion – which then produces a real time EFFECT.


Parent:  Why did you hit your sister Johnny?

Johnny: because…

Parent: Because why?

Johnny: Just because…


BECAUSE = to “be” the “cause”of some act or some intention of motion – which then produces a real time EFFECT!

Parent:  Was it “right”, “good” or “proper” to hit your sister? 

Johnny: I don’t know

Parent: Then why did you do it?

Johnny: Because I felt like doing it


Humanity:  Why are you killing us all with a massive vaccination program, for a disease that does not really exist?

WHO, CDC and FAUCI:  Because

Humanity:  Because why?

WHO, CDC and FAUCI: Just because…

According to MJ-12, everyone living on Earth is actually an “IS-BE” – which is a fancy word for your Immortal Soul.  However, those in charge of the MJ-12 Twitter Account – (whoever they are or were) – take it a step further, and tell us that an “IS-BE” is not just a soul – but is actually “a god”.

So according to this kind of logic – we have a bunch of really good, kind, and decent “gods” running around on planet Earth, all of whom are surrounded by some of the darkest, most deviant, and most evil “gods” – all of whom are in positions of great power.

In all honesty, there is actually quite a bit of good information that was handed out in the year or two that this account was up and running on Twitter.  However, IN MY OPINION, there is just as much bad information and you’ve got to be really careful with it.  So it is kind of a 50 – 50 mixed bag of sorts, and you really have to keep a sharp eye out if you are going to see which pitches are coming over the plate so to speak, and are potential home runs – and which ones are curve balls that are going into the dirt, and should be left alone.

The “main” idea here is that each soul – or each immortal “IS-BE” is it’s own “god”.

All I have to say to this idea is:


While it is possible to see that each and every single soul is a “part” – or a “portion” – of the GREAT CREATOR, and therefore is “like unto HIM” – that is a far cry from saying that each soul “IS” the GREAT CREATOR.

We are walking a really fine line here – and young minds which are not “expansive enough” to grasp with clarity what the TRUTH really is – will fall flat on their faces if you tell them this.

This is just like saying that every soul living here on Earth is – ALL ONE WITH EVERYTHING ELSE – and so therefore we can all walk off of cliffs and breath underwater – because birds can fly – and fish can swim in the ocean.

This kind of thinking is fully preposterous – and is DANGEROUS.

New Agers (and Satanists) love this kind of thinking because it removes physical boundaries and limitations from what is supposed to be a life LEARNING all about limitations and BOUNDARIES.

This is what the Earth is designed for.  It is a chance to LEARN about the fallout of “cause” and “effect”.  It is a “game-board” that allows human avatars the ability to see and learn what happens when they TRESPASS against other souls – and remove those souls freewill choices – and then experience the “consequences” for those actions – aka PUNISHMENTS – which will teach these young souls NOT TO TRESPASS against other souls.

How much more “simple” could this possibly be to get or to understand?

For men (and women) who are still very much living inside of a human/physical body to fancy themselves as “gods” – or even “gods in the making” is missing the entire point of living here on Earth, and experiencing life in the physical.

Life in the physical is meant to TEACH young souls (not gods) what it means to be an integral portion of the greater whole, and thus an integral portion of the “greater good”.

Any soul that is NOT being part of the greater good – is NOT FIT to be a part of the greater whole, and just like weeds in the garden, or bad fruit on the tree – must be cast aside.  However, this pruning of the branches can NEVER be done by any man (especially a man that thinks that he is a “god”) because his vision is compromised.

Only the GREAT CREATOR has the ability to see who is who, and what is what.   Casting aside that which is “unfit” – is for HIM alone to do and it can never be done by any man, woman, or child living here on the Earth.


So while it MAY BE true that in millions of years of soul growth – a soul can rise up into a level of being where it becomes fully ONE with its own source – THE GREAT CREATOR – and while it may be true that at that point in GODS eternity and from that perspective – it could be said that – MY FATHER AND I ARE ONE – and so therefore “I too am a god” – There are few – (trust me) living here on the Earth as we speak that have the right or the ability to say those kinds of things.  And, if they do say them – these people are lying and are simply kidding themselves.

Once again – it is all about recognizing WHERE you are – and WHY you are here.

MJ-12, again in my opinion, has jumped the gun so to speak, and has “defined” every man, woman, and child living here on Earth as an “IS-BE”which they further define as “A GOD”.

But, can you see where that kind of thinking would “BE” the “CAUSE” – or rather – “BE-CAUSE” some very unsavory and diabolical actions and behaviors here on the Earth – which have nothing to do with love, kindness, acceptance, joy, harmony, and living together for the greater good?

At this point in time, even – MJ12 – has admitted that they made mistakes – lots of them – simply making them “be-cause” they did not understand things from a higher perspective in the beginning.

And honestly – I don’t know if we will EVER get more of an “apology” than this one right here.  This may be the full extent of their willingness to say: 

I‘m sorry – “our bad” – we didn’t really mean to…


However – instead of – “IS-BE’s” – I would say that while they were involved in doing all of these “bad” things, they were actually – “BE-CAUSE-BE’s” and not “IS-BE’s” at all.

Parent: Why did you hit your sister Johnny?

Johnny: because…

Parent: Because why?

Johnny: Just because…

BECAUSE = to “be” the “cause”of some act or some intention of motion – which then produces a real time EFFECT!

Parent: Was it “right”, “good” or “proper” to hit your sister?

Johnny: I don’t know

Parent: Then why did you do it?

Johnny: Because I felt like doing it

There are many, many ETERNAL SOULS out there who claim to be “gods” – 

Few (if any) are doing the things that a true LOVER OF TRUTH and LOVER OF LIFE would do..,






Anything else that happens “just because” does NOT EQUAL GOD – but instead is equal to some “individual soul” who is merely having a “bad hair day” and needs to put a hat on in order to hide the disgusting mess.

All my love…

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    This video explains where the majestic 12 twitter account got their info from.

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