By: Bradley Loves


George Bush Senior died!   OR…., did he?

The State Funeral is set for December 5th.


Donald Trump will attend…

Here is what Donald Trump said about Bush which begs the question WHO is he really working for!  Is he a double agent for the DARK??


Nice…, but does Trump BELIEVE a single word of what he wrote?

That remains to be seen!

What is he working so VERY HARD to hide from the American people…, and just what exactly was George Bush Sr. Really Involved with?

See this entire article…, it really is a must read and will BLOW YOUR MIND!


Cathy O’Brien also says something FAR differeant about George Bush Sr., a man she claimed raped her 9 year old daughter repeatedly in her Epic Book called: TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA

But…, this all goes FAR, FAR deeper than just MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL and directly into the DARKEST PITS OF SATANISM and the Battle against GOD THE FATHER himself!

This goes into Portal and Vortex Travel, traversing Dimensions and Time-lines, moving back and forth in TIME…, and CHANGING THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE for the benefit of just a few!

This is exactly what the NAZI’s were trying so hard to achieve during WW II when Himmler and his co-horts were working so hard in Wewelsberg Castle with Portal and Vortex Magic!

This level of secrecy in this matter is exactly what gets a man (or woman) killed on the spot with no questions asked!

Continuing from Cathy O’Brien….

Father Don [apparently from Muskegon’s St. Francis of Assisi Church] joined VanderJagt in a ritual which bathed me in the blood of a slaughtered lamb, and subsequently, through this hideous blood trauma, locked their stated perceptions and a basis for mind-control programming deep in my mind.

This basis for programming was anchored in the Vow of Silence which the Jesuit monks take “not only to keep secrets, but so they can still their mind and hear their inner guidance.”

Certain that the “Rite to Remain Silent” which they had performed would ensure that I keep their secrets, Father Don and Guy VanderJagt subjected me to their pedophile perversions.

The two joked that I had become “a good Cathy-lick”.

Cox was ordered out of Johnston’s office, and he turned his full attention to me.

When alone with the Senator

[U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd, D. West Virginia],

and Johnston

[U.S. Senator J. Bennett Johnston, D. Louisiana previously of Shreveport General Dynamics R & D, now apparently affiliated with USPECC, on the Reston, VA Columbia Gas board of Directors and CEO of the Washington-based Johnston and Associates]

…they both manipulated my mind, and ultimately my beliefs and perceptions, for future programming.

Johnston said this:

“I was there that fateful day in 1943 when a hole was ripped in the fabric of time through what later became known as the Philadelphia Experiment. All those fine boys vanished along with their ship in a bizarre twist of events that parallels the Atlantis disappearances.

A vortex was created in an effort to slip dimensions and become invisible to the enemy. (A way of cloaking WWII battleships.)

It was a success beyond the highest expectations and launched us all into universal travel.

It is no wonder at all that we have had a man on the moon.

Traveling to distant planets and galaxies is Mickey Mouse stuff in comparison to the high tech wizardry of trans-dimensional travel.

Trans-dimensional travel circumvents all measures of time, including distance and speed.

When the fabric of time was torn, we opened ourselves up to intergalactic travel — both in and out of this dimension — and in and out of the future, as well as the past.

We can now alter the course of history by traveling back in time to alter events, or we can blast off into the future and gain wisdom and knowledge of events yet to come.

We can control the future by controlling the past.

(Can I just add here…. MOO-HOO-HOO-HA-HA – and wring my hands like some crazed arch villian that is TOTALLY INSANE… – Bradley)


At present, this is a relatively easy task according to the theory of relativity and abilities gained through the Philadelphia Experiment.

I came back an ET (extraterrestrial) myself.

And our ship returned to this Earth as a spaceship.

I gained the keys to the universe on that fateful day, and I carry them with me now, sharing only a Key or two at a time with those who are Chosen.

You are a Chosen One (Johnston was deliberately interfacing with Rite to Remain Silent conditioning), and therefore must learn the ins and outs of interplanetary travel.

Your mission is trans-dimensional.

You can span infinite dimensions by learning from me. Take it from me, you’re going places, kiddo. And I’ll teach you to get there by riding the light.

I’ll teach you the groundwork, and you do the light work. The key to the universe lies in the speed of light. The only way to travel is by beam of light. You will learn to go to the light…Your mission is to learn how to Tinker with time.

I’m going to take you on that journey myself. Come with me now. It’s time we were leaving this


Here is the link that I am getting this stuff from, and it is a great SOURCE for more information about MK ULTRA Mind Control and Government sponsored Pedophilia! Much of it concerns the life of Cathy O’Brien.


You can find MORE of the Cathy O’Brien’s early life story below, where her own father turned her over to the US Government as a sex slave:

Not long after that my father was flown to Boston for a two-week course at Harvard on how to raise me for this off-shoot of MK-Ultra Project Monarch.

When he returned from Boston, my father was smiling and pleased with his new knowledge of what he termed “reverse psychology”.

This equates to “satanic reversals,” and involves such play-on-words as puns and phrases that stuck in my mind like, “You earn your keep, and I’ll keep what you earn.”

He presented me with a commemorative charm bracelet of dogs, and my mother with the news that they “would be having more children” to raise in the project. (I now have two sisters and four brothers ranging from age 16 to 37 who are still under mind control.)

My mother complied with my father’s suggestions, mastering the art of language manipulation.

For example, when I could not snap my own pajama top to the bottoms in a childish effort to keep my father out of them, I asked my mother, “please snap me”.

She did. She would snap her forefingers against my skin in a stinging manner. The pain I felt was psychological as this proved to me once again that she had no intention of protecting me from my father’s sexual abuse.

Also in keeping with his government-provided instructions, my father began working me like the legendary Cinderella.

I shoveled fireplace ashes, hauled and stacked firewood, raked leaves, shoveled snow, chopped ice, and swept-“because,” my father said, “your little hands fit so nicely around the rake, mop, shovel, and broom handles.”

By this time, my father’s sexual exploitation of me included prostitution to his friends, local mobsters and Masons, relatives, Satanists, strangers, and police officers.

When I wasn’t being worked to physical exhaustion, filmed pornographically, prostituted, or engaged in incest abuse, I dissociated into books. I had learned to read at the young age of four due to my photographic memory which was a natural result of MPD/DID.

Government researchers involved in MK-Ultra Project Monarch knew about the photographic memory aspect of MPD/DID, of course, as well as other resultant “super human” characteristics.

Visual acuity of an MPD/DID is 44 times greater than that of the average person. My developed unusually high pain threshold, plus compartmentalization of memory were ’necessary” for military and covert operations applications.

Additionally, my sexuality was primitively twisted from infancy. This programming was appealing and useful to perverse politicians who believed they could hide their actions deep within my memory compartments, which clinicians refer to as personalities.

Immediately after my father’s return from Boston, I was routinely prostituted to then Michigan State Senator Guy VanderJagt.

VanderJagt later became a U.S. Congressman and eventually chairman of the Republican National Congressional Committee that put George Bush Sr. in the office of President.

I was prostituted to VanderJagt after numerous local parades which he always participated in, at the Mackinac Island Political Retreat, and in my home state of Michigan, among other places.

My Uncle Bob helped my father decorate my bedroom in red, white, and blue paneling and American flags. He provided assistance in scrambling my mind according to Project Monarch methodologies.

Fairy tale themes were used to confuse fantasy with reality, particularly Disney stories and the Wizard 0f Oz, which provided the base for future programming.


More excepts from Cathy O’Brien:

VanderJagt then escorted me back to the balcony of the Legislature where my classmates were gathered. He put his arm around me in front of all my classmates and presented me with the American flag he had just had me wave for him and Ford privately with my rectum.

My school personality split off again, but I still maintained the hope that somewhere, someday, I would find a place where people didn’t… what? I could not remember what I was seeking to escape.

(1) Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), now known among mental health professionals as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is the mind’s sane defense to an insane situation.

It is way of dealing with trauma that is literally too horrible to comprehend. Incestuous rape violates primitive instinct and surpasses pain tolerance. By compartmentalizing the memory of such horrendous abuse, the rest of the mind can function “normally” as though nothing had happened.

This compartmentalization is created by the brain actually shutting down neuron pathways to a specific part of the brain. These neuron pathways are triggered open again when the abuse recurs. The same part of the brain that is already conditioned to the trauma deals with it again and again as needed.

(2) Uncle Ted had also cried hysterically the night of the murder. Several years later, he almost killed himself when he drove his car into the White River near the place of the murder.

(3) Gerald Ford, aka Leslie Lynch King, Jr., served on the appropriations subcommittee for the CIA and was appointed to the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy while I knew him only as a porn boss!

(4) My mother often voiced complaints that she “could not see faces,” which personal experience has taught me indicated that she was suffering from on going physical and psychological traumas, and therefore was not in control of her senses.

(5) Had my teachers been educated in the obvious signs of child abuse, my “illusion of normalcy” would have been interpreted as a cry for help. Dissociative trance daydreaming, tones of helplessness and sexuality in drawings, and the electric prod marks on my face should have been recognized.

(6) These same themes were routinely used in creating Project Monarch slaves. This fact emerged through years of networking with mental health professionals.


What you should “take away” from this …, if you take anything away at all…, is something that I’ve talked about openly…, and written about over and over and over again!

This Earth timeline has been bastardized so badly…, that GOD our loving FATHER’S original intent for his children has vanished!

There is no one living here on Earth at this time who is living the life that was promised to them, or was planned by them…, PERIOD! (End of story)

This places every single (*&#$%) NEW AGER smack into the DECEPTION CATAGORY of FAKE NEWS and FAKE RELIGION.

There is no way that any Channeled entity that has ever “given” a message can claim that we “wanted” ANY of this!



This is a battle between PURE GOOD…, and PURE EVIL!

It is not only the Earth that is involved…, but now the entire Universe!

The evil that took place here first…, affected EVERYTHING!

The very people who came to be “in charge” of the Time Travel/Vortex – Portal and Dimensional Technology…, were the very same LUCIFERIANS who had a grudge against GOD and wanted to rule the entire Universe in their own way!

Every single man, women and child at this point became a PRISONER OF WAR…, and an ENEMY of the LUCIFERIANS!

We all became pawns and human shields in this VICIOUS Inter-Galatic War and TIME TRAVEL WAR.

This is why there are images of tanks and helicopters on Ancient Egyptian Pyramids!

We became slaves…, and there is NO WAY a single one of us “WANTED THIS” or “CONTRACTED FOR THIS”!


Sadly…, countless millions and millions of stupid human beings believe every single lie they are told…, and end up working for and serving the dark…, while stupidly HARMING the rest of us (for a paycheck) who are only trying to get FREE from the grip of the LUCIFERIAN BROTHERHOOD!

Here is just ONE of Cathy O’Briens countless video’s concerning her life.




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