By: Bradley Loves

Is everything we are seeing in DC…, “Just an Act” ?

The more I watch, the harder I am finding it to believe that these people are this STUPID!!

Honestly…, at this point even five year old’s would have come to the proper conclusions already.  I’m being quite sincere when I say that I just can’t fathom that these (so called) adults are actually doing this stuff which is obviously ridiculous…, and not just “acting”… like they are in some sort of MOVIE being made for public consumption!

I really need some comments on this one…

ARE WE SEEING A PURELY CHOREOGRAPHED DANCE IN DC…., where all of the actors and actresses are merely reading their lines??

If they are ALL (on both sides…, Republican and Democrat) merely “acting”…, then what is it that they are trying to keep our attention from by putting on this “PLAY” or three year long DRAMA??

What is it they don’t want us to look at or see??


OR…, is it more sinister??

Even though we’ve got Q-Anon…, sometimes I wonder if the Deep State (who also uses Quantum Access and Looking Glass) is just waiting to do something like what was done in Star Wars- Episode 3 and simply enact ORDER 66 – where all of the Deep Stater’s, CIA, and Rogue Military simply turn on all Conservatives and Christians…, and in a matter of hours just kill them all!

Remember…, these are Satainists…, we are talking about here!!  Why aren’t they as “scared” as they should be?   They seem to be quite confident in their IMPEACHMENT Sham!    Do they have an “Order 66” waiting for the Republican Conservatives??

Wasserman Schultz on Impeachment: Trump Will ‘Cower in a Corner’ Due to His Guilt

Comments ??

All my love….

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