By: Bradley Loves

Well, a new scam is up and running.  Apparently the Deep State – due to being terrified of having their people linked to child porn and child trafficking – are in the process of creating a huge CON surrounding Q-Anon.

Details are a bit sketchy, but there are two stories floating around out there which sort of outline what the goal may be.

I guess the Deep State needs a media distraction from their own crimes – and they have picked a target and are going to shift blame from one hand to the other.

First there was a story a few days ago about a child kidnapping or attempted kidnapping involving someone who is supposedly a big “Q” anon supporter…, and now , just today, a New York Times journalist is claiming that “someone” hacked his IP address to download child porn onto his computer without his knowledge!

But get this – He is blaming Q-Anon!

See this story:

Paul Krugman Denies Responsibility for Child Pornography Located on His Computer…

  • What I am wondering is if there is a BEHIND THE SCENES attempt by the Deep State to link Q-Anon and all who support Q to Child Pornograhpy?
  • Could it be a pre-emptive operation of DAMAGE CONTROL for when the real Child Porn Perps – aka Deep State Government Officials are exposed?
  • Is their plan to say they’ve been framed by TRUMP and Q-ANON?


Not sure what direction this will take, but I will keep everyone posted.

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