By: Bradley Loves


All of the “truth” of what I write is out there and can easily be found and verified!



No one wants to look at it!

Human beings – having been tormented and tortured for years by the Elites (and other dimensional beings) have taken on a strategy of simply “not speaking” about the obvious…, in the hope that “they” will not be targeted and their own lives can be spared.

Anna von Reitz is one of the several writers (that one can count on a few hands) that is writing and telling us all the TRUTH about the deeply corrupted “systems” of our Planet.

Systems that for all practical purposes have gone SATANIC!


Right down to the Vatican, the Courts, Judges, Governments, etc, etc…, what she is saying in her writings is true!



Look, if you come here to read…, all I ask is that you put your “big boy” and “big girl” pants on!  Don’t be a baby!

Don’t come here…, having NEVER done any real research!

(and by that I mean several hours a day…, for several years)


Notice:  Research is NOT just reading my blog, someone else’s blog, or a New Age website.


Research is actual “boots on the ground”, getting out there and talking to people who WERE THERE and did that…, saw that…, experienced that…, and thus…,  KNOW THAT!

Research is NOT talking to some out of body entity, a Channeled message, or reading a book about channeled messages!



When I write my posts and articles they are based on…,

  • Videos that I’ve watched where REAL PEOPLE talk about their REAL EXPERIENCES.
  • Books written by real people who have talked about their REAL EXPERIENCES in print.
  • People that I myself have talked to, and have interviewed at length…, who have told me about their real lives and real experiences!

Ask Shane Bales how many hours and hours (and hours) we talked over Skype…, before I wrote a single word about what he had told me.

I put MOST OF THE WEIGHT of this blog – LOVE TRUTH…, on the people that I have talked to personally (face to face)!

And…, since I am a hairs breath from 60 years old…, that is a whole lot of people!

Having been in construction for many, many years…, I have done work for many Police, CIA, FBI, and “other” agents.

Some of them took a liking to me and told me many things they would not have told the average guy!


Because unlike what “Charles” thinks…, I am one of the nicest guys on the planet!

There is only one thing that HE (Charles) does not like about my blog since yesterday!

THE TRUTH I WAS WLLING TO TELL…, which apparently has affected his own “sub-group”!!

My guess…, since he claims not to be a troll…, so let’s temporarily give him that…, is that he is GAY!

And he took GREAT OFFENSE that I called attention to many things that he has probably heard about and experienced over the years…, BUT…, are things that make his “group” look very bad…, and so it’s all kept SECRET!

So instead of taking a good hard look in the mirror…, he lashes out and attacks immediately…, turning over the table and throwing chairs verbally!


Oh.., and by the way Charles…, I’ve hung out with enough GAY MEN over many, many years to know that when scorned or talked about in a negative way, they will PHYSICALLY AND VERBALLY ATTACK very much in the way that a female does…, (sorry women, but it’s true)…, in that they will start throwing pots, pans, and death threats and anything else that is NOT NAILED DOWN!

(It’s all about the emotions)

Men (straight men) do not act like this!

I’ve personally seen certain gay men go “FULL ON DANCING QUEEN” on another man when they think they have been “dissed” by that man…., and most normal guys just want to get out of the way when that kind of thing starts!

But Charles…, since I’ve been around it so very much…, I know what it is…, and it does not phase me!

So…, I’ve (already) been hammered by the “gayest” of the gay for saying something “politically incorrect”…, however TRUTHFUL it was at the time.

So get OVER yourself!

Your verbal tirade in the comment section…, was NOTHING that I have not seen, nor heard before (in person)…, from someone who was gay and took great offense at something TRUTHFUL that I had said.



One of my very best “gay friends” was forced to be a child prostitute when he was growing up!  His story is so terribly sad, I cried when I heard it!

Growing up in Texas, in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, this man (as a boy) was forced by his own Uncle to have sex with countless other men and boys in fancy hotels while the UNCLE took and kept the money.

He was only 11 years old when it started!

If he did not do it…, he was beaten.

He did not have a father, and his mother was divorced and married so many times, most people would not believe it.

He was an only child…, and left to his Uncle to raise…, and this is what his Uncle did to him!

The worst part of it (he told me) was having to go back to school after an entire weekend of nothing but sex with adult men, because many of the richest businessmen from all over Texas would sometimes bring their own sons with them and once in a great while he was forced to have sex with someone he went to school with, another boy who had no clue until that very moment what he did on the weekends.

He ran away from home at 15 years old…, only to be taken in by a Baptist Preacher…, who…, was ALSO GAY…, and gave him much needed shelter in exchange for…, you guess it…, SEX!

On another subject…, I don’t know how many Catholic Priests I’ve met over the years who are GAY…, and take advantage of their young parishioners in ways that are less than honorable.

So don’t EVEN think about coming here and telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about!

Charles…, one of the “best” informants of the GAY population was a MORMON BISHOP…, (another good friend of mine) who told me that behind the scenes (in secret) countless HIGHER UPS in the MORMON CHURCH loved to have sex with children.

Have you ever heard of FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints)?

Have you ever heard of WARREN JEFFS, who is now serving a term in State Prison for what he did.

Check into what these “good men” were doing!


READ THIS LOS ANGELES TIMES ARTICE ABOUT THE “LOST BOYS”   (Which is connected to Warren Jeffs Group)


After fleeing polygamist sect, boys face a new world

“I didn’t even know what the president was,” Zach Bowers says of his time on the fundamentalist compound. “I knew there was somebody over the United States, but I didn’t know they called it the president.” (Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times)


For two brothers, young refugees from a breakaway polygamist sect of the Mormon Church, new freedoms pose challenges.

By John M. Glionna


A Word to the wise CHARLES…, don’t EVER challenge me on what I know…, because if you want some REAL information about the world we all live in…, I WILL (POLITELY) BURY YOU IN IT!

If I wasn’t actually a far nicer guy than you are Charles…, I would post a dozen articles every single day for the next month on just how horribly young children are being treated by “adult men”…, many of whom are GAY, and many others who claim to be RELIGIOUS, and many others who are just plain EVIL.

Does it BOTHER YOU to hear the TRUTH for the first time in your life…?

If not…, then by all means…, KEEP COMING HERE…, because THAT is what you are going to get!


Oh and read this article…

Hollywood producer Gary Goddard accused of sexual misconduct by 8 former child actors

Eight former child actors told the Los Angeles Times that they were molested by director Gary Goddard when they were boys.

A successful former theater prodigy, Goddard returned through his 20s to direct and mentor child actors in his hometown, vowing to bring the most talented with him to Hollywood. (Dec. 20, 2017)


To the young male actors in his retinue in Santa Barbara in the 1970s, Gary Goddard was an exalted figure.

A successful former theater prodigy, Goddard returned through his 20s to direct and mentor child actors in his hometown, vowing to bring the most talented with him to Hollywood.

He attracted a constant orbit of devoted boys others referred to as the “Goddardites.”


But the seemingly idyllic setting of privilege and promise had a dark edge for several members of the theater group.

Four decades later, many of them say they have been haunted by their encounters with Goddard.



Now…, after reading above…, you’d think…, oh…, well it was only 8 kids…, but READ BETWEEN THE LINES…, this guy surrounded himself with boys all his life!

Eight boys came forward…, but it was probably hundreds who were sexually molested by this ONE GUY!

I happen to know for a FACT Charles…, that many of the young “Boy Models”…, who model important clothing lines for huge corporations are “taken off to places like NEW YORK” or “Washington DC” (without parents) so they can be do “naked photo shoots”…, without the prying eyes of their parents being anywhere nearby.

These are boys as young as 10, 11, and 12 years old!

The photos…, the pictures, the images of these boys are EVERYWHERE.

Have you ever heard of the “internet” Charles?

Have you heard of the “DARK WEB” ??

Do some damn research…, and you’ll SEE what is “out there”…, and it is far worse than you can possibly ever imagine!

As I’ve said…, what I write about on my blog is TAME…, compared to what is really out there and what is really going on!


I was told (by people in the know) that the MODELING INDUSTRY is very closely connected to the CHILD PORN industry…, and that many of the GROWN MEN (and women) who are out there scouting for “young modeling talent” (especially kids who are willing to model underwear) are really out looking for cute kids who they can hopefully convince (at some point after signing them up) to do child porn!

A man closely connected to Hollywood told me this!

GROW UP for crying out loud!

I have not even “touched” on the deep dark horrors of what you can find on the DARK WEB if you go looking!



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