I’m not sure…, but it certainly appears that Chris Wallace from Fox News Channel is an operative for the Deep State!

FNC’s Wallace: ‘Terrible Misconduct’ from FBI Doesn’t Mean Russia Probe Was Fraudulent



The thing is…, he really HID it well!

In the beginning of Donald Trump’s Presidency, he walked a fine line of “balance”.  Now, it seems the Deep State has activated him **!

** Code for brought him out in the open and now everyone knows who he is!

This article is NOT about Chris Wallace however!!

It is about a single QUESTION:

How many more Deep State Sleepers are working in Republican or Conservative or Christian outlets…, (including Federal, State, and Local Governments) and are “pretending” to be on the side of America…, when all they are doing is biding their time and waiting to be “activated”??

Their REAL LOYALTY is to the New World Order and to the Oligarchs who have convinced them it’s necessary!

When the time comes…..




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