By: Bradley Loves


Yesterday…, the “gloves” came off!

Today (once again)…, the gloves are off!  No more beating around the bush…, trying to tell people nicely…, because with willful ignorance…, there is no way of getting through the haze by being “nice”.

You…, (my readers) are exceptions…, and upon your shoulders is the burden of spreading these words to those who need to hear them.

The men and women of the NWO have “not” given up…, and any “channeled message” that says this…, is not just a distraction…, but is a very clever attempt to get  you to relax while the NWO completes YOUR ENSLAVEMENT!

Two identical “TEMPLE OF BAAL” gateways are going to be erected this month!  One in New York City (Times Square) and one in London (Leicester Square).

Now, if you are not sleeping…, then please read “between the lines” on this symbolism they are putting right in front of your face!

Times Square = TIME

Leicester Square = THE LIE (lie-ces-tor or “falsehood”)

The connection between these two places is “mathematical”…., and has a purpose.

If the NWO had indeed quit, given up…, or been defeated, (even behind the scenes) these construction projects would NOT BE HAPPENING, as we speak!  

So, I’m asking my readers and all those who come here to be “smarter” than the average “gullible” human being who reads “channeled messages” and realize that until THE CABAL gives up publicly…, it’s NOT OVER!

If you ever wanted to see (or watch a video) that shows us the “extent” of the knowledge that these SATANISTS and MAGICIANS have concerning ANCIENT ESOTERIC SCIENCE…, then you really need to watch this video!

The “energetic” and Magnetic Lines that are connected in this video show us beyond a doubt that “they” are trying to connect the Historical Temple of Baal with both London and then New York.

Never forget that Baal Worship included rampant human CHILD SACRIFICE!  It was Ritualistic Blood Sacrifice to Demon Gods.

With the “advent” of TIME TRAVEL…, and the complete “decoding” of harmonic waves and frequencies…, THE CABAL is trying to bring all of the honorific ENERGY of the original BAAL TEMPLE through “harmonic resonance”…, into OUR TIME!

They are going to “capture” and guide those “temporal” frequencies right through London…, and then into New York City!!

This is ANCIENT SCIENCE in action…, and uses super advanced hidden knowledge of HARMONICS!

Look folks…, I’m not making this stuff up here!

Millions of young children were brutally and ritually sacrificed at the TEMPLE OF BAAL!

Long story short…, is that it is totally possible with the proper Ancient Knowledge to access (harmonically) all of those horrible frequencies of brutal child sacrifice and then bring them into OUR TIME, from the past!

Thus…, the last arch is located in TIMES SQUARE!

Open your eyes!

What they are attempting to do here is to TIME TRAVEL forward, all of the very horrible harmonic energies and frequencies from “that” time…, to be “used” here in this time.

This is being done to counter act the RAISING FREQUENCIES that are hampering their NWO takeover bid!

Apparently…, from there…, other arches (and harmonic alignments) will be made to spread these frequencies ALL OVER THE PLANET!

Spread this article FAR AND WIDE!

All my Love…



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