Only a short time has gone by, and already many people (TRUTHERS) are looking deeply into what happened in Nashville Tennesee and coming up with some very strange co-incidences.  Like this woman who showed up in Nashville to demand gun control within minutes of the shooting who is a personal friend of Nancy Pelosi.

This was WAY too strange…

She showed up at the school so fast…, it’s almost like the entire thing was PLANNED!

How is this even possible for someone who is so close to “Nancy” to just show up within minutes of the shooting and be screaming for gun control not even an hour after it took place??  Was she sitting in a coffee shop around the corner and just waiting for the entire thing to go down?  Was SHE part of it?  Was she IN ON IT?

Much more investigating needs to be done, but this just looks VERY ODD!

SG ANON posted this on Truth Social just today:

So, a school shooting happens in Nashville TN, USA on 3/27/2023… (3// 9 9 9 // 223) at “Covenant”  (Coven-Ant -> Etymology Important) School.

3 Students, 3 Adults = 33 (33rd?)
School is Presbyterian by charter, but covered up child molestation re: students in 2013.

Playbook Known.
CIA/FED Assets Activated.

“Something out of a movie? Fiction? The hole is deep”

Plus the SHOOTER was a Trans-gender female (possibly MIND CONTROLLED) who hated Christians.

The trans community is already highly pre-programmed, on various meds (hormones), might already have a therapist, clearly already indoctrinated into an ideology. So from a programmers standpoint, they make great MK Ultra insurgents.

But there is even MORE!

  • The address of the school is 33 Burton
  • 3 adults were killed and 3 children were killed!
  • The 3 adults killed were all in their 60’s, and the 3 children killed were all 9 years old.
  • A 9 is 3×3
  • 3 x 9 = 27 – and the shooting took place on 3/27/2023
  • 3 weeks earlier Tennessee banned transgender mutilations and the shooter was a transgender female.
  • The church where the shooting happened covered up for a child molester…

Church Accused of Covering for Molester

I don’t know about you, but I see SATANIC BLACK MAGIC all over this one…



I’ve said this before…, the SATANISTS want to take over the schools (and in some cases already have).  Your children are being put up for sacrifice to demonic entities.

We all need to be clear about the battle we are facing!

All hand on deck!

All my love


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