By: Bradley Loves


I was sent this link by a reader.  I think it is at least worth a look considering this “idea” that all of Q’s trip codes are pointing to books (some of which are totally off the wall and mis-leading) – has suddenly come out!

Since I don’t know for sure, I am waiting for my own “scheduled” time clock to tick down and am NOT jumping to any conclusions about Q!

Common Sense is my guide and dictates my actions!

Ever since I started reading what Q was posting, I decided to give the entire thing a VERY RESONABLE amount of time to unfold!

The MILITARY does not operate like most other human beings operate.

(They are acutely aware of rising casualties as a result of their ongoing operations!)

Many claims have been made about what Q (and POTUS) are going to deliver, and there is no way in the entire Universe that these things can NOT be delivered in the next three to four months!

If the Sealed Indictments are not acted on by the end of the year, then we will ALL KNOW for certain that they will NEVER be acted on!

It is still premature (in my opinion) to discount Q as of yet!

Remember…, the LAST THING the Dem’s wanted was all of their dirty laundry aired out in a public forum…, and Q has done a very good job of hanging out the under ware where everyone can look at it!

Also…, even though we all knew Epstein’s “Little St. James” was a pedo Island…, it was Q (as far as I know) who told us about the underground tunnels under the temple, and the sixteen live video feeds coming from there which showed kids being raped and tortured!

So…, in the interest of prudence and patience…, I am giving Q until the end of the year!

That is five more months!

However…, for my dedicated readers…, please don’t make the mistake that I am not watching this ENTIRE THING unfold like an absolute HAWK!

The very first pinky toe that steps over the line…, will be called out with extreme prejudice!

The benefit of being a guy like me is that I happen to know just as many SECRETS as Q does!

All you have to do is read my long series called:

BIGGER FISH TO FRY (Please read it)

The other benefit of being a guy like me is that I understand just how DEEP the rabbit hole goes…, and just how EVIL Washington DC – London – and the Vatican really are!








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