By: Bradley Loves





Is George Bush Sr. really dead?


  • Why does it have to be AIR FORCE ONE that transports his dead “body” back to Washington DC??


It is more than likely he has been aged regressed and “Time Traveled” back to the past – so that he can “DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN”!

Now…, knowing what we know about him…, why would the US and AMERICAN MILITARY ever allow this?

The answer is complex…, but not without our ability to understand!

It is FAR MORE important to the US Military to PRESERVE THIS TIME-LINE than it is to expose George Bush Sr. for his millions of crimes against humanity!


The knowledge of Portal/Vortex Travel, Inter-dimensional Travel, Time Travel, and access to the PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE…, is far MORE important to our Military than EVER exposing or punishing George Bush Sr. for his many crimes against humanity!

(Or even punishing his family for that matter).

This will NEVER happen!

If you read this article in FULL…


…then you will realize that George Bush is/was intimately involved with the discovery and implementation of Time Travel and super advanced technology during his lifetime!

He was also intimately INVOLVED with Nikola Tesla (as was President Donald Trumps Uncle – “John Trump”).

So where does this leave all of us (the other peons living in the world) …, who are the Prisoners of this VICIOUS TIME TRAVEL and TECHNOLOGY WAR ???

Out in the cold apparently!

The American Military will never give up the INFORMATION/TECHNOLOGY that was gained by having George Bush Sr. as a part of this TIME-LINE.

Because much of what took place in the 1950’s and 1960’s was TIME TRAVELED information using the Tesla technologies that George Bush was involved with.

(This is now a hideous TIME LINE that everyone living in America is unfortunately doomed into sharing).

Even though George Bush was a practicing Luciferian and a Pedophile…, his contribution to America’s TECHNOLOGY and KNOWLEDGE BASE has made this country the most powerful country in the entire world…, and with the use of TIME TRAVEL…, his contribution will keep it there permanently!

TRUMP KNOWS THIS – Thus his nice words about Bush!

The American Military…, the WHITE HATS…, and yes…, even DONALD TRUMP…, will NEVER…, EVER…, give this knowledge and technology up…, no matter how evil George Bush really was!


George Bush will be given a KINGS FUNERAL and wonderful send off…, even though it is more likely than not…, that he was age-regressed and sent back in time to make certain that this TIME LINE stays as it is!

So what then is the difference between George Bush Sr. and the CLINTONS and their minions?

George Bush was a NAZI and a Satanist…, BUT…, he worked hard FOR the technological Advancement of the AMERICAN MILITARY at an important time in our history.

The Clintons SOLD that technology to the Russians and the Chinese in order to try to destroy America and take it down!

Thus…, THEY are considered traitors…, while George Bush is not!

Now…, the BIGGER PICTURE of course here is that there is a LUCIFERIAN AGENDA which goes FAR DEEPER than Republican and Democrat…, LIBERAL and CONSERVATIVE and goes all the way to the Vatican and the Jesuits!

The only question is:

Which side of this Equation is Donald Trump really on ???


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