By: Bradley Loves

Apparently the Globalists feel they have exposed too much of their plan for the New World Order to give it a rest and back off to pick up the pieces later!!

You can see it in everything they are doing.

None of what they say is the truth any longer…, and none of it even makes sense!


It’s like being in a war where the General who is in charge of the advancing army blows up all of the bridges behind him!

He does this so that NONE of his own troops can ever retreat!

In other words…, the only route forward is in an all out attack on a heavily fortified enemy…, and if that attack does not work…, its death for his troops…, but not retreat!

The Democrats have apparently seen the handwriting on the wall…, and as we speak…, they are burning every single bridge of retreat they might be able to use if what they are doing does not work!

In terms of POKER…, they are “ALL IN”…..

They either win big now…, or they LOSE FOREVER!

Not a single Democrat in Congress seems to care if they lie, cheat, steal, and deceive any longer!

In fact…, they are doing it openly and repeatedly even while getting caught doing it time after time.

Remember…, at this point…, NO RETREATS…, and NO GOING BACK!


They are doing this for one single reason only: NO ONE GETS TO RUN FROM THE BATTLE!

They have brought in every single ally and special interest group that they have on the payroll…,

  • The Media
  • Hollywood
  • Gays, Lesbians, Trans-genders
  • Pedophiles
  • Climate Change Activists
  • Gun Control Freaks
  • Feminists
  • Gender crazies
  • Communists
  • Socialists
  • Satanists
  • Vampires
  • Blood Drinkers
  • CIA/FBI  Deep State Control Freaks
  • Secret Space Program participants
  • The Clintons
  • George Soros

and more and more…, this is beginning to look like the final battle of:


This battle is a knock down drag out free for all between anyone and everyone ever known of in the entire Marvel Universe.   And in the real world…, it is basically the same thing!

There are only two sides:  GOOD and EVIL…, and the Universe hangs in the balance!

In my opinion…, the only thing they (the Democrats) will have left IF they lose this battle which they are certainly setting up as a FINAL BATTLE…, is TIME TRAVEL…, which is exactly where AVENGERS – END GAME picks up and comes in.

If the Democrats lose this epic battle (where they are now actively burning all bridges behind them) …, then TIME TRAVEL will be the only road back to power for them…, and the entire battle goes into:  TIME-LINE WARS….

In case you didn’t notice…, everyone at the POKER TABLE has suddenly gone: ALL IN!!


If you want music to go with this…, then find Ozzy Osbornes CRAZY TRAIN video on you tube.  It’s a horribly SATANIC song…, but fits what is going on….

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