Human beings have an extreme capacity to “dream” even while they are awake.

When they dream, they fill in all of the blanks of missing information with what they think and believe is actually real.  They do this so that the entire dream sequence can make sense to them.

When there is missing information, the missing information needed to “fill in the blanks” always (every single time) comes from the dreamers SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND.

This is why Jay Parker’s dear ol’ Mum (who claimed to be a WITCH) told him when he was just a boy that Magicians, Witches, and Warlocks always work on the Sub-conscious Mind in order to do their programming.  They don’t give a rat’s bottom about the conscious mind at all.


Because controlling people is done mostly through ILLUSIONS and SUGGESTIONS.

You see, that sticky gift that God gave to all of us called Free Will – always gets in the way when they want to do something against us.  They can’t force us to do things because God would punish them.  But what they can do is to create a SITUATION or a SCENARIO that appears to be leading somewhere, and wait to see if we will then choose to go there on our own.

They “create” a waking type of dream (called our reality) that has many parts missing or hidden – and then they depend upon the rest of us (who are Creator Beings) to fill in ALL of the missing parts with our collective experiences and with our own information based upon faulty teachings and beliefs. 

This is always done (very fast) by the sub-conscious mind in order to try to make sense out of an image that has many missing pieces of information.

Naturally – they did tell us this…, they have to


They were actually telling you that your sub-conscious mind is far more powerful than your conscious mind.  They were telling you that the best way to control everyone was to control them on a SUB-CONSCIOUS LEVEL.

If these Satanists have done their evil work correctly – by poisoning our subconscious minds as mere children – then during the rest of our entire lives, we will always fill in the missing blanks of the reality we are perceiving with faulty or very bad information that will always lead us to CHOOSE (of our own Freewill) to do the extremely bad things that they actually want us to do.

Very honestly – every single man and woman who lined up and waited for hours to get the JAB – was doing so due to sub-conscious mind programming that had been installed into them over a long period of time since they were children.

You could almost say they were simply ZOMBIES lining up to do what their “programming” was calling for them to do on a subconscious level.  That part of them was not even asking questions, but instead it was “filling in the blanks” of the massive amount of information with FAULTY PROGRAMMING to make the entire situation appear to make sense (even when it did not).

Having been born into a Generational Satanic Family, Jay Parker has tons of first hand information about how these “witches” and these “magicians” are actually able to program peoples sub-conscious minds so that they will always fill in the blanks” in such a way that they will choose to do what is evil instead of doing what is right.

Here are just some of his many videos:

These people are very good at what they do!  I’ve written about this before:


Please watch the videos above from Jay Parker, and then read The Great Con of Man – The End Game!

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This is all stuff that you really NEED to know.

In the meantime, I honestly think Joni Mitchell was really on to something BIG!

It’s Life’s Illusions I recall?  Hmmm.

All my love.


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