By: Bradley Loves


This is a “prequel” to the commentary I will be doing.  I will be writing it today…, but wanted to give all of my readers (since it’s Sunday) one last chance to watch ALL of it!

In a nutshell…, the title of this prequel is the summation, (said in only a few words) of what Mark Passio’s “De-Mystifying the Occult” video is trying to tell us.  And yet…, those words sound so simple…, so innocent, and so innocuous, that anyone who had not watched the video would pass them by.

This is exactly how Satanism, and Luciferianism hides in plain sight…, in front of us all, and seems to have no real power…, when in fact, (up until now) it has been holding it all!

What is “YOUR WORLD VIEW” ??

How do you see the “world” and the part you play in making it either a “more loving”…, or deeply controlled place?

This commentary may in fact be one of two or three that I do on this one single video.  Just like Mark said during his almost 4 hour marathon…, this subject is SO BIG…, that he could not even cover it in an entire lifetime…,much less a few hours.

Ultimately “the goal” of all Satanists and Luciferians is to ENSLAVE the whole of humanity under their totalitarian rule!

It’s that simple.

How they are going about that is really what this video is all about…, and WHY I highly recommend my readers watch it.

I’m posting this now…, and will be writing almost all day long!

All my love…

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