By: Bradley Loves


This next article linked below…, along with many others that I’ve read in recent days…, shows us ONE THING about what is really happening in America!

That there is an ALL OUT WAR between the Survelience State/Deep State…, and Government!

See this:


Jason Chaffetz…, (Head of the House Over-sight Committee) has never been more busy in his Over-sight hearings…, than in the last year or so in trying to PRY testimony, documents, and evidence from the hands of men and women who have sold their souls to the DEEP STATE/SURVAILANCE STATE!!

See his website here:

In other words…, even the “Government” no longer matters any longer, and can’t seem to get a straight answer from people who LOVE TO LIE!

Those men and women who work for so called “Security Agencies” have taken TREASONOUS OATHS against the people of America…, and are working in favor of their Deep State/SATANIC leaning bosses.

Dozens of videos on YouTube show Jason Chaffetz being “told” by countless buffoons sitting in the hot seat across from him that he has NO RIGHT to see information from various agencies…, who deem that information to be too sensitive!

The Problem with that answer…, is that HE is the Government’s Over-Sight Chairman…, which means that in order to keep things honest…, he gets to SEE IT ALL!

The ONLY reason that these agencies, and the men and women who work there, do not wish to give him the information he seeks (usually) is to HIDE CRIMINAL ACTIONS being brought by the DEEP STATE against THE PEOPLE!

What we are seeing is the NEW WORLD ORDER being unveiled in steps…, and those who have sworn allegiance to that order creating EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE EXCUSE in the world for keeping things secret!

But they are not just keeping things secret from THE PEOPLE…, but CONGRESS as well!

Here is my question:



Men and women…, just like you and me…, now hold jobs (for money) and think they have a “RIGHT” to keep secrets…, and withhold vital information from other living men and women around them…, even from CONGRESS.

I know very well that I have a limited readership…, but all of us know people who work inside these agencies…, and it is up to us to make certain that we share our total DISDAIN for these people who think that CONSTANT SECRECY even from Congress is appropriate.  (By telling them that LYING IS NOT COOL AND NOT OKAY).

If we tell them we are not going to STAND for their TREASON against the people.., then maybe they will think twice about taking oathes against mankind and in favor of the DEEP STATE.


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