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Cobra is a New Age blogger and advocate of something called: THE EVENT – and has started posting some very strange things on his blog site recently located here:

One of the strangest “turns” that he has made in the recent past are his posts that are openly ADVOCATING FREEMASONRY!

Not only is he now posting the life histories of many Freemasons from the past, and listing their achievements…, he is also starting to list their peers and contemporaries – many of whom were FULL BLOWN MAGICIANS!

Just like many of the Globalists, COBRA is a huge advocate of the FEMININE ENERGY becoming anchored here on the Earth.

Now, I see nothing wrong with the Divine Feminine…, don’t get me wrong…, just as long as it is totally and completely BALANCED with the Divine Masculine!

There were some really horrible, horrible times in the past where men were treated incredibly badly by WOMEN who used to rule as MATRIARCHS over the entire Earth.

These women used Sorcery and Witchcraft to keep the men around them in line and submissive and subservient!

The “idea” that we “must” move backward in time to the days when everyone WORSHIPPED THE GODDESS ENERGY has the fingerprints of the Illuminati and the Globalists all over it!

This is the same crap that George Soros seems to be pushing with all of his countless NGO’s when they talk about TOXIC MASCULINITY – and the need to get rid of all OLD WHITE MEN.

If you don’t believe me.., just have a look at the recent Women’s Marches here in America!

These images are basically “women” who are demanding to be allowed to take over the WORLD, and to shift (those useless men) off to the sidelines where they belong!

For those of you who think that WOMEN IN POWER can’t be just as HORRIBLE, just as EVIL, and just as DISCRIMINATORY as men can be if “they” were suddenly running EVERYTHING…, then you are sadly deluding yourself!

Think NANCY PELOSI & DIANE FEINSTEIN – (and other criminals) who believe that lying to the American people every single day is a “good thing”!

Also, take a good look at what Angela Merkel has done to literally “destroy” the German society with her rampant immigration of Muslims that is in the MILLIONS – or what THERESA MAY has done to “screw” GREAT BRITAIN out of it’s legally voted for BREXIT!

These are “women” “IN POWER”.., and they are literally f*cking the commoners just as much – IF NOT MORE – than their male predecessors!

Here are some bits and pieces of COBRA’S latest post:

She was a very pure soul, incarnated into dark Savoy bloodline in Turin.
The Colonna family tried to manipulate her destiny, but failed to attract her to the dark side. She became the grand mistress of all adoptive (female) masonic lodges in France, and was the first person on the surface of the planet that was promoting true public feminine circles that were developing real sisterhood and friendship between women (for those who are initiated into higher mysteries of Isis I will use here the code word: amitie).
She was the best friend of Queen Marie Antoinette.
She was initiated into the Goddess mysteries by Count Caglisostro who opened a temple of Isis in Paris in 1785, the initiation itself taking place at the spring equinox of 1785. She was killed in 1792.
The third high priestess was Queen Sisi:


So let’s start with COUNT CAGLIOSTRO  shall we?

Count Cagliostro was a FULL BLOWN MAGICIAN – and he said so to everyone he met!

There are many works written about him and his talent for using real “magic”!

He was also a Freemason and hung out with many Freemasons of his day.

He is said to have been a frequent companion of Comte de Saint Germaine!   However, just like St. Germaine was known to do,  Count Cagliostro spent much of his time hanging out with Royals and Royalty…, preferring to spend much of his time in the company of Kings and Queens rather than the common rabble.

You can find a book written about him here:


Here is a bit of what that book is about:

Strangely, we’ve now got “COBRA” telling us what a great guy this ITALIAN MAGICIAN was – even though all he seemed to be able to do was hang out with ROYALTY!

It has also been written that St. Germaine spent a whole lot of time in France, and was very good friends with Marie Antoinette!

That is until she lost her head!

Now…, if St. Germaine was such a “GREAT ASCENDED MASTER”.., as some people seem to think he was…, then why did he not rebuke her for telling the common people who were literally STARVING TO DEATH…, to “GO EAT CAKE”!

“Let Them Eat Cake!” A Quote That Cost Queen Marie Antoinette Her Head



And yet “COBRA” is telling us how “wonderful” these particular FREEMASONS (and their friends were) during the days leading up to the FRENCH REVOLUTION.

Now…, if these Freemasons were such great people…, then how is it that the common people of FRANCE were starving to death and being taxed into oblivion by the FRENCH ROYALS…, which included: MARIE ANTIONETTE!

Had the French people been cared for properly…, the REVOLUTION would not have taken place.

Once again, Cobra is telling us that the “ELITE” of those days had a different kind of Religion than that of the masses and it was based upon the EGYPTIAN MYSTERY SCHOOLS!

I get it…, in fact…, I’VE WRITTEN ABOUT IT in countless articles of my own.  But these ELITES who are “using” the Ancient Mystery Schools to learn MAGIC…, whether it be in 1785 or in 1985…, just don’t seem to give a damn about the lessor people around them.

Lest we “forget” which GOD it is that the Freemasons really worship…, here is a reminder!


You know.., there is so MUCH in this one single COBRA POST.., I don’t even know where to start!  It is FULL of RED FLAGS that are screaming loudly at me.

For instance:  THE SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE…, is an all womans organization which seeks women into it’s fold who want to learn “MAGIC”!


Just as the all male ORDER OF THE ROSICRUCIANS sought to teach men to be MAGICANS!

One of the men in America who started out as a Rosicrucian – and then started his own religion was a former Navy Captain named:  L. Ron Hubbard!

His own son labeled him a BLACK MAGICIAN AND A SATANIST!

I may have to write a second post about this…, but for now…., I am HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS of the road that COBRA has now taken…, and am leaning to the idea that he may (always) have been an advocate for FREEMASONRY…, and was a wolf in sheeps clothing!

All my love….






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