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  • Who do we know of that just “loves” to drink blood?

Have you heard of, or read of any good VAMPIRE stories lately?

  • Why has Hollywood given us “Images” and “Movies” about cool looking, young VAMPIRES with lots of great super powers for the last few decades?
  • What are they trying to tell the “young people” who go to the movies?


It’s time the world woke up and put their “big boy” and “big girl” pants on!


What you are looking at above is a glass of  HUMAN BLOOD!  Men and women from all over the world are (apparently) drinking “human blood” as a beverage!

Taken from this BBC news article:

Believeing that the “blood” has MAGICAL QUALITIES – people are drinking it for many reasons that span from better health to using it for the casting of spells!

Importantly, while some vampires are looking for psychic energy that gives them strength, others (known as “med sangs” or medical sanguinarians) believe their need for blood is purely physiological.

“The identity ‘vampire’ means little to nothing to us,” says one med sang known as “CJ!” (the exclamation mark is part of her online alias), who I met online.

“However, when we are blood drinkers – especially human blood – the label is impossible to shake.”


Many blood drinkers claim they only FEEL GOOD after drinking someone else’s blood!

Renewed vitality (?)

Gently questioning his cohort about the onset of the condition, Browning found the hunger for blood seemed to strike around the onset of puberty.

One of the first people Browning interviewed, for instance, had been 13 or 14 years old, when he realised he felt weak all the time, lacking all the energy to run and play sports like his friends.

Eventually, while fighting with his cousin, he drew blood, and his mouth brushed against the wound. “He suddenly felt a lot of vitality,” says Browning.

That taste for human blood eventually turned into a compulsive hunger.

It was a common tale that seemed to resonate with most of the vampires he met.

Besides relentless fatigue, other common symptoms appear to include severe headaches and stomach cramps.

CJ!, for instance, has been plagued with an irritable bowel, which she says can only be cured after a drink of blood.

“After consuming a sizeable quantity (somewhere between seven shot glasses to even a cup), our digestive system works wonderfully.”


It’s very interesting to note that the ENTIRE  BBC ARTICLE is an “apology” piece that is aimed and making you feel sorry for Vampires and for claiming that the “condition” of being desperate to drink human blood is a “Medical Condition”!

To further “IMPRESS” upon you the idea that “blood drinking” is all about HEALTH ISSUES – we have this article from the SMITHSONIAN (no less) telling us that Gladiators once drank blood as well (for health reasons)!

Of course…, we KNEW they were going to go here (claim it’s a Medical Condition) once it was found out that SATANISTS and LUCIFERIANS were in fact human blood drinkers!

There was literally no where else for them to go!

Especially when people like the Queen of England were discovered to be doing it, and whose “habit” would have to be “protected” and dealt with in some way if people ever found out!

But there is FAR MORE to the story of human blood than just drinking it for “Health Reasons”.

See this link:

The real use of human blood is for MAGIC SPELLS which can only be cast if human blood is present!

Believe it or not, there are countless (and I really do mean countless) NEW AGERS who are so deeply into Magic – and the Casting of Spells – that they may as well be WITCHES and WARLOCKS themselves!

They are the NEUVO – ILLUMINATI wanna-bes, who were not born into Generational Satanic Families, and so have NO IDEA what these evil men and women get up to during their sick RITUALS and KILLINGS!

(Just ask Jay Parker what they really do behind closed doors!)

Then there is the Marina Abromovic and SPIRIT COOKING angle where she claims that mixing: Male Semen – Menstrual Blood – and other things will create “MAGIC”.

Here is a screen capture of a WIKI-LEAKS  TWEET claiming that the recipe is WRONG and that it is really BLOOD – SEMEN – and BREAST MILK – (MOSTLY BLOOD) that they are drinking!

But then we’ve got the Washington Post – a has been corporate news “rag” coming to the Satanists defense, and claiming that John Podesta never drank any blood or bodily fluids and that even thinking that such things even happen is totally CRAZY!

See this link!

But what about the BBC article posted above which says that many, many, many, many people out there are actully drinking HUMAN BLOOD for health reasons???


The TRUTH here is that the SATANISTS have been CAUGHT!

They are trying to back peddle a hundred miles and hour and using their corporate – shill – rag – CIA controlled MEDIA – to cover up for them!



And now you know!  Welcome to the adult dinner table!

More will be coming!

All my love….







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