By: Bradley Loves


My father was an interesting man to be sure…, and his tactics for raising children sometimes ran counter to what I thought should be done…, and yet, as time goes on…, I think more and more he may have been on to something.

One of the things he was well known for was “rubbing his kid’s noses” in their mistakes.

He made certain that you KNEW clearly where you had failed, so that you did NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN.

And you know what?   IT WORKED!

This also was the exact same way he used to “train household pets”.

If a young “pup” was shown where the doggy door was…, and shown he needed to “do his thing” outside…, but chose instead to “do it inside on the carpet”…. HE GOT HIS NOSE RUBBED IN HIS MISTAKE.

You know what…, the little pups learned VERY QUICKLY NOT TO CRAP IN THE HOUSE!

So…, that being said, I’m beginning to think that the ONLY way New Ager’s will ever learn that there really is such a thing as RIGHT…, and WRONG…., or, that there really is such a thing as GOOD…, and EVIL…,

…is to start “rubbing their noses” in every single horrible thing happening on the planet…, that COULD HAVE BEEN EASILY AVOIDED if they (the so called good people who “send out love” everyday) had simply admitted that society NEEDS rules, and can NOT afford to be overly “tolerant” of every single deviant idea that someone comes up with.

By “not judging” anything.., “THEY” have convinced the young people of the world (Social Snowflakes) to allow the worst of the worst to become manifest into our cultures and into our societies…, and now the FALLOUT is going to start biting every single man, woman, and child in the A**.

Thanks for that NEW AGER’S!

Thanks alot!

Naturally there is a lot more going on than just the New Age con (to be fair)…, because we do have a concerted Luciferian Effort to turn the world upside down.

But how much easier to “fight” this problem if all of the world had not been CONVINCED to stay silent…, and just “not judge” what they saw happening!


So, now that total chaos is starting to take hold here on Earth as a “result” of the philosophy of non-judgement…, try to keep out of the “grown ups” way…, while we who really care about Earth try to CLEAN UP the mess that the NEW AGE. – FAKE NEWS – CHANNELED TEACHINGS have caused over the last 3 decades!


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