By: Bradley Loves


No more sitting on the fence!  In the WAR (yes we are fighting a war) of GOOD vs. EVIL…, there can be NO SITTING IN THE MIDDLE, and only “observing”.

The “wheat and the chaff” must be separated!   You are either on ONE SIDE…, or on the OTHER!

Even the New Agers…, who love to sit in the lotus position and go “Oommm” for hours per day…, will finally have to CHOOSE which side they are really on!

  • Are you “willing” to accept RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE?
  • Are you “willing” to accept CHILD RAPE and TORTURE?
  • Are you “willing” to accept the drinking of blood and the eating of human flesh?
  • Are you “willing” to accept human slavery?
  • Are you “willing” to accept young children as Sex Toys passed between the “Elites”?
  • Are you “willing” to accept that the Bankers will rule on high…, and the rest of the human souls on Earth are only here to serve them?
  • Are you “willing” to accept the New World Order?
  • Are you “willing” to DO NOTHING…, and NOT LIFT a finger to put a stop to any of this…, while doing only as you are “told” in order to avoid any confrontation and try to maintain your “inner peace” while the entire world in front of you goes SATANIC??


These “choices” HAVE TO BE MADE!

Yes…, even the New Agers…, at some point…, will finally have to stand up (in JUDGEMENT) and proclaim where their loyalties are!

There will be NO ESCAPE from “declaring” what you really stand for…, and what you are willing to TOLERATE in “this” world.

The EVIL in the world is being exposed more and more…, and we have not seen ANYTHING yet!

The New Agers are (in my opinion) choosing each and every day to DELAY…, and to  POSTPONE having to “make this choice”, because they are desperate NOT TO!


Because they are terrified of having to make a JUDGEMENT!

They are terrified that they…, (yes they) who have tried to be “so good” all of their lives…, and have dutifully and faithfully listened to, and followed every single CHANNELED MESSAGE ever given…, will now be forced to actually have to choose between good and evil.

This is something they NEVER thought would happen.

They are “postponing” choosing in the DESPERATE HOPE…, that they will not have to!!

They are hoping against all odds that a SAVIOR will come, and put a stop to the battle of GOOD vs. EVIL…, and that they can escape the surface of the planet without EVER having to have made a REAL CHOICE!

You see…, as NEW AGERS…, they really don’t want to “get their hands dirty”!

They do not see themselves as “on this world” to have to make a real CHOICE between the light and the dark!

They see themselves as ABOVE and ALOOF from all of the world’s dark happenings…, and are the “privileged few” who do not HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE.

They are not here for that you see!   They are the ones who are “neutral”…, and only here to give off good vibes all day long!  They want to “enjoy” the world…, but not take CARE of it.

They are here to offer “light” to both sides of the battle…, but NOT CHOOSE which side they are on!

But secretly…, they are worried!   And you can tell!

What are they worried about?

Time is growing short!   Their Ascension has not occured!  Their “extra-terrestrial” Galactics have not “showed up” to save them…, and things are most certainly getting worse!

NO ONE HAS “SAVED THEM YET”!    And…, their worst nightmare is having to MAKE A CHOICE!

And.., as time moves forward.., their “comfy” position on the couch…, from where they give off platitudes of “non judgement” and “non involvement”…, is growing less and less comfy!

Becuase “IF”…, (God forbid).  no one SAVES THEM…, then…, they will be forced (yes forced) to actually have to choose between GOOD and EVIL!

And this is a “choice” that no NEW AGER wants to make!  Because ever single “teaching” they believe in has taught them NEVER TO CHOOSE…, but to stay away from ALL JUDGEMENTS     (Thank you Course In Miracles)!

They have been so brainwashed into the countless flawed NEW AGE teachings…, that at this point…, it has become ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE for them to actually “choose”.

They firmly believe that EVIL does not exist…, that it’s somehow all good…, and that even if this is “not true”…, they always SECRETLY hoped that “they” would never be called upon to really have to choose…., because they would HAVE TO GO AGAINST THEIR OWN TEACHINGS TO DO THAT.

They all hoped they would be spared and saved BEFORE that had to happen.

They hoped the Galactics we’re going to swoop down and take care of it FOR THEM.

Or…, they hoped they were going to Ascend out of it!

In this way…, they could always remain “smug” in their beliefs and their insistence that “they” were never really here to make judgements and choices.

They could then remind the rest of us…, FROM ON HIGH…, that the ONLY reason for being here was to LOVE IT ALL…, ACCEPT IT ALL…, and TOLERATE IT ALL.

But this can’t happen if NO ONE saves them…, and they do not ASCEND OUT OF IT FIRST!!

Well…, how’s that “plan” of yours working out for you so far??

Still…, and even to this day…, we’ve got the greatest percentage of New Agers who say that no matter what happens on Earth…, just send it “light” and “forgive it” as if it makes no difference.  Never, ever, make a “Judgement” about it!

But…, sadly, once again…, Tick Tock…., Tick  Tock…, Tick Tock…, the clock of time keeps moving forward…, and No Galactics show up…, No RV takes Place…, and No Ascension Occurs.

The New Agers are getting just a little bit worried!

Sadly…, in their crazed mind set…, they are not worried about the World they live on…, Nor are they worried about the people living around them!  They are neither worried about any of the PAIN or the SUFFERING they see on a daily basis.

They ARE WORRIED that they may soon have to form a JUDGEMENT about those things…, and actually have to get off of the couch and MAKE A CHOICE!

That is what they are terrified of!

All I can say is this:

If you do finally choose…, choose WISELY!   You may not like those of us who have always stood up for the GOOD…, and spoken out for what is RIGHT!  You may have even thought “we” were crazy to speak out and call attention to what was clearly perfect EVIL.

But “we” may be the ONLY friends you’ve got when the SHTF!

Something to think about!




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