By: Bradley Loves

Well, I’m here tonight sitting at a local Starbucks contemplating the state of our world in an honest and open fashion.  And, I have to say that judging…, (yes there is that word…, “judging”, and I refuse to apologize for using it)…, by the state of affairs within, and all around our world…, I’d have to conclude that indeed, the entire world is INSANE!

The most “insane” people are clearly those men and women who are the “World’s Leaders”.  Yes…, hands down…, they are completely 100 percent totally INSANE and should be locked up!

FAR from the “benevolent” care takers of humanity they think they are…, they have proven themselves to be every bit as psychopathic as the worst nightmares mankind has ever had about the subject.

But this…, we already know.  You see…, there are others who are going insane…, and may not really be there yet…, but are on their way!

I was going through the NEWS today…, trying desperately to find just one single example of a human being living from their HEART…, in a way that was both completely loving to themselves…., AND ( “AND” ) loving to those around them which was both balanced, while at the same time demonstrated the PRIMARY first cause (or Gensis Principle) that Mark Passio talks about which is real CARE!

I could not find a single example.   Not within the Main Stream Media…., and not even in the Alternative Media!

You see…, I was looking for a story or an example of a man, or a woman…, or even a child…, who was “living” according to the GOLDEN RULE of do unto others as you would have them do unto you…

BUT…, at the same time…, was DEEPLY committed to compassion and a type of loving sympathy and CONCERN for others in a way that showed how much “others” meant to them.  (Sort of like the Jesus example)

 I could not find a single story or example.

This is not to say that there are not people living like this…, however…., nothing crossed my path.

You see…, even within the Alternative Media …,  we’ve got everything from people like Ben Fulford, Alex Jones and David Icke…, to the countless men and women who Channel (unknown entities) and then post the messages that they get as daily or weekly news bulletins from the beyond.

And even in the messages that are supposedly coming from the beyond…, which may or may not “sound” loving…, and may or may not be actually true…

The very people who post these messages and run these blogs…., do NOT strike me as the type of people who live from their HEARTS in a balanced way that indeed is DEEPLY committed to compassion, loving sympathy, and especially human CONCERN and CARE for what is happening upon our world.

You see…, I was not really looking for words printed on a page…, as much the single person BEHIND the words…, who I thought came across as genuinely “HUMAN”!

Once again…, it’s not that there are not people like that out there…, I just could not find a single one that had written a single thing in the last few days.

I guess perhaps David Icke has…, because he strikes me continuously as a person who CARES deeply about what is happening to others around him…, as does Mark Passio (who I have to admit, comes across quite harsh sometimes…., but in my opinion…, it is ONLY because he CARES SO MUCH…, that he finds it very difficult to accept that this is the best that  we can do as humans living here on Earth).

Sadly…, (and I really do sincerely mean this, because it IS SAD)…, is that none of the Channelers strike me as people who really CARE about others!  And before you attack me for this…, just hear me out!

Having been traditionally either “religious” or “deeply spiritual people”…, these types are very good at the THING called worshipful obedience!

However “worshipful obedience” is not the same as CARING, LOVING, or having deep CONCERN for others.

They are very good at sitting at the feet of teachers and gurus…, and then spreading the message of the teacher or the guru to the world.  In fact…, I would have to give them an A+ for this.

However…, I’ve have been involved very deeply with hundreds of people who were in various cults over many years of life…, and this seems to be the way that it always is inside of a cult!

Those who join these groups in the beginning are quite CARING…, and very LOVING people…, but soon…, over time, the ONLY thing that matters is the “message”…, or the “teacher” …, or the “guru”.   It seems as if “over time” these people are somehow “transformed” by the cult into something different!

Loving others becomes secondary in their lives to “getting out the message”…, and anyone who dares to challenge the message they are trying to get out are actually seen as ENEMIES.

After many years within such a group…, CARING ABOUT OTHERS…, or LOVING OTHERS becomes quite “unnecessary to these people…, and there is a very good reasons for this!

It is this:

They believe so deeply in their MESSAGE…, or their TEACHER…, or their GURU…, that they “think” that no matter what they do here on the Earth, they are already “saved”.   Their Salvation is taken care of by the ENTITY they have been serving…, whether it is an entity in the flesh…, or just some unseen deity or channeled being.

I know many of you can see what I’m talking about here…, and for those of you who have ever been actually involved in a cult…, I dare you to tell me that this is not the way things end up in a cult!

Once a human being thinks, believes or feels that they have a “golden ticket” or a get off of Earth Free card…, then the putting the GOLDEN RULE into practice (which is hard work) is no longer necessary.

(As long as they continue to “serve” their chosen teacher, guru, or Channeled Entity faithfully.)

Tell me this!   What happens when people think that they no longer NEED others…, and only really need to please a single deity or entity…, teacher or guru?

Answer:   You get a bunch of SOCIOPATHS

Forgive me for being so very candid here and so blatantly honest…, but this is what I see slowly happening within the bowels of the NEW AGE!

Those men and women who started out as so deeply loving, are going the SAME WAY that every other man, woman and child who ever joined a “cult” has gone in the past EVENTUALLY!

And…, (this is the pertinent part to this article)  I can see signs of this in all of the writings, posts and aritcles that they put out!

You see…, the SUFFERING of humanity does not even register on their “radar” any longer…, just the MESSAGE of their entity, teacher, or guru!  That is the only  thing that matters to them.

No matter what is happening in the world…, and I’m really very serious here…, they don’t even mention that.   The only thing that is important to these people is to STAY ON MESSAGE!

Focus on the message!   Keep pumping out the message!

Let me ask you this.  What is it really that makes us human?

It is our innate ability to LOVE and to CARE DEEPLY about those around us!  That is the only real basis to our purpose of interacting with one another is to SHOW human CARE.

So…, when we “ignore” that…, and choose (yes choose) to think that a certain MESSAGE from a particular Channeled Entity (Course in Miracles…, Law of One) or others that come out weekly on the blogs…, are MORE important than our day to day experiences that are going on around us in the world…, and call for our deeply human concern and our emotional responses to those events…, then we are NOTHING better than robots…, or autobots with an agenda.

You know…, as good as ASCENSION sounds…, and as great as that may (if it indeed happens) turn out to be:

For too many people…, it has become a proverbial “SAVE YOUR OWN ASS” type of endeavor, which can (if allowed to) get to be just as Service to Self orientated as the idea of taking over the entire world.

You see…, they are the same in the sense that the base line of thinking of both groups ends up being about ME, ME, ME!   It’s all about what is good for SELF and nothing more.

The “ASCENSIONISTS” (if that is even a word)…want nothing more than to get out of here…, and do it as best and as fast as they can!

ASCENSION (if not taken with a very careful approach) can very easily turn into an ALL ABOUT ME sort of thing…, where once again…, the message…, the teacher…, the guru become all important…, where LOVING and CARING (in real world terms and actions on a daily basis are being ignored)

And I know how it goes too…, I’ve talked to hundreds of New Agers and light workers in my life…, and they are very quick to point out to me how they “SEND OUT LOVE” to everyone into the ethers…, and that’s all they need to do!

Mostly…, I just nod my head, but feel horribly sorry for them.

So has the world gone INSANE?

I think that if you can’t (or won’t) CARE DEEPLY about the state of our world and the progressive move toward a darker and more Satanic Reality (which is rearing it’s’ ugly head everywhere)…, then YES…, the world has gone INSANE.

The CURE for this is CARE!  The return to the SACRED FEMININE!  (See Mark Passio for details.)






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