By: Bradley Loves


This is probably a really good question considering we are ALL in the middle of a TIME TRAVEL WAR!

It’s NEVER TOO LATE to start doing research and investigation!

As you know…, one of my FAVORITE things to do on this blog…, is to give a WINK to the Time Travelers…

Strange isn’t it that a book could have been written so long ago about the Adventures of “Little Baron Trump”…..

Who better then, to have as President of the United States, than a guy who not only is aware of Time Travel…, but may actually have access TO TIME TRAVEL…, if it was known a long time ago that a TIME TRAVEL WAR was being fought, and the stakes were WINNER TAKE ALL!

How long ago was this so-called “PLAN” (that Q is talking about) actually formulated ??

This is a good question because TIME TRAVEL has been affecting TIME all the way back to ATLANTIS!  (According to my sources)

The biggest “problem” that I have with “THE PLAN” is the involvement of the Jesuits!

We just don’t know who is good and who is EVIL in all of this.

Jesus said…



Actions…, NOT WORDS!

So no matter what they say…, and no matter HOW GOOD IT SOUNDS…, it is what they do…, and their actions…, that tells you if they are good or bad!

This gets rid of MOST of the New Age Channeled Entities… since all they do is TALK…, and nothing they talk about EVER happens!

Note:  HILLARY – OBAMA – PODESTA et al …, are EVIL!

Sadly…, even THIS is not a definitive way of telling who is good and who is evil due to Directed Energy Weapons – Voice to Skull – Mind Control – and Alien Implants!

(People can be controlled!)

Regardless of what we THINK WE KNOW…, we really do NOT know much!


So…, WHAT does Donald Trump really know???

Any comments????







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