One of the biggest NEW AGE con-games is that absolutely everything happening here on the Earth and in our Universe is all about achieving “Balance”. 

In other words, it’s about the Yin and the Yang, and all forms of ‘darkness” are good, if they are balanced out with “light”.

This is far from the truth, and certain types of darkness should only exist in places that have been created for them, and NOT in other places where there is no form of natural defense to them.

Certain things or creatures introduced into an environment with no natural predictors or defenses can create endless havoc.

Here is just one example:

When it comes to dealing with the Luciferian/Satanists here on Earth and their “other density/dimensional HIRED THUGS”, there is no middle ground for a very good reason.

These other dimensional/density beings do not belong here and were not created to be here in the first place!  They are intruders/interlopers/infiltrators and we as human beings are not equipped to properly defend ourselves against them.

Kerry Cassidy (a lady whom I deeply respect) wrote two articles for the White Hats that I would like to reply to and put out some much needed additional facts that she may not have thought of.

You can find those article here:



In the first article Kerry suggests that the most we can hope for with these Satanists is balance.  In other words, she is suggesting that both good and evil are necessary, and that we are NEVER going to get rid of evil so we should just stop trying.

Source is actually light and dark not simply light.  This may be a central misunderstanding in the White Hat concept of ‘realities’.

Imagining that the negative or YIN/YANG of the universe/multi-verse no longer is operational is an illusion even a deception.

Therefore I would caution the White Hats against indulging in this illusionary state of mind for too long as disengaging from the true and ‘natural’ battle of light and dark can only result in a rampant growth of the dark and eventual takeover by such.—Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot 03.05.23

There is a huge problem with this statement of Kerry’s as pertains to the Earth AND to our peculiar situation, and if Kerry had only thought it out logically, then she would not have made it. 

I would like to walk my readers though this idea step by step so that they can see what I am trying to get at here.

First of all, the Luciferians/Satanists on our world have allied themselves with Dark Entities/Beings which should not even be here!  They are from other densities and other realms of existence. They are unnatural to our realm and have no business being here. 

God (the Great Creator) is not just a Source but is a real living and thinking Being that put magnetic and harmonic barriers and blockades in place between these realms so that these beings would NOT be able to interfere with us here.

So to say that we need to achieve a balance with these beings is absolutely 100 percent false! 

This is just like saying that a first grader can achieve “balance” with a grown man in a wrestling match.  It is not only physically impossible, but mentally and emotionally impossible as well.

Secondly, the Luciferians/Satanists have taken to feeding these beings/entities because these entities are then willing to work from the 4th and 5th density (negative) realms in order to aid them and help them gain unnatural power and control in this world. 

A type of control and a form of power that they NEVER in a million years could have achieved on their own or by their own efforts.

In other words, by feeding these beings/entities they are achieving goals and agendas here on Earth that they could NEVER have achieved without the help of these higher density negative beings (that were never supposed to be here) and therefore there is no possible way to achieve any type of balance with that.

Additionally, in order to feed these negative beings, entities, demons from other realms, the Luciferians/Satanists are compelled to do Ritual Blood Sacrifice (usually of children).

They also rape and abuse young children horrifically to use the dark energy for various spells and forms of black magic, which again has nothing to do with achieving balance.

The hidden goal of these Luciferians is actually a magnetic and harmonic one. They are using knowledge about hidden sciences that no one here on Earth remembers.

By committing these endless rapes and murders of young children, they are seeking to have a very powerful and negative affect on the Earth’s Morphogenic Field. 

This affect that they are creating (due to the Earth’s Ley-Lines) actually HARMS all of us!   It lowers and damages the frequency field within which we all live.  This unnaturally damages the mental/emotional health and well being of every man, woman, and child in a way they can’t see or understand.

In her article, Kerry seems to suggest that the most we should do in regard to the Black Hats is try to achieve some sort of balance with these Luciferian/Satanists and NOT try to get rid of all of them.

However, if these Satanists (who consider it a Sacrament to rape children) and who also practice blood sacrifice on an industrial scale here on Earth are left even HALFWAY INTACT (just so that those who are of the New Age persuasion can feel that Balance has been achieved) then the ones who are left (Luciferians) will continue to rape children and will continue do ritual blood sacrifice, and continue to work with these very negative entities (which should not be here) and continue to feed them so that the Earth’s Morphogenic Field continues to be made TOXIC.

By continuing to do what they are doing – the magnetic/harmonic resonance field of our Earth can not purify itself properly AND our entire human race (which is scheduled for an Ascension at the end of this cycle) can not achieve that Ascension because the energy that is moving through the Earth’s Ley Lines/Grid Lines has been turned into POISON.

Therefore (what she is saying, but most likely did not really mean to say) is that by achieving BALANCE with these Luciferian/Satanists – Earth and all of the people living on Earth will simply NEVER Ascend due to the continuing efforts of the Luciferians to poison the Morphogenic Field, and that is okay with her.

Once this idea has been thought through carefully and logically, then it becomes clear that we can never allow the Luciferians/Satanists to continue to do what they are doing. 

There is no kind of balance that can be achieved when it comes to this one issue.

The entire REASON for butchering children in Ritual Sacrifice was to please dark and demonic entities that wanted to feed off of that energy. 

It was only being done for THEIR BENEFIT (the benefit of these entities) and not for the benefit of any man or woman living that was living here on the Earth (other than the Satanists) who merely wanted to reap unearned rewards for feeding these entities in the form of easy living and Earthly control.

By feeding these entities – what the Luciferians were ALSO doing was keeping the vibration of the Earth artificially low, toxic, and filled with energetic poison such that the very NATURAL and ORGANIC pathway of Ascension could never actually be achieved no matter how good the people that were living on Earth were, and in this way the FEEDING GROUND of these entities would stay right where it is (locked in 3-D).

This is NOT, repeat NOT a matter of achieving balance!

Getting rid of these Satanist/Luciferians – ALL OF THEM – is actually putting back and correcting the very natural order of things  (the way God designed them to be) into place and into play.

By starving these demonic/unseen entities and removing their influence from our density/realm – humanity can once again go about the business of living out their normal lives, learn their normal soul lessons, and achieve a type of balance with other normal and natural human beings here on Earth (but not with higher density negative beings) who should not be here in the first place.

Earth is in an EMERGENCY situation (one that is far from normal or natural) and those men and women who took on the Luciferian/Satanic mantle and started raping and butchering children actually took sides against their own race and their own species in order to live an easy life.

They also took sides against the Earth and against the Cosmos.


There is far more to say on this issue, but anything deeper gets complicated and scientific.

Thank you for reading here at Love Truth Site.  Thank you for considering what I have said.

All my love





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