This post is not for the “un-jabbed” – but is for the few “jabbed” who might make it to this blog and learn the TRUTH.

Dear Jabbed,

You are now a “programmable” consciousness.  You are something like a very advanced ROBOT.  Your mind and body are now filled with self replicating and self organizing NANO -TECHNOLOGIES which can be remotely programmed and given instructions from a long distance.

This being said – you need to listen up – because your very LIFE may depend on how much of what I am going to say here is learned.

With your mind hacked in this way – your thoughts are NO LONGER YOUR OWN.

This means that thoughts and ideas can be remotely placed into your consciousness – and since you have never experienced this before you will think and believe these thoughts are yours.  

You will have to learn how to fight thoughts that are not normal for you!  Especially thoughts and ideas that are criminal or deviant.

Furthermore – you might begin to hear voices in your head (V2K – Voice of God/Voice to Skull) – which you may at first think are your own inner voice – but which is TELLING YOU/ORDERING YOU to do things which are criminal or evil and most certainly NOT in line with your personality or your character.

These sudden thoughts and ideas could be VERY STRONG – and you would have to fight against them.

Your bodies central nervous system might no longer work as well – and you would not be able to digest food as easily and could have all kinds of physical problems and symptoms. 

You could feel as if there is a “force” inside of you prompting you to walk in certain directions – or to just go places you had not planned to go.

You may start to have “dreams”of doing things you never imagined doing – and they will be vivid and forceful – as if you MUST DO THIS. 

This could be anything from hurting yourself – to hurting others – to committing crimes.

You will start to feel that you life is not your own – and wonder how this all happened to you.  Naturally – it is the nano-tech inside of you that is now forcefully steering you and attempting to USE YOU in ways that are not your own Free Will.

You will cry and whine and pray to GOD that you did not want this – and that “they” lied to you.  But at this late point – it will be too late for that.  Your DNA and physical body will already be changed.  You will  want it all to go back to normal – but it can’t.  You accepted the JAB and you listened to people who were lying to you.  You did not care to investigate anything – and felt that being OBEDIENT to authority was more comfortable and expedient to living a lazy life.

Your life will now be a battle field – and the only way to stay sane is to work very hard to control all of these new feelings and directives that are attempting to program your mind – which are NOT YOURS!

You will go from being lazy where life was always very easy – to having to live like a soldier – who is prepared for a sudden attack at every single moment from the NANO TECH inside of you.

So, if you are newly jabbed – but have not gotten the second or the third JAB– please consider carefully – just how much NANO TECH you want to put into your own body.


An Early Target.


I’m very sorry to have to tell you this – but please take it from someone who has been a “TARGET” for over 40 years – and who has dealt with many innocent people who have also been TARGETS of these advanced technologies.

Many people who were early “targets” were the BETA TESTS for the much more harmful stuff that you’ve now got inside of you.

The only blessing in return for the decades of suffering is that WE (as early targets) know that our tech is FAR WEAKER – and thus if we survived – we have learned to control it, and so we are immune to most of the effects of the far worse and more powerful tech that YOU NOW HAVE IN YOU.

If there is a single blessing to having suffered for so very long in the past – it is that “we” who were the very early targets will not have to deal with the far more deadly tech that you are now dealing with because we have developed the needed skills to battle it effectively.

You may want to think twice about putting even more of this stuff into your body – OR worse – into your children – because you have NO CLUE what kind of life that you may have to live once the 5-G Internet “acquires” your Nano-Tech and starts giving your body commands as if you are a ROBOT.

Consider yourself having been warned!

If you need more proof – please read what Bryan Alexander wrote only weeks before he committed suicide.  He was also an early TARGET and could not begin to deal with the control the NANO was placing upon his mind.  Consider well what he wrote in his last days – SAVE YOU IT CAN.

Bryan Tells All – The Heartfelt and Tragic Story of a Targeted Individual (TI)

All my love…

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