I have read many articles written by James Gilliland!  I rarely post links to anything he writes because I just don’t want to “tollerate” anyone who tries to blow “smoke” up people’s backsides and CANDY-COAT what is going on out there in the Universe!!

That being said, over the last 6 months or so he has started changing his tune, and finally this month, his writings have reached a point of HONESTY and TRUTH that I feel I can recommend.

Perhaps he always felt this way, but, I don’t like anyone who WASTES the readers time by candy coating and short selling deeply important issues with unrealistic “Lofty Platitudes” that do nothing to address where we are and what is really happeing out there.

So, I’m posting this link to something he wrote, which finally addresses the very deep subject of the DARK SIDE of the Universe, and how if we do NOT pay attention to it, we fall prey to it!


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