By: Bradley Loves

I’ve touched on this subject before!

However…, I’ve been sent a link to another article that in basic terms says the SAME THING!  He starts out by saying that “SEX” is being used against us!


Taken from the article linked above:

….YES, your sexual energy is used against you, Research Santos Bonacci, if you do not conserve and cycle your sexual energy to reach an appropriate limit before this realm closes out, then you remain merged with the construct and your soul is devoured as food for the machines through assimilation.

It has ALWAYS been this way in this universe.

This is not NEW information. Santos Bonacci and Cullen Smith from ‘Lift the Veil’ are two people who mention this knowledge.

This is sacred knowledge that the book of Genesis and the Tree of Life in the Garden is a COVER STORY/PSY OP to hide the truth of this reality IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Research them and you’ll know more. This entire reality, the control system, the debauchery, the original, true “enlightenment” and the illusion today is all connected to this knowledge.

It continues to say:

…..For more clarity, there is a higher and lower nature, the lower nature is an autonomous entrainment system guided by a universal AI, while the higher nature is self guided.

If you do not control the desires you have and the way they are manged, then you are not in control.

This whole system is literally a fallen construct and the process I describe is a test to see who’s ready for liberation.

There is so much more information on this but you’ve been pushed in the right direction, just keep walking. You are not the body.

Your childhood self did not required gratification in this form this is because that self is more closely connected to the soul-level.


It further goes on to say exactly WHO is using this “energy”…, and WHY.

IF your system is controlled by Inter-dimensional parasites that wipe your memory and use an external energy construct based upon a polarization of etheric fields in synchronization with celestial bodies and a spiritual enslavement system that is disguised as a legal system…, then yes, THIS is that reality.

Most of you only know, or remember, this reality [the one you are currently in] and this is the false reality.

It is designed as a deception from top to bottom!

Yes, events occurred last year, and according to more of the three phase disclosure, more information was released and events were aligned, becuase this can’t be forced or your free-will is overwritten…. even if it’s to ‘lilberate’ you.

You MUST do this through pure intent and will power.

We are looking at massive changes occurring NOW, make use of these memories and new found power!

The system is deactivated and is powered only by the population, that is the trick! The people are holding their own shackles on by sticking to the script of fighting with one another!


There is FAR MORE information in this one very long article…, but as I mentioned above…, I also did a post saying that it really WAS IN FACT THE SEXUAL ENERGY that these inter-dimensional parasites use to feed on AND control us with!

See my post linked here:


I highly recommend reading this post.  It is quite ESOTERIC…, and filled with “ancient knowledge” about things which have been kept hidden from the masses for thousands of years!

It deals with Arcane Magic and the Dark Reasons for doing things!

All my love for now!

PS…, I am working on a post concerning MIND CONTROL…, and TARGETED INDIVIDUALS…, but am quite busy.  Please bear with me!


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