By: Bradley Loves


Okay…, now that the basics have been covered…, just what are the Satanists doing to the MORPHOGENIC FIELD?

Well…, to know that…, we’ve got tons and tons of proof!  Reposted here for your benefit!

First listen to Jay Parker tell us:

Next, listen to SVALI tell us:



Endless…, and continuous torment and torture of young children!  THIS IS WHAT THEY DO!

This is exactly what the “CHURCH” used to do…, in an endless variety of ways…, with the young children who were stupidly placed into their care!  This is what countless “churches” are still doing behind the backs of many who attend them!

This is NOT ACCIDENTAL…, nor random happenings!

This is PLANNED and EXECUTED on a world wide scale…, each and every day on a continuing basis!

The “SATANISTS” rape their own children…, as a “Sacrament” to Lucifer!  But those children…, are the ones who are being “trained” to take over the planet…, so they can not be permanently damaged!

Millions of other children…, are kidnapped…, or go missing around the world every year!  These children are tortured, both physically and sexually for however long they can endure…, and then…, they are RITUALLY SACRIFICED!

Their bodies are drained of blood…, and then that blood is drank by the SATANISTS, while many of them are actually cooked and eaten by the Satanists.

It is this constant…, and unending torment and torture of the very “innocent” children all over our world…, which is the POISON that is going up as “energy uploads” into the MORPHOGENIC FIELD that we all live in!


You…, yes you…. (Dear ONE)…, are being affected by this “uploaded energy” whether you think so or not!  This is pure SCIENCE…, and it is mathematical!

[Notice above how I used:  “Dear One”…, I did so because maybe if I start sounding like one of those damn channeled entities, people will start listening to what I have to say!]

Okay…, as I was saying…, what I just said above is pure science!  It is both Harmonic…, and Magnetic!  It can not be denied…, and the Satanists know this very well!

Now…, for those of you who are so “programmed” that you might want to believe that YOU somehow will not be affected by this energy…, then I’m sorry you are WRONG!

I don’t care how much you PRAY, MEDITATE…, or how many GUIDES you have…, you ARE ALREADY IN THE  SOUP…, (see part one) and are therefore being poisoned by it!

Any such person as described above, is similar to the fool in the TITANIC MOVIE, who said something like this:


Do you remember what the ships builder said in response to that idiocy?

The ship is made of metal and iron Sir…, I assure you IT CAN SINK…, and it will…, it is a mathematical certainty!


As we speak…, the continuous and unending UPLOADING of poisonous energies into the Morphogenic Field, through the daily action of raping children…, tying them up and torturing them, then RITUALLY KILLING THEM (which is all part of the Satanic Religion) is SINKING (lowering) the base resonance or vibration/frequency of our ENTIRE PLANET!

That is why the Earth is having such difficulty, even now!  That is why it is dying.  And, I don’t care what the damn channelers are saying in millions of posts, placed in front of you every seven days…, just look at the OCEANS!

They are completely and totally polluted!  The Bees are almost gone!  Millions of birds are strangely dropping from the air…, and Trillions of fish are dying in the rivers and the seas!  Half of the species of animals are now totally gone from the planet…, and the oxygen levels on the Earth (that we need to breath) are dangerously low due to the cutting of the forests!

Why is all of  this happening?

WE…, yes we (Dear One) are “doing”…, yes…, there is that word again…, “doing” NOTHING to put a stop to the SATANISTS!

Their collective ACTIONS are placing actual “energetic” poison into the FIELD, every SINGLE DAY…., and we have to “take action” to put a stop to it!

However…, if you think that child torture…, and child sacrifice is the ONLY thing they are doing at this point!  Then, I’m sorry but you are totally BLIND!

You see…, it is all forms of torture…, and all forms of abuse, that are aiding these unholy Satanists and adding to the problem we are now facing!

Well what else are they doing?

  1. Through their Banks…, they are taking all of the money…, so no one can live without extreme struggle (This is suffering)
  2. Through their Banks…, they are taking all of the money from young people, through student loans and thus causing future struggle (This is suffering)
  3. Through their Banks…, they are repossessing unheard of numbers of homes…, so that millions and millions of people have no place to live, thus causing severe hardship and struggle  (This is suffering)
  4. They are pushing drugs and pharmaceuticals on both children and the elderly…, drugs which don’t heal anything…, and usually make things worse.  (This causes suffering)
  5. Through their ownership of CORPORATIONS…, they are making certain there are no good jobs in most countries…, and that most people can not earn a living.  This causes massive hardship and suffering.
  6. Through their control of the COURTS…, the POLICE…, and law makers…, they are passing ridiculous laws which most people can’t possibly obey…, and are therefore seeing RECORD numbers of men and women going to jail.  This causes severe hardship on families and suffering.
  7. By GMO’ing the food, putting Flouride in the water…, and now Nano-tech into the air…, they are causing severe hardship and suffering.

This list could go on and on…, up to 500…, or maybe even a thousand things, that this very well organized group is doing right now TODAY!

Where pray tell do you think ALL OF THAT SUFFERING ENERGY IS GOING?

It is all going directly into  our planets MORPHOGENIC FIELD! 

That is the energy “soup” that you, that I, and everyone else on the Earth must live in and breath in!   Do you think that SOUP is healthy?   Or, has it become so poisoned that we are now seeing…, EXACTLY what we are seeing?

Who is responsible for all of this?  THE SATANISTS

Ancient and Old World “RELIGIONS”…, which have got to GO!

Oh…, and by the way…, if YOU…, yes you…, (Dear One) have supported…, or have ever supported…, any of the things I’ve listed above…, then you have also been in support of the poisoning of the MORPHOGENIC FIELD that you live in.

We collectively can no longer afford to FOLLOW these so-called world leaders!  We can not and must not “DO” what we are told!  We must resist and remove all support from these Satanists…, and their POLICIES!

If you have a job…, and are asked to do things which hurt others…, STOP, for God’s sake…, STOP!  You are helping the Satanists.

You see.., now we are finally getting to the root of the problem…, and it is this:

EVERYTHING we have ever been taught…, and our entire way of life as we are living it now…, is not only bad for us…, it is KILLING US!

They gave us this upside down reality for this very reason!  They knew what it would do to us!

This is why none of it can stay!


It’s all Satanic…, and it’s all got go!


All my love








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