By: Bradley Loves


Did you know that if you don’t support EVERYTHING that the leftists/progressives want…, YOU ARE A HATER!

In the minds of those who wanted Hillary as President.., nearly one half of the country…, 50 percent of all people living in America are dirty rotten HATERS!

In the minds of the LEFTISTS…, there is a consequence to being a “HATER”….

Haters…, do not need to speak!

Haters…, do not DESERVE to speak!

Haters should just get a muzzle placed on their mouth so that their words can NOT be heard!

How do you think it is even possible for so many “young people” who work at places like GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, TWITTER, and FACEBOOK to “justify” to themselves the idea of banning, censoring, and muzzling so many of their fellow Americans?

Think deeply about this!

There are millions of people who work at these companies!  How can millions of young people ALL think that breaking the law…, and think that ILLEGALLY BLOCKING and CENSORING so many of their countrymen is the right thing to do?

You have to realize that THEY KNOW that most of the people they are blocking have not EARNED the ban!

They KNOW that what they are doing is probably ILLEGAL…, which is why millions of them are hiding what they do!!!!


So why then.., do they continue to muzzle millions of their fellow Americans??

That is because they have been convinced (by Hillary and by the Media) that YOU are a HATER!

Haters…, do not need to speak!

Haters…, do not DESERVE to speak!

This.., by the way…, is what their super expensive and highly over priced college education has taught them!

After spending between 60 and 150 thousand dollars for a 4 year college degree…, what most young people living in America today have come away with is that HATERS are the most evil people on the planet AND…, they are sub-human!

This was drilled into their skulls by extremely liberal university professors who have a huge ax to grind with America!

There is a saying in America that goes like this:

If you can’t “DO” anything else…, you can always “teach”!

America is filled with millions of people who really have NO TALENT!   However…, they have BIG OPINIONS about life!

Most of these people are Liberal/Progressive/Leftists…, who had difficulty finding where to plug in to society and could NOT make it in the world.


However…, not having made it successfully in the real world…, they now had an ax to grind with everyone else who DID make it in the real world!

It was obvious that they were ALL HATERS…, and THAT is why they became successful!

Young minds are very impressionable…, and as much garbage as their University Professors threw at them…, they lapped it up!

Now…, after several decades worth of students have come out of the University System believing what their professors (and now the Media) are telling them…, they are FINALLY in a position to take action and do something about it!

They can BLOCK…, they can CENSOR…, they can BAN…, and they can MUZZLE the HATERS!

Forget that it is 100 percent ILLEGAL!

They don’t care!

In their minds…, the LAW does not matter…, only that THEY TAKE ACTION AGAINST HATERS!


Furthermore…, they are very AWARE that what they are doing is ILLEGAL!

This is why…, they will hide…, lie…, deceive…, and tell you that they are NOT doing this.

However…, once you go down the road of DECEPTION…, it never stops!  This they are not old enough to know.  They are young!  They think they have a gripe and way to take action and won’t get caught!

Millions of TECH Industry youth have started down the road of WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALITY!


This is a National Security and Safety Problem of Epic Proportions for America!


America will have to deal with these millions of young people…, who…, believing that the LAW makes no difference, will continue to LIE…, to CHEAT…, to DECEIVE in order to get their way for the rest of their lives!


This is always the first step toward the destruction of the SOUL…, and the destruction of the human being!

The ONLY way out of this is to start ARRESTING tech industry workers!

This must start immediately!

The only way to put a stop to this is to VERY PUBLICLY start arresting men and women who work at:

GOOGLE…, FACEBOOK…, TWITTER…, and  YOUTUBE…, for censoring, banning, shadow banning and muzzling other people simply because they did not “like” what those people were saying.


These young “tech” people have got to SEE that doing this can get them arrested!

If not…, these millions of young TECH INDUSTRY workers will continue to do ILLEGAL THINGS for the rest of their lives!

Their ILLEGAL actions will grow over time, and get bigger and bigger!

America will then have to face millions of people in the future who will basically DO ANYTHING…, and EVERYTHING they can think of to get their way!


There were no consequences to their actions when they started down this road!

And sadly…, most of this problem started with Hillary!


Because EVERYONE who did not vote for her…, and think HER WAY…, was simply a “DEPLORABLE”…, aka…, a HATER!

The world is watching, and people in “other” countries are being effected by this….

What are those in “power” in America going to do…, to CLEAN UP THIS EPIC MESS   ????

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