By: Bradley Loves

Too much of a “Co-incidence” seems to be happening in Government around our country and especially as concerns the Draconian attempts to SHUT DOWN ALL CHURCH SERVICES and WORSHIP SERVICES in America indefinitely!

It seems that almost every single mini-dictator that is in the process of attempting get RID OF RELIGION is either openly “gay” or is openly “supportive” of the gay and trans-gender agenda!

What appears to be happening here is that the Democratic Party has come to conclude that Donald Trump’s biggest supporters are EVANGELICALS – and so ANYONE who goes to church is now considered to be a legitimate POLITICAL TARGET for the Democratic HIT SQUADS all over America who have still not learned their lesson from the last election!



This has NOTHING at all to do with “essential” or “non-essential” anything!  

Instead it has EVERYTHING to do with the furthering of the Democratic Party’s on going Agenda of world wide transformation – aka – THE DEEP STATE/LUCIFERIAN/GLOBALIST – NEW WORLD ORDER.

As it turns out “GAYS” and “TRANS-GENDERS” – (as well as Pedophiles) – are the biggest supporters of the Democratic Party – and of the New World Order Agenda because it gives them a huge number of seats at the decision table – while it EXCLUDES anyone and everyone who follows a more traditional life of MORALS, ETHICS, and FAITH IN GOD.

What really bothers me here is that a large number of gays who actually care about religion or spirituality are TOO COWARDLY to come out and to say something to their own peer group!

Sadly – what appears to be happening here is that this “political fight of 2020” – is boiling down to a fight between straight men and women who believe in ethics, morals, and LOVE GOD – and Gay and Lesbian men and women who don’t give a damn about ethics, morals, or GOD – because for the most part they are ATHEISTS!




You know, here’s the interesting thing.  

If I were a gay man, or a lesbian woman – I would certainly have to ask myself WHY so many Gays and Lesbians were going ALL IN for the NEW WORLD ORDER OF LUCIFER.

The percentage has got to be exceedingly disproportionate if you look at it with a critical eye and a non-biased open mind.

Why are so many GAYS and LESBIANS world-wide jumping onto the New World Order band-wagon – and working so very hard to fulfill a transformation over to a world with NO RULES and a DO WHAT THOU WILT attitude?


Could the answer to that question be that the NEW WORLD ORDER (OF LUCIFER) really is a Satanic leaning agenda and that Lucifer (or Satan) considers people who are:  gay, lesbian, trans-gender, ped0philic, to be highly useable and very corruptible in the long run?

Does Satan or Lucifer consider these types of men and women to be EASY PREY – due to their unique sexual preferences – and therefore is willing to CATER TO THEM?


Does it bode well for our society if the NEW WORLD ORDER OF LUCIFER coddles and indulges all men and women who are willing to be gay, lesbian, trans-gender, bi-sexual, or a pedophile – while at the same time beating down and destroying any man or woman who does not take up these preferences – and choses to remain a man or woman of FAITH IN GOD ??


And the final question is WHY – am I the only one who seems to be able to see this happening in real time?   Why has no one else called attention to it??

All my love….


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