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According to Leo Zagami – Barack Obama is having a super secret meeting at Lake Como in Italy.  He is staying at the Villa of Actor George Clooney, a man who some say is a powerful Hollywood insider and high up in the Illuminati.

Italian media has just announced that George Clooney may run for President

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This weekend Italy is aiding former president Barack Obama and many U.S. and European conspirators that are meeting this weekend at George Clooney’s villa to engage in an act of treason against the United States of America and our president Donald J. Trump.

Italy is not only supporting the corrupt media, but they have implemented a massive security operation that uses Italian police and Italian armed forces to protect globalist scumbags using money from Italian taxpayers.

The Italian media just announced that George Clooney may run for President of the United States.

This is a video of the arrival of traitor Barack Obama in lake Como published today by Italy’s top left-wing newspaper La Repubblica.



So it appears that after Donald Trump made nice with the Queen of England and perhaps got some important things signed that gives America a much stronger position over the City of London…, the only path left to the Illuminati/Deep State to try to retake the control of America is through the much Higher Office of the Pope!

Barack Obama thusly is making use of his ties to the Italian Government, and has set all of his clandestine activities to be operating under the “protections” of the Roman Pontiff and the Holy See!

The Pope…, for his part has called repeatedly for a One World Government and a New World Order…, just like George Bush Sr did when he was President.

Barry Soetoro’s own mother Stanley Ann Dunham (who worked fo the CIA) reported directly to George Bush Sr and it is said the young Barry was trained heavily by the CIA from a very young age to think exactly like George Bush.

The fact that he is now working very closely with the Italian Government is very telling, as is the fact that all of his secret meetings are taking place in Italy!

Of course this ONLY makes sense if one knows how the entire world’s hierarchy is actually set up with the Vatican being the worlds top Corporation and the founder of Admiralty Law!

It appears as if Obama has become the Pope’s “designated” frontman to hammer away at any and all opposition to the Globalists plans for a One World Government and to do whatever it takes to RETAKE AMERICA and force it under the rulership of the United Nations!

Apparently George Clooney has been given a greater role in this endeavor as well, and one can only wonder what kind of bribe he has been given to sell out all of America to the Globalists!

Breitbart News also covered the weekend, calling it a “vacation”, but Zagami seems to think much MORE was going on than just a fun weekend.


See Breitbart:

Photographers caught the former Prez and the Clooneys cruising about the lake over the weekend. Also in attendance for the exclusive festivities were Michele Obama and their daughter Sasha.

But other photos of the lake romp may be a bit more scarce as the governor of Laglio put in place a $565 fine for anyone trying to get within 300 feet of the Clooney’s Villa Oleandra while the Obamas were in town.

Actor Clooney was not the only celeb the Obamas partied with on this latest jaunt around Europe.

While in France, the Obamas met up with U2 frontman Bono and bandmate The Edge. The former White House occupant also had a tony dinner with Prince Albert II in Monaco, the playground of the rich and famous.


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