By: Bradley Loves

Here is my Wednesday Morning Rant…, that goes along with Alex Jones Video!

There has never been a more clear example of how the MEDIA is actively cheating, lying, and stealing it’s way into the MINDS of all Americans!

This last Presidential Election is 100 percent proof…, that NOT ONLY did they lie, and fabricate almost every story to support Hillary Clinton for President…, but that they went out of their way to harass, blast, and belittle anyone who tried to tell the TRUTH, or a different side of the story…, than the “Official Corporate Version”.

And now…, as posted in the InfoWars article and video…, they are going to try to stomp out the Alternative Media for good…, because they realize that their hold on the MINDS of human beings is slipping away.

God forbid…, that ALL OF THAT MONEY…, that the “RICH OLIGARCHS”…, spent to BUY…, yes BUY the entire media…, (only so that it collectively could be their mouthpiece of constant and continual Propaganda) would go to waste!

Their thoughts about Hillary actually losing the Presidency could not be more transparent…

How dare we…, the puny…, little humans…, who are nothing but “useless eaters”  decide for ourselves who we are going to listen to, and what we are going to believe?

They did not spend Billions and Billions of their “stolen dollars” to BUY the entire world wide media…, only to have it made completely impotent…, by loving, caring people running Alternative Websites and Blogs!

I can’t tell you how much I actually LOATH…, the people who are working for these CORPORATE MEDIA OUTLETS.

They are beyond whores in my opinion!


They take a paycheck to lie!  They take a paycheck to smear good people who are trying to tell the TRUTH!

They take “orders” to give out false information and propaganda!  What they do is OFFENSIVE to me personally!

And I do take it personally, because my core belief is all about telling the TRUTH!

I believe only in one thing, and that is printed at the top of this blog!



What they did for Hillary Clinton is the “SMOKING GUN”…, and no other proof in their attempts at complete deception…, is necessary!

  • Please…, NEVER…., NEVER AGAIN believe a single word printed in the Main Stream Media!
  • Don’t buy their magazines!
  • Don’t buy their Newspapers!
  • Don’t support them in any way.
  • Never again believe what they put on their TV NEWS BROADCASTS!

It is beyond clear that they are willing to LIE CONSTANTLY to achieve an agenda, and by doing so…., THEY HAVE DECLARED WAR on the innocent people living in this country, and around the world!

The best way to fight this WAR…, is to starve it for money by NEVER buying ads…, NEVER buying a Newspaper…, and NEVER watching their Corporate Controlled and Owned Media ever again!

All my love!

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