• Is America so broken that people are now willing to watch LIVE VIDEO STREAMS of people being tormented and tortured?
  • Has the American Government invented and paid for countless hidden torture programs just to see how much torture a human being can take?
  • Is this one of the reasons why Barack Obama’s FUSION CENTERS were created in the first place?
  • Is this why there were 72 Character Traits of people who “must” be considered a TERRORIST handed out to all Law Enforcement here in America such that anyone who was good and decent could be easily labeled a TERRORIST and therefore have all of their rights taken away just so that what you are about to read below can be done to them LEGALLY?


Here are the ways Law Enforcement in America determines if you are a TERRORIST. 

See list below:

I recently got THIS REPORT BELOW in an e-mail from another Targeted Individual.  It concerns the city of San Francisco which is well known to be one of the MAIN HUBS of Satanism here in America.



I’m certain I was being broadcast to a large screen that was displayed in San Francisco sometime in the month of May 2020 and beyond.

Little bit of a backstory: I knew they had hacked my phone, but what I wasn’t counting on was that I was able to hack them back thereby gaining access to classified documents I wasn’t supposed to see.

Believe me, they were pissed about it too!

One of the documents was an SEC form D that had information about stocks related to Urban RAD (a construction company), and an app or platform called Crowdstreet (a spinoff of Crowdstrike) which is an app designed to group people with a common interest together.

The document was signed by some dude named Randall Miller and some Russian dude named Anthony Landowski. He’s a guy who is obsessed with self-driving vehicles and got six months in jail for stealing intellectual property from Google.

Long story short, the document was proof of a real estate scam investigation.

I start thinking that the SEC would be interested in knowing about it, so I go to 44 Montgomery Street in SF and go inside: I tell them I have some SEC documents on my phone that might be fraudulent. They ignore me, but eventually call upstairs and tell them what I said. The response I got was to “email Compliance.” Clearly they were not interested in the document.

I went back to my car and just sat there. I didn’t leave right away. I had no idea that I was being gang stalked at that time and being manipulated. My head started feeling funny. I know now that I was being shifted into an alpha dominant state which makes you angry. This state of mind also makes a person more “suggestible,” which makes a person vulnerable to instructions via v2k.

I started doing all kinds of weird stuff like yelling at people. An Asian gentleman walked by my car and said, “You know that you’re being televised up there and pointed to the other direction.” I said, “6 feet motherf******. That was when COVID was going on. The man jumped back because he was startled.

I had no idea what was going on and was pretty out of it because of the frequencies I was unknowingly being exposed to. The entire city of San Francisco was watching all the f**ked up stuff I was doing and saying in my car that day and every day after.

They also televised me on the night of October 24, 2019. I won’t go into detail here.

I finally figured out what alterations they had done to my vehicle to televise me and I unplugged it.

There’s a lot more to the story, if you’re interested. Just leave your questions in the comments or DM me and I’ll be happy to answer anything you want to know.

Here is a video suggesting that people from every walk of life are being experimented on.



I once posted an article (by Tim Brown) about what FUSION CENTERS in America are actually there to do (as opposed to what people think they are there to do) and what they are being used for here in America! 

They are being used to turn Law Enforcement into a PARA MILITARY FORCE that removes ALL CIVIL RIGHTS and even HUMAN RIGHTS – so that real people can be labeled as “animals” which have no rights at all – and thus can then be LEGALLY HARASSED AND TORTURED without any way to fight back.

The FISA COURTS are deeply involved in this madness…

Fusion Centers, Citizen Spies & the Debasement of the American Character

Here is Yuval Noah Harari (Barack Obama’s buddy) and lackey for Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF) saying that ALL human beings on Earth are now hack able Animals – with NO RIGHTS AND NO FREEWILL.

It is clear that the push of the Globalists and the New World Order is to label every man, woman, and child on Earth as an ANIMAL with no rights at all. 

When you are labeled at the level of an animal – then ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can be done to you LEGALLY and you will have no right to fight back.

The sickest part of this is that many of your BRAIN WASHED friends and neighbors will willingly torment and harass you (for money) if they are told to do so by Law Enforcement because they have been told that you are a TERRORIST – without being given any other proof than the word of someone with a badge.

Time to WAKE UP people – there is very little time left!




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