By: Bradley Loves


WARNING: This post is not politically correct!


Could it be that this lame-con-job of an “excuse” is finally starting to fall – ap“art” ?


No matter where you go in our world today…, all things SATANIC and all things LUCIFERIAN have been conveniently “hidden” behind the socially acceptable “definition” of “ART”!

This is how millions of good people are being “cattle-herded” into supporting ideas and deviant practices which are truly evil, and have no business being supported.

It is all being hidden behind something called:  ART

This is exactly WHY Hollyood and the Music Industry were taken over by Luciferians “FIRST” before they took over social media and other things!

“ARTISTS” are always given much more “freedom” to think, do, and say things that are OUTRAGEOUS…, simply because they are expressing ART and normal people sort of expect that from them!

In other words…, it is “tolerated” by the mainstream to a certain extent, and the SATANISTS know this.

A well thought out (and very clever) con…, this is how those who worship LUCIFER decided to slip their ENTIRE belief system of darkness into our current day culture – and have it be “acceptable” to the rest of us long before we even knew what it was that we were accepting and supporting.

There is no one that encapsulates this “ARTISTS CON” better than Marina Abromovich!

In every sense of definition…, she is a Satanist and a Witch!

However…, she prefers to be called an: ARTIST!

In her “Alchemical Spirit Cooking”…, which is really the “ART” of Conjuring Demons and Dark Entities to come forth and give you aid on the physical level…, she SHOWS people which “ingredients” are needed into order to “COOK” the SPIRITS and to call them forth.

You’ll need real “blood” (and lots of it)…, breast milk (from a young mother)…, and male semen (best if taken from a younger boy) to get the dark “spirits” and “demons” interested in FEEDING upon your offering.

The words you say, and the place where you do this has to be just right…, and if all is correct…, BINGO…, the SPIRITS are now willing to help you and give you aid here on the physical level because they have been FED by your offering!

In what world in the Universe (except on planet STUPID-VILLE) is this considered “art”…, and not DARK MAGIC ??

Above…, we again are treated to Abromovich’s “ART” where she has lots and lots of Hollywood Celebrities coming to her SATANIC CAKE PARTY (which just happens to be a naked female) that is very realistically done.

And then in a “mock” ritual sacrifice…, the woman (cake) is stabbed right in the “heart” and offered up to the demons – a despicable act which hundreds of happy Hollywood celebrities gleefully watch , and sit by snapping pictures of on their smart phones!


You just can’t make this stuff up!

Oh…, and as table decorations…, you’ve got real human “heads” sticking up from under the table and looking at you because well…, that’s ART too.  Nothing to see here…, certainly nothing SATANIC!

But you know…, this is exactly how the now infamous statue of BAPHOMET got placed into a very public place!  You see…, this Satanic Statue is really only just ART!

It’s certainly not about a dark and Satanic Religion…, oh no…, they say…, it’s not about that at all!  It’s just ART!

But didn’t Jay Parker tell us that the town he grew up in…, Arden, Delaware…, was originally formed and created to be a “community” of ARTISTS???

You know the type…, people who painted, sculpted, created beads and baskets and jewelry??   You know…, the NEW AGEY types??

And yet…, did he not ALSO tell us that a full 90 percent of Arden Delaware were Generational Satanists…, and worshipped some Demon known as the MARQUEE OF HELL ??


Sounds to me like all of the LUCIFERIANS and the SATANISTS are trying to “hide out” here in AMERICA under the disguise of being ARTISTS!

Well…., they managed to CON millions of people for many, many decades…, and the ART “CON” worked so well for them…, they literally took over ALL OF HOLLYWOOD!

Now…, instead of Music being played on our radios…, we are presented with SATANIC VERSES over the airwaves, and get to see full blown SATANIC RITUALS ACTED OUT ON STAGE!


But…, it’s all JUST ART!

The lyrics to the songs being sung are almost 100 percent SATANIC these days…, and the reason that no one says anything is because ART is protected speech!

And yet…, in UPSIDE DOWN UNIVERSE…, people who say anything online or on social media websites about this in a negative way are called: HATERS…, and are IMMEDIATELY CENSORED for being a DANGER to all of society!

This…, type of censorship by FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, TWITTER, and many others is 100 percent necessary and acceptable they say!

But what is NOT acceptable is the censorship of SATANIC “ART”!

Well…, all I can say here people is….



That is exactly what my friends and I used to do when driving by a large range filled with CATTLE when I was a teenager!

Yep…, we’d  “moooooooooo” at the cows feeding obliviously as the entire world passed them by!

They were just DUMB COWS after all!   Why not MOOO at them?

Well, what else can an intelligent man or woman say at this point IF what is perfectly and totally obvious to anyone and everyone living and breathing…, with even the smallest amount of AWARENESS happening in their brains, is passing right over the heads of most of the others???

We say:   “Moooooooooooooooooooo”

If we are going to be perfectly “honest” with ourselves at this point…, the WORLD should NOT look like it does at this time in our history!

There is no rational reason that this “It’s all just ART” CON of the Satanists and the Luciferians got as far as it did!


And now…, there is even MORE ART coming our way…, because you see…, free and open SEX WITH CHILDREN is only an “artists paintbrush” away…., and while that is still only on the back burner at the moment…, up front and center…., where we can all see it…, we’ve got television shows on NetFlix which openly celebrate SATANISM, WITCHCRAFT, and even CANNIBALISM!


And…, without playing “favorites”…, I can say honestly…, that my own brothers wife and daughter…, (because he told me they were) are watching this horrible NetFlix TV Series!

He (and I) are 100 percent disgusted!

However…, the CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA is written from a FEMINISTS POINT OF VIEW…, and caters to young women who do not like “men” and wish to become more EMPOWERED!

Thus…, many women see this TV show as “right up their alley” because:  DONALD TRUMP and WHITE MEN!

Thus…, this show is selling WITCHCRAFT and SATANISM as a way to become a more EMPOWERED female…, and finally “stick it” to all of the savage “men” who have kept them down!


And WHERE pray tell, are the “Christians”?

They are AFRAID of losing their 501-C3 tax exempt status if they get too political…, so…., FOR MONEY…, they say nothing!

Oh…, and WHERE pray tell, are the NEW AGERS?

They are AFRAID of not be able to “ascend” if they even so much as “judge” a hang nail…, so in order to ESCAPE this dimension…, they say nothing!

And NOW we have the total Feminization of young boys…, and this is being hugely pushed…, because boys who “act like girls” are very easy to push around and control…, is that not right?  Here is an unfortunate boy who has become a huge hit on INSTA-GRAM because he pushes using make-up to boys who are 10 years old, and uses as MUCH MAKE UP as he possibly can!  (With long eye-lashes and finger nails)

Here is an article for that:

Here is this unfortunate boys Insta-gram page!

If you scroll through the images…, some of them look exceedingly ghostly, creepy, and some even Satanic!

But wait…., soon…, we will be seeing just how people who are “with it” and people who are “hip”…, know you…, the “ARTSY ONES”…, see that it is perfectly acceptable to be having SEX with kids!

ADULT/CHILD SEX…, that is where the big push will be soon!

See this video below:


Yep…, and just WHO is it that is working so very hard…, over at NET FLIX now that he is no longer President of the United States to see that wholesome shows like the CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA get on the airwaves……, you guessed it – Barack Obama!

But then…, his history of hanging out with “kids” can not be truly hidden.

Is this a photo of Obama’s Christmas ping pong partner.., or is it his Christmas date for the evening???

Yea…, he looks to be about 10 or 11!


Warning: This post was NOT politically correct!






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