By: Bradley Loves

(This rant, and it is a rant…, is not aimed at my normal readers…, but is aimed at the people in America at large!)

This video…, found on Victurus Libertas Youtube Channel talks about the “Deep State” and it’s  plans for America.

So much criminal corruption has taken place in the last several decades (while America Slept)…,  that rather than go to prison and pay for their crimes…, the monsters who call themselves congressmen and agents would rather start a CIVIL WAR in America and have the people kill each other.

Haven’t you had enough already?

Haven’t you figured out WHO THE REAL ENEMY IS YET?

It is not each other…, but instead the people in WASHINGTON.

It is the Agents and Agencies who have aligned themselves with evil, and aligned with Lucifer!  It is those men and women who still KEEP SECRETS…, knowing they are very literally destroying the planet and the human race by doing so.

It’s time fore those who call themselves spiritual, or think that they are spiritual to get up OFF THEIR ASS…, and actually start talking to people about what is really going on, and spreading information far and wide about the DEEP STATE!

If we work very hard together…, then any DIVIDE AND CONQUER tactic can not work on us!

Right now…, the biggest problem facing America (sadly) is coming from the liberals or Democrats who for some reason SEE VIOLENCE as the only way to move forward with Donald Trump in Office.

These idiots are being “led” by  PAID PROVOCETUERS who work for the DEEP STATE…, and who could give a “rat’s butt” about DEMOCRATS.

They only want to see VIOLENCE happening on the streets.

Just to be clear…, I am NOT a Republican or a Democrat!

To be truthful…, I really despised sleazy Obama and everything his lying ass stood for! He did more damage to the world than most people living on Earth can possibly comprehend. (Channelers and their useless lies can go get screwed).

But…, I did not go out into the streets and beat people up for voting for him (as we are seeing in every corner of America as is happening with the election of Trump).

I never support VIOLENCE!     I support education and information sharing based on TRUTH and LOGIC.

Donald Trump is not really performing as he promised, nor as I would want him to…, but his VIOLENT OVER THROW…, as every blasted single Democrat is talking, praying, hoping and supporting…, is just pure insanity.

And every single “spiritual person” who supports violence against their countrymen needs to go have their head examined.



If you want to protest something…, call upon the FBI to start arresting CONGRESS!

(But do it non violently…, and don’t hurt your fellow Americans in the process)


Here’s my final word:

According to MY DECLARATION of NON CONSENT…, and my special Agreement with PRIME CREATOR…., I will hold every single soul in America (even so called spiritual ones)  eternally accountable for any acts of violence they commit against their countrymen!

This goes for the military, Congressmen, Agents and Agencies, Police, Spiritual People, Students, the Main Stream Media and all others I forgot to mention.

I will use the Astral Level recordings being made of every single event on Earth to:

WITNESS AND TESTIFY against all participants who choose the vile and dark way out of this “problem” by destroying property, beating up people, and most especially “TAKING MONEY” to  go to various cities to protest.

Paid Protestors are the most vile men and women on the planet at this point.  So are “CRISIS ACTORS”  …, every one of which needs to be arrested and then sent a penile colony to hammer rocks for about 30 years.

You have the absolute right to defend yourself from all others who are doing PHYSICAL VIOLENCE AND HARM TO YOU or your property.

But you DO NOT have the right to do Physical Violence and harm to people who don’t agree with you…, OR God forbid…, have HURT YOUR “FEELINGS”.



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