By: Bradley Loves


Oh…, I don’t pay any attention to that type of stuff…, that’s just soooooo NEGATIVE….


You know…, certain things are definitely NOT FUN to look at…, but…, if real action is not taken immediately to deal with a “negative situation”…, then a FAR DARKER SITUATION can be the result very quickly.

Some people have MISTAKEN “spirituality” as WILLFUL IGNORANCE……and have mistaken “always being positive” as LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY and then fail to deal with issues that need their immediate attention!

If the fire in one house get’s “ignored” because it is just way TOO NEGATIVE to look at…., then…., that fire spreads!

An entire neighborhood burns near the foothills of Colorado Springs.

Soon…, millions and millions of acres are burning…, due to a willful negligence and simply IGNORING something that seemed “too negative” to look at!


Is it SPIRITUAL…, to always “ignore” the “negative” ??


  • How do “Spiritual People” justify CHILD RAPE?
  • How to spiritual people justify Satanic Ritual Abuse?
  • How do spiritual people justify eating human flesh and drinking human blood??
  • How do spiritual people justify the blending of man with A.I. technology??
  • How do spiritual people justify just sitting there and NOT DOING A DAMN THING WHILE THE ENTIRE REALITY THEY LIVE IN GOES SATANIC ?????

Is it all just “TOO NEGATIVE TO DEAL WITH” ??

What happens to your own SOUL and your own FREEWILL when you are finally FORCED to hook your mind into a COMPUTER for good??

What happens when near Earth orbit is filled with 1,500 satellites that connect directly into YOUR MIND and there is no place on Earth that you can go to escape them??



What happens to humanity if all of the good people just stand there completely oblivious like a deer in the headlights and do nothing as they literally get DESTROYED??

Standing in the middle of the road while you get “run over” is not something to be PROUD OF….

No…, it is quite STUPID ACTUALLY…

Due to a fake and faulty religion called:  THE NEW AGE….,  a huge swath of humanity is currently just sitting still and watching the Satanists (who are quickly approaching them) in a sort of STUPEFIED DAZE!!

Instead of taking immediate action to save themselves (and the world)…, they are just standing there like a deer in the headlights…, and DOING NOTHING!!

This is not humanities finest moment!

There is however…, in our defense…, a military intelligence operation that is ongoing called:  Q-ANON!

And this organization is working hard to show humanity what is going on behind the scenes!!!

TAKE AWAY LESSON:     Never ignore a fire!    All fires have the ability to BURN YOU if do not pay attention to them.



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