Here is an excerpt from THE GREAT DEBATE:

Socrates: Really? But didn’t you just say that some channeled messages are not true? And, that you did not believe every “message” that is said or written? You did say that right?

New Ager: Well…, yea…., but….

Socrates: AND…, even those messages which are NOT TRUE…, were given out in a loving sounding way…, were they not?

New Ager: (cricket, cricket)

Socrates: Would you say then that it is the “truthfulness” of the given information which is MORE important to believing it, than how lovingly the message is delivered?

New Ager: I suppose so…

Socrates: And so, if it had been demonstrated that a particular Channeled Entity had NOT BEEN TRUTHFUL…, or had given certain predictions which had not come true…, would you then say that “believing” in them would be inadvisable?

New Ager: (long sigh) I’m not sure.

Socrates: This is your process we are discussing…, if YOU don’t know…, who does?


Notice how it parallels what Mark Passio is saying about GOOD vs. NICE.


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