By: Bradley Loves


We’ve all been PROGRAMMED.    Very few of us really have any clue what life, or what reality is supposed to be like.  For the most part…, people do almost everything that they are TOLD to do by figures of authority…, even though those figures of authority want to kill them…, and to destroy the world.

You think I’m being overly dramatic?   NOT EVEN A TINY BIT!  I’ve seen it so very, very clearly.  This “programming” could be labeled something else if you wish, that something would be this:  THE GREAT CON

Where have we heard THAT before?   I’ve written about this before!  You’ve been conned!  I was conned!  We’ve all been conned!  We were all lied to so badly…, that none of us really know which way is up…, and which way is down!

And yet…, the TRUTH can be known!  I’ve figured it out!  Jay Parker has figured it out. Mark Passio has figured it out!  The “story” of how this CON happened is ANCIENT…, because that is how long ago this all started!  It began with something that is quite evil…, and that something is called:  RELIGION

The basis for this entire work is going to be just this one Interview!  And here again, is the interview below…, because there is SO MUCH information in here…, (in a compressed form)…, that once you unwrap it all…, it is days, and days of research.

I’m to going to take apart this single Jay Parker Interview piece by piece…, and in the process, I’m going to once again say things that I have been saying for the last 2 years in many different written articles. So get ready to learn something that we all should have learned long ago!

This very important information however, is NOT A CHANNELING!   This is not some entity claiming to be an Arch-Angel, or an Ascended Master, and then blowing smoke up your back side.   It’s just my own REAL (not fake) scientific understanding of what really goes on behind the scenes on this world.

In the grand scheme of things, it is my opinion that far more weight should be given to an article like this one than should be given to any or every other channeled message ever posted or written.


Becasue this is real world (verified) information from real people and real players who are living and breathing on this Earthly Playing Field!   As for the Channeled stuff…, well you just can’t TRUST channeled entities to tell you the TRUTH!  It’s that simple.

So…., here goes…, once more into the breech!


This is where the rubber meets the road…, and why the CABAL…, or the SATANISTS (you really can’t separate them) do what they do.  It’s about the base resonance of the planet and the consciousness of every man, woman and child living on it.

In order to know what is really happening upon the planet…, YOU HAVE TO look at Satanism!

I hope I’ve made this clear!  If you think that you can KNOW anything about anything going on here on this planet…, and NOT LOOK at Satanism…, then I’m sorry to be so frank…, but you are a FOOL.

Satanism has been the driving FORCE behind almost every single thing that either HAS or IS happening upon the planet…., PERIOD!

So to “overlook” Satanism…, (like all of the Channelers do) is to overlook EVERYTHING!

It’s idiocy!    How pray tell…, can you go into a school room to learn math…, and then…, NEVER OPEN A MATH BOOK?

This is exactly what these idiot Channeled Entities want to get you to believe! They want you to believe that somehow you can LEARN about what has gone on here on this planet by NEVER LOOKING AT IT, or worse pretending that it is not even there.

EVERYTHING that has ever happened on the Earth over the last 13,000 years is deeply involved, and has it’s very roots in SATANISM and the DARK OCCULT!  So then how can you ignore these two subjects?  Is it possible?  How is it possible to KNOW…, if you IGNORE?

The Morhpogenic (morpho-genetic) field is a living and dynamic “electro-magnetic” field of our COLLECTIVE human consciousness.

Did you get that?   Did you see the emphasis above?  It’s all about the COLLECTIVE human consciousness.  Not the INDIVIDUAL human consciousness.

The Morhpogenic Field is the “wrapping” that envelopes all human beings on the planet AND…, is the very “field” that we all tap into with our SUB-CONSCIOUS MINDS.  (Some people also call the sub-conscious mind the super-conscious mind, but it’s the SAME THING).

Why is the Morhpogenic Field important to you, and to all of us?  Because whether you think so or not…, or like it or not,  WE ARE ALL CONNECTED…, on an unseen (and invisible) level…, that many saints have talked about…, but have never really explained properly.  The very POINT of our connection on EARTH is:   THE MORPHOGENIC FIELD.

Have I made this clear?   You NEED the morphogenic field!  I need the morphogenic field, we ALL NEED the morphogenic field!  Do I need to be even more emphatic?

This “field” (unseen as it is) has a base resonance…, which means that it “vibrates” at a certain frequency!

Now…, here is where I’m going to have to get into an analogy to help your understanding!  Okay?  This is an “analogy” to show you what I mean.

Let’s just compare a “good” vibration with being CLEAN…, and a “bad” vibration with being DIRTY!

Does this make sense?  Let’s say also say in our analogy, that a “higher” vibration or frequency is a CLEANER vibration than a vibration that is lower, which is very DIRTY!

So…, in this “ANALOGY”…, we are basically saying that a good, and positive vibration is a CLEAN and HEALTHY vibration, while a bad, negative, evil vibration is very DIRTY and UNHEALTHY one.

(Even CAUSTIC!  Look that word up if you don’t know it)

Is everyone with me so far?


The truth of the matter is that we are BEINGS which are actually (even though you can’t see it) made up of energy!  Yea…, crazy…, I know…, I’m not kidding here…, and guess what else?

The SATANISTS know this stuff like the back of their hand…, so don’t you think it’s time you learned it too?

Now…, let’s say that you were going to make a pot of soup!  And…, the first thing you do is to put really CLEAN, PURE water into the pot!  Next, you put some of the best grown vegetables (organic), spices, beans and other things that you can find!  As you cook it…, you will find that the ingredients BLEND into the water…, and the flavors ALL BECOME AS ONE.   The water in the SOUP has now become the soups MORPHOGENIC FIELD!

Now…, let’s make the very SAME pot of soup!   Only this time, the first thing we do is to put the most rancid, dirty, polluted and impure water into the pot that we can find! Then, we proceed to put the best grown vegetables, (organic), spices, beans and other things into the pot!  As you cook it.., you will find that the ingredients BLEND into the water…, and the favors ALL BECOME AS ONE.   However, it is the dank and polluted water of the soup which has become the soups MORPHOGENIC FEILD.

Now…, even though the very “best” ingredients were actually put into this second pot of soup…, is it HEALTHY to eat?   Would you eat it?   Yes or No?  If not…, then WHY NOT?

This is the lesson NO CHANNELED ENTITY has ever taught you…, and they need to be called out onto the carpet for it, because they are HIDING something very important!

Are you ready for it?


Not here on Earth!  It’s all about the COLLECTIVE!  It’s about the MORPHOGENIC FIELD!  And the “programming” that I told you about earlier, well all of that is nothing more than A CON that has being going on since ANCIENT TIMES…, and has been put in place to HIDE this one simple fact from all of you!


Think deeply about this!   And if you can’t figure it out…, think deeply some more!

If you don’t understand…, then post questions after this article!  Now, let’s move on.

Even if you are the best tasting vegetable that has ever been grown…, AND “you” are organic…., and filled with life and health…, BUT THEN…, you are thrown into a pot of soup where the water in the soup is RANCID, DIRTY, POLLUTED and CAUSTIC…, can anything you do as a great tasting vegetable (on your own) make what is already in the pot…, a soup fit to eat?


(Again, if you can’t get this concept…, please send questions at the end of the post, I will answer them)

The ONLY THING that matters on EARTH at this time is the purity of the MOPHOGENIC FIELD!

It’s the water all around us!  It’s the energy that we can’t see…, but are all connected to and LIVE IN!  Guess what?  The SATANISTS KNOW THIS!

So why isn’t the EARTH HEALTHY?

Because the SATANISTS who understand all of this are actively POISONING the MORHOGENIC FIELD every single day with their ACTIONS AND BEHAVIOR! 

They know how to do this…, and I am going to explain to you how they do this!

This SHOULD BE the most frightening…, and at the same time, the most IMPORTANT thing that you’ve ever heard, or learned in your life.  I don’t know why people keep over looking it except that their “programming” won’t allow them to see what is blatantly obvious!

Everything you do from this moment should STOP in it’s tracks…, and from this very second…, the ONLY thing you should care about is how to CORRECT THIS ONE THING!

There is a way to correct it…, and it must be done!  I will tell you how!  But, it takes action on your part!  You can’t wish this away…, or pawn off the responsibility onto someone else!






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