By: Bradley Loves


Good Morning readers, and WELCOME to the month of changes!

Ten days…., (and counting).

To those of you who think there is no hope…, you’ve been watching too much TV!

Blessed are those who have sacrificed so much to see us to this moment in history!

If you claim to be spiritual…, and still think “Trump” is pure evil…., then your favorite CHANNELED ENTITY is lying to you.

To the TIME TRAVELERS…, your hard work is about to pay dividends.

To the Department of the Navy….., “protecting” America is so much better and MORE fulfilling than destroying it…., don’t you agree now that you’ve seen both sides??

You have my THANKS.

Standing up for TRUTH with pure and unwavering COURAGE gives a human being just as big of an adrenaline rush as giving in to darkness.

To the countless men and women, who simply would never take that “bribe” and never gave in to the Satanists…, GOD has a special place for you coming in the near future…, like any other being that lives, LOYALTY is a big deal to our CREATOR.

To those who killed Bryan Alexander with Voice Of God technology…, you have NOT gotten away with anything…, your punishment is waiting for you and all like you who have used this technology for murder!

To those who sided with the Satanists…, YOU chose unwisely!

To Hollywood…, your Demonic lifestyles will soon be coming to an abrupt end!  Hope it was worth it.

The “Hunters”…, now become the “Hunted”….

Seems fair, don’t you think??

All my love….






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